HateCrimeWatch: Kelli Ellard

Ellard lead a gang to beat up schoolmate Reena Virk.

Virk managed to almost get away and Ellard and her boyfriend, followed and the pair killed Virk – drowning her.


The couple parted ways in the justice system – and after the Paul Bernardo/Karla Holmka, the police no longer were going to assume the female as the partner/victim of the male.


Kelli Ellard got more trials than criminals usually get and in 2004, in between trials, she assaulted an adult woman in a public park in New Westminster.

BC woman waiting for beating death trial arrested for assault – CBC


Feb 12, 2004 – Kelly Ellard, 21, is charged with assault causing bodily harm following an attack on a 58-year-old woman in New Westminster. Police say Ellard and a friend were drinking in a park in New Westminster on Tuesday afternoon, …


A media report says that Kelly Ellard is eight months pregnant following a conjugal visit with …

Kelly Ellard admits responsibility in Reena Virk death for first time …

http://www.theglobeandmail.com › News › British Columbia

May 3, 2016 – Kelly Ellard was 15 when she participated in the brutal killing of Reena Virk, a case that shocked the country and shone a spotlight on the issue …

I remember when Reena Virk was murdered. it was one of a serious of news incidents in the span of a few months- and in Reena’s case, it was three weeks over coverage before the mainstream media included the word “racism”.
In the same week as Virk, an elderly East Indian man was beaten to death with, I think it was a tire iron, in the 8 lane intersection at Oakridge Mall for walking too slow across the cross-walk in full view of rush hour traffic.
Surrey Memorial Hospital sent home 3 elderly East India home, diagnosing stomach upset/angina for fatal heart attacks, about a month apart.
India was part of the commonwealth before Canada, a year younger than lampposts, was a country, eh?
So basically, the youth of a demographic hunt older people in demographics they don’t like is how a hate crime works, who the victim is, as a person, individually, doesn’t matter.
In Surrey, elderly men of the Sikh religion have been assaulted and murdered in Bear Creek Park while in Vancouver, Stanley Park and the area once known as “fairy forest” comes the various demographics of youths from the suburbs into The Big City.
One of the rarely discussed aspects of Translink has been the increase in gangs, formal or peer groups being able to move from burb to burb.

Aaron Webster – Wikipedia

Aaron Webster (June 1959 – November 17, 2001) was a gay man living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who was beaten by a group of men close to a …

Ten Years After Aaron Webster’s Death, What’s Changed? | The Tyee


Nov 17, 2011 – Aaron Webster stood naked smoking a cigarette in a secluded area of … He didn’t expect to read words that would shake him so: a gay man …

6 years for beating death of gay man – Canada – CBC News

Feb 8, 2005 – A man who helped beat a gay man to death in Vancouver’s Stanley Park … convicted of manslaughter in December for killing Aaron Webster in …

Gay community troubled by release of killer in Stanley Park death – CBC


Feb 5, 2009 – Aaron Webster was killed in an area of Stanley Park frequented by gay men when a gang of youths armed with baseball bats and a pool cue …

The murder that changed us | Daily Xtra

Nov 16, 2011 – Aaron Webster, 10 years later. … News spread quickly of a gay man’s murder in Stanley Park. Murray Bilida was at Melriches Coffeehouse …


Guilty verdict in Vancouver gay bashing | CTV Vancouver News


Aug 11, 2010 – … in a high-profile gay bashing that left a 63-year-old man with permanent brain … The Fountainhead Pub on Davie Street in Vancouver’s West End is seen in a CTV file image. Calling the attack against Ritchie Dowrey “outrageous,” B.C. … said the crime “struck the core of Vancouver’sgay community,” in …

‘A tragic day’: Ritch Dowrey, victim of violent 2009 West End gay …


Jan 31, 2015 – A Vancouver man has died, after spending the final five-and-a-half years … injury when he was sucker-punched at a Davie Street pub in March 2009. … Dowrey was left unconscious when his head struck the floor after he was ..

Victim of 2009 gay bashing in Vancouver’s West End dies


Feb 2, 2015 – A Vancouver man has died, after spending the final five-and-a-half years of his life … injury when he was sucker-punched at a Davie Street pub in March 2009. … Dowrey was left unconscious when his head struck the floor after he was … Two years later, in May 2013, Woodward was granted full parole, less …

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