When Acronyms Become Words…

ISIS  .. International Space Station? Egyptian Goddess…. ABCs instead of Alphabet…

Double Dose Of Bad Earthquake News (Science 2.0)

“scientists” the media would have you, be mystified by a newly realized understanding of a phenomenon or that one observation can overturn just freaking everything to everyone’s puzzlement.

nope. it adds more information that adds more detail and often explains things that didn’t fit so well before.

It makes sense that an energy release on one fault would impact the pressures on other faults, earth is a gooey science, we’re on a molten ball with a crusty surface that cracks and buckles from heat from below swirling densities and pressure from above.

Glaciers press down on the poles means we bulge in the equator, not actually a spherical sphere, more PlanetBod. erosion and distribution, friction and flow air and water over rocks leave marshes and sandy beaches …. land volcanos and ocean volcanos, earth’s ulcers?

Geysers and hot springs mineral water from the bowels of the earth! how that was a successful advert campaign for Perrier is beyond me.

Tapestries – woven fabric and stitched with knots that emerge into pictures, weft and waft, weave woven warped… Bayeux Tapestry – the story of how French Normans (French Vikings)) lead by William the Conqueror defeated Harold of Hastings (an English Viking, and one of my ancestors) after he had defeated the Danish Haraldur Viking, the line of “english” kings ending with Edward the Confessor. 

those who recorded data, those who managed data, those that analyze data…

see patterns and understand the interconnections… data in a medium, a style of recording in a format.

Tapestries, carved walls, metal portraiture, paintings, statues, buildings and public works. Crafts and artisans, stories we tell and re-tell, history repeats…

Lessons Learned? Yes or No?

If Yes, apply best practices and move onto the next phase of civilization:

Globalization: Civilization eras detected at present: Modern Industrialization, Global Communications network… access of residents .. geographic and civics filtration…. Insufficient levels of civilization socialization of co-operation and willingness to work and play well togeher.

Sorry Earth, you are not yet qualified to form a united federated planet…

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IDIC .. infinite diversity in infinite combinations


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