National Security in a Digital World


Time. Something that was before RealTime.


Loose Lips used to sink ships, now posting on social media means hindering police searches for terrorists or exposing police for shooting civilians, nation depending.

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It is something of a sudden realization – a leap forward in thinking – realizing. What is communicated inside a country vs what said country broadcasts and it’s been a while now that in Western Nations, there are tv broadcast channels that show parliament.


I was in a Canadian facebook group and there was a guy who was posting all kinds of anti-Harper, former PM, and the group was in agreement with the posts until I exposed that the poster was a Russian citizen, so foreigners are able to influence voters who don’t look beyond a headline.


And, we who are citizens, basically post our personal and national dirty laundry for anyone to see, without considering the audience beyond …


As a westerner, I feel it’s important to post as a woman, as a lesbian, as an atheist – and as a Canadian – to give hope that other people in nations were that is a death sentence hold hope that social attitudes can change and people be tolerated. Germany was the first nation where there was the start of tolerance legally for homosexuals.


The UK did civil union first, but last year upgraded to marriage equality. Canada and Spain raced to be first for marriage equality, now 34 nations – finally including America. So the UN soon. Assuming that humans rights mean something and not religion’s dubious claim, but since America made corporations semi persons…..national law to international law… hmmm. law within a nation for citizens, law of the world for nations?

Some of the red and black wood-cut postersvietnamese-propaganda

Self Image vs Sense of Self in the greater community, eh?

Propaganda is a one sided view, while documentaries are balanced; Propaganda may be positive (essentially advertising) or negative (one sided view of a issue du jour)


expelledmovie_47075 large_left_behind

A study in Fallacy and Delusion: that fiction/non-fiction line


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