Backyard Birding: Bird 1st Aid

Just as I was closing my eyes for deep breathing meditation, I saw the dark calico streak into the air at the far back of the yard.

she landed in an arc and held a sphinxy pose – and I called out to her

a momentary distraction and a bird shape lifted from the ground and the cat leap again

In socks and scared of the back stairs, I went inside, got the garden shoes, down the inside stairs and out the lower back door

I saw the long wing feathers on the grounds, bird’s feet in the air – burrowing into the longish grass

I pushed the cat aside and slowly untangled the grass from the bird and brought it inside.

I held it loosely, pressing it’s wounded breast to my palm with it’s own weight.

I carefully brushed the loosened underfeathers with minimal pressure and then lightly blowing them loose

when the shock wore off and it’s heartrate calmed, gently tranfered to a loose soft fabric nest – outside on the top of the BBQ

I stood a few feet back and just watched it’s breathing.

I had a smear of bird blood on each hand, but nothing pooled in my palm, so the cat bite was a graze and not a puncture.

I let it watch me for a while and then I tested it’s brain response with a triage finger test of follow the finger with the eyes

it rested for what seemed like over an hour but was really three quarters of

intensity has a way of expanding the time

events that cause thick vs thin memories

it was passing all the triage that I could think of

and I thought that it might need water


so I found a pill bottle and used the lid for a bird bowl

but it flew away at the strangeness of that

what a day

minding it’s own business

cat attack

human intervention

a hand ride and a tour of inside a human house

a triage experience, a nest

observing your observer

then allowed to fly away


meanwhile, there’s a cat who needs another collar jingle bell

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