CanCon: Michael Bublé

Canada Crooner Michael Buble building his own Graceland in his hometown of Burnaby British Columbia.

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Buble hangs out with RCMP of the Burnaby Detachment.

His new place will include a swimming pool. tennis court and a huge concrete wall around the property, with plans to hide it with: A Shrubbery.

That should be curious about drainage… and preventing concrete 8 feet high and some thick sinkage.

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Other famous people from the Greater Vancouver Regional District

Burnaby: Michael J Fox

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Canada apologizes for Family Ties, Alex P Keaton was not supposed to be a role model.

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New Westminster, Raymond Burr – TV Perry Mason and Ironsides

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How Canadians See Themselves

Canadian content (CanCon, cancon or can-con) refers to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requirements, derived from the Broadcasting Act of Canada, that radio and television broadcasters (including cable and satellite specialty channels) must air a certain percentage of content that …

WastrelWatch: Michael The Boob, Eh?

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Canada – BC: Quantum Computing from Burnaby



Canadian women equal men in skills but wage gap persists, study finds

The Globe and Mail  – ‎6 hours ago‎
Women in Canada earn 65 cents for every dollar men are paid even though they have the same skills, says a report released on Wednesday.
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