Fireworks: Light & Sound

Fireworks were invented in China as spectacular entertainments and used in early rocket warfare. It took Europe and America to really weaponize the explosive power for guns.


There remains an entertainment of the public value of fireworks, as well as their continued use in Government Spectaculars – National Anniversaries, or Hosting World Events such as Expos, Olympics and whatever are the fashionable sports or cultural events of a given era.


not to mention, Fireworks contests themselves, eh?


1985 – Banff Alberta, I worked a professional fireworks display.

It was exciting to run down the rows of mortars, left hand with the cleaning rod to remove the debris and right hand drop in the next load, repeat down the row.

Never had a chance to look up, ground zero smoke, booming in the skies and the roars of the crowd, the oos and awes as the horizon line lite up

Towards the end, the 4 of us with the sticks were run ragged, 500 mortar rounds of various sizes.

It was near the end of the show, and I was standing partly facing the crowd and too close to the mortar line.

The shockwave hit me and I was too late to cover my ears, so much ringing and now silence. For a few hours. Probably the ride in the back of the pick up along the highway winds didn’t help.

I was not deafened, but my left side hearing has a 5Db range than my right, although, I shocked a Free Test Clinic a few years back when I went in for a free test and I turned out to have exceptional hearing for a person 10 years my junior.


Anyway, enjoy fireworks where legal and play safe.

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