Emergencies: Building Evacuations

in case of fire


My professional background includes Emergency Preparedness.

I have been a volunteer for office first aid and Emergency Response Team. I have also been the Head Warden for an entire Federal Tower, with responsibility for departmental holdings and suboffice sites.


The best practices for building emergency is to terminate and secure your work, gather your personal belongings and line up at the floor staircase exit.


Anyone wearing high heels needs to remove them and no taking beverages or bulky items.


The goal is to maximize the number of people who get out, so nothing that delays people doing that is to occur.


That means, leave the building in silence so you can hear any intercom or be able to communicate in evac groups if need arises.


For the building, the system is a intermittent tone to alert prepare for evac and a solid tone to mean get out, get out now.



Emergency Teams include watchers at the exits to ensure staff and client compliance with the procedure, searchers to check the floors and a central point person  overseeing those who then report their floor cleared and leave themselves to count their floor people at the group gathering location.


Somewher away from the shadow of the building.



Now. this is where things fall apart. that is fine is there is something wrong with your one building.



but in downtown cores, there are very few gathering spaces and most will be spoken for several buildings worth of people over.



something that city planning fails to coordinate and people do not realize that in most disasters, help is three weeks away.


there is too much needing to trigger response at the municipal/county, provincial/state to Federal to International Aid.



so anyone wanting to survive needs to factor that in their at home

911 lessons



as kinda funny as I think the meme is


I remember spending a lot of hours looking at the uploads of images that people who escaped WTC in 9/11


and seeing – knowing – these firefighters were doomed



but also learning by the company responses and the losses



the companies that prepared didn’t make their staff stay at their desks




we need to consider


the time it takes



to actually leave



I have had to evacuate a building of 24 operational floors and it took 10 minutes for the majority to be out



a building with 100 floors takes a lot longer



and people’s nerves to have to walk


possibility back up floors to crossover floors




increases the terror and likehood of panic and more deaths as a result



do we really need such phallic structures that put people in danger?



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