Forces and Density: Applying Science

earth and moon gravity wellcanadarm2-photo-from-csa-tumblr-blog

Strong Force, weakens when close, quantum overlap? binary resolves?


Weak Force, Electro-magnetic – gravity – the densifer – temperature – color – an attribute, variable – setting the scale and considerable – lattice in the platitude, exactitude rigidity forms, neurons fused, plasticity and flexibility, structure frameworking vibrancy and shape –

geomagnetic-field-orig_full earth_crustal_pole_shift

5 forces and one more to bind them all, half steps, quarter steps, full steps, flips and pauses, there’s no stopping, the universe is perpetual motion, we just have to surf the waves – the frictional vibrations energy rather than dinosaur carbon burning – combustion bad, fusion goes both ways, wavy gravy, density, composition, temperature, plasticity to rigidity… big picture medium scale, god view human scaled – lifetime envision and the next tests – the time dimension, what known, where when and why, by whom the data information and patternizing, codifying and communicating….  interdisciplinary -playnarians, Greeks and Babylonians, The Librarians vs The Curious.

AD92 treaty_map_600

it occurs to me that as we reshape the landscape and turn mountains into pit mines, and vallies into basins for concrete cities, we dimple and dip, raise and fall, the rigid crust of a gooey ball.

globe_v3_02.jpgaf07d59e-ecb1-4005-a072-e2bf3e8ad207Original 67520


Fracking destroys watershed water tables and fractures, removing the oil lubricant in the global techtonic plates – like pressure washing pimples. then concreting over fertile vallies – river mouths no longer nutrient rich, but over fertilized into desertifaction of the oceans – the great pacific garbage patch, blocking miles of ocean from surface light and life giving algae… the powerhouses of the ocean.

acid and alkaline ph values – calcium what backbones are made of.

Hydro cyclesvolacano blast zone

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religion vs science

so… strings…vibration movement, lines, dots, curled up balls….. just pondering perspective



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