Destructive Atmospherics: Tornado

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Elvis Presley experienced 2 Tornado events as a child, but at a year old, likely didn’t remember

1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak – Wikipedia, the …

The 1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak was an outbreak of at least 12 tornadoes that struck the … Luckily, Elvis Presley, a local resident, survived.


1946, January 7 – Gladys and Elvis took shelter in a storm cellar from another twister.

in the 1970s, many of the shows on many of the Elvis whistle-stop tours were disaster benefit concerts, not just Cancer Charity or the Pearl Harbor memorial.

2014, Tornado spares Elvis Presley birthplace….so really, there could very well have not been an “Elvis Presley” – there would still have been much of the music on some radio channels and it might have crossed over for a while but then died out Bill Haley – married and middle aged – wasn’t teenager appealing and he was mostly country swing, not rock n sock hops.

The blues was born of what was done by The Man, country was The Man failed and felled by booze, heart aches and heart breaks.

Elvis Presley brought something to the music that no one else did – Hope.

The Hope to get laid.

The Hope to get paid.

well it’s Saturday Night….

Elvis Presley’s Tupelo Birthplace Untouched by Tornado ……/elvis-presleys-tupelo-birthp…

Apr 30, 2014 – Elvis Presley’s Birthplace, is still standing, as it remained safe and did not receive any damage from the tornado. Other Elvis-related landmarks …


160275513 hurricane-and-tornado-categories

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