Food Review: Powerplant Bars


Fruit, Veggie and the one I have not tried is coconut.

They are nutritionally dense, filling and extremely pleasant on the mouth feel and flavour range.

I was not able to eat a full bar of the veggie, the grass taste tones and the health food level of chocolate around the fluffy interior was too much in size and I would suggest 4 pieces or portions per veggie bar.

I meant to try the fruit one that way, breaking into 4 bite sized pieces, but after the first bite, it was just so good, before I could stop myself, I’d eaten 3/4 of it. I forced myself to wait a bit with the last bite, but there was not much of a pause.

I gobbled the Fruit one, it was too much dessert, candy treat cravings satisfied but with high nutrition richness, the fruitier taste tones made this like a fruity truffle.

Nutritionally dense and extremely satisfying that one does not feel like more. so you can have 1 bar or a portion of a bar, instead 1 box of bars. Share with a friend or as a family or group coping through a disaster. Adds a bit of delicious something worth living for that helps to buffer the mind as much as the body.

I imagine the coconut will be like a health food version of the Bounty Coconut chocolate candy bar – grocery/gas station candy is more flavoured with chocolate but actually is Parafin wax and other fillers. So I am a bit concerned about portion control, probably I think this one would be half is too much, knowing how awesome the quality of the chocolate and the delights of cononut to mouth feel. like brazil nuts and macademic and cashews to more seed lean nuts.

These bars make a good addition to a balanced health plan, as emergency first aid kits emergency and grab n dash prepper for disaster and others who are doing high physical activity.

Supplements are not actually meal replacements and it is better to eat food than candy, condensed or processed refined to zero nutrition in the calories.

I do not work for this company and have no monetary gain by this unpaid testimonial.

The links to the manufacturer:

PowerPlant Whole Foods: Raw Organic Food Bars

PowerPlant Whole Foods offers only the highest quality, plant based, organic, rawfood bars on the market. Visit us online today and let us prove it.

Our Story

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Fruit Raw Whole Food Bar. Dark chocolate and organic fruit …

Coconut Raw Whole Food Bar

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Fruit Raw Whole Food Bar

PowerPlant’s Fruit Raw Whole Food Bar is made of dark …

Veggie Raw Whole Food Bar

Buy PowerPlant’s Veggie Raw Whole Food Bar, it has no fillers …


We do not produce solar electricity, although that would be fun …


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