How to wash your hands


As an Emergency Preparedness Professional, the issue of hand washing came up a lot in pandemic planning and regular flu season, basic hygiene and quite frankly… manners.


At one department, I had this image printed on a full size page, laminated and put up on the inside of ever single bathroom stall on 15 floors and above each  urinal.


A woman came up to me and thanked me for them. She said:


“I have worked with Woman B for 10 years and today was the first time I saw her wash her hands. ”



hand washing


In high school, my pal Teresa wrote answers on her hand for the test we had in the first part of the class.

In the second, the teacher, Mr. Bridge, asked for volunteers and Teresa was selected along with one other girl. Cheryl Gourlie


I watched jealously as Teresa gloated until Mr Bridge explained that he would be swabbing their hands for a bacteria lab test.


Now it was my turn to gloat.


Teresa suddenly realized and started to rub the ink into smudges and then not noticeable – as Cheryl went first.


the lab results were interesting and Mr. Bridge was at a loss to explain them.


Cheryl showed the classic pattern – a lot of colonies, few colonies after a wash, and then a moderate amount after a few minutes and the surviving ones repopulated


Teresa’s showed 12 colonies… 3  and then none



so it’s less about the soap and more about the scrubbing



still.. have to wonder what impact the ink had…




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