How Discrimination Works

The Interconnected and displacement of discrimination

How Bullies exist in Denial

a paradigm shift without a clutch

in the Pink News:

The Republicans want to be the champion of women’s safety with anti-transgender legislation; which is unlikely to even consider a female to male using the men’s room.

in LGBTQ nation news: (clue: America was never one and if it was, it didn’t include gays and lesbians)

gay republicans

Why are these gay Republicans proudly backing Trump for president?

“The running joke is that it’s so much easier to be gay in the Republican Party than it is to be a Republican in the LGBT community.”

Oprah Winfrey Hillary Clinton

Oprah calls out undecided voters: You don’t have to like Hillary to vote for her

Oprah Winfrey has a message for undecided voters who just aren’t quite sure if they like Hillary Clinton. So what?

Ashers Baking Co. in Belfast, Ireland.

Baker loses appeal after refusing to make a ‘gay cake’

The judgment against Ashers Baking Co. found that the family-run chain was wrong to treat gay customers any differently from heterosexuals.
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Trump vs Hitler: Understanding your Dictators

pitting one group against the other, in rotation of tolerability

men vs women

men vs other men (vs women)

men vs other men (sans women)

men vs men who become women

so, the above would be stories of The Status Quo: 

thus, below, are of the Society Outsider

The Seven Basic Plots – Wikipedia





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