Passion vs Planned Crimes

61-+KgdSklLAlexander by Hudith Vorst

In the heat of the moment, not premeditated but in the aftermath, the pattern will be evident – the magic of hindsight and armchair quarterbacking.

Accidental murder or manslaughter or murder, depends on the planning before the event that made it inevitable or the covering up afterwards to delay or avoid detection, the circumstances matter as much as the statistical averages.

People do not “just snap”. People do cope, then cope ugly and then decide today’s the day.

A person selecting a location and shooting random strangers in the community is rare in Canada.

People do domestic abuses and it has sometimes spilled over to the extended family, in most cultures, family honor is usually restored by the ritual death of the offending member, but in America this idea of the Killer saving their family from the evils of the world, including family pets, has developed and, as a result, this idea that while owning a gun is a right or even obligation, but using them is a means of expression.

Let’s be clear – guns are not an art form or medium. They are a weapon and their only purpose is to kill whatever it is aimed at. It is indifferent to the concepts of good guy and bad guy.

As we observe through history, those terms are applied in the aftermath of events, not during them – very few groups in uniforms ever consider themselves the bad guys.

The American High School Columbine Shooting Incident, where 2 teen males set out bombs (which fortunately did not go off), shot a lot of people before shooting each other – although, they did have a fantasy plan of getting out of the school and stealing a plane to fly into a building.

There are many misconceptions and false stories about the events, about who they targeted and often what is lost is that – they were bullied in school – their horrific response was an in kind to the student body and the school and larger community culture.

The NRA (national rifle association) experienced no shame in having a Weapon Pride Conference in Columbine in the days following.

A number of parents and siblings lost a family member that day, but there were two sets of parents who were not allowed to grieve and they had the biggest horror of loss – they lost their child who caused all the other loss because some of those other families did not raise children who could or would work and play well with others.

One death is a tragedy and a million is a statistic; as the many so the one. Navigating understanding is about scope and scale. The magnification level and the time on the other side.

Nina it's a disasterdiagnostic manual

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