Volcanoes a personal interest story

Mount Saint Helen’s

mt st helen

waking up to ash several hours away in Canada was astonishing. I don’t remember feeling any of the related quakes because I was sleeping.

Whenever I have been awake. I have always been able to sense the aftershocks from Seattle centred quakes like the 2000 Rattle in Seattle and another one in the late 1990s that resulted in up to 5.3 shakes in Vancouver BC.

In any case, around 1985, an aunt took me and my sister on a road trip to Mt. Saint Helens and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

seeing the devastation and the recovery taking place was transformative

I remember driving and all the scenery of trees looked normal

then there was a clear line and they all looked melted and deformed

then there was another clear line and everything was ash, scorched… petrified by fire

hints of green returning in the form of small ground level plants here and there

we ended up on a forestry road in a danger zone

there were still rocks shooting out on occaision

but some American Forest Rangers set us back to the beaten tourist path

we were glad for their help and guidance

we hadn’t realized where we’d ended up

I have followed the Iceland island that appeared in the 1960s and how plants, animals and insects took hold there over the last few decades

the recent Japan island should be just as informative

if we last long enough

we have perpetual motion energy

the Earth itself

we just need to tap into that wave energy

water and wind



it’s really about the density

not living on death

fossil fuels

they are the past eras carbon sinks, eh?

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