Cow farts and Global Warming

shovel shit Mel Gibson

Mad Max: I don’t know nothing about methane.

Aunty Entity: You can shovel shit, can’t you?

Through the process of digestion, livestock emit 16% of the world’s annual production of methane gas.[6]

A groundbreaking 2006 United Nations report found that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined [1].

I learned about methane and greenhouse gas contribution in 1989 from my geology professor.

so I don;t know what the UN’s excuse for taking so long to figure out.

more people means more livestock, which mean more sewage and farty warming gasses……

less forests so the the cows have pasture to eat and create more farts – and fewer trees to be carbon sinkers and make more oxygen…… stupid is as stupid does.



I really need to not relate to Chicken Little.

since the sky isn’t falling, it’s evaporating into space as we eliminate the protective layers and alter the ratio of the gases present.

Mel Gibson, as a holocaust denier, is probably a climate change denier too

that sort of thing tends to run as a cluster

much like you can’t really be prejudice against one group, it’s just one above many, given his conduct towards women

I used to be a Mel fan, I loved his early movie Tim and Galipoli

but around the time of Lethal Weapon, when he stood up on some talk show and bent over to the audience enjoyment of the view of his ass

and he pointed and said “This is for shitting” as a means to be anti-gay

Mel you would be a happier person if you focussed on you and the good you can do

and not some fictional character that causes you to lash out and be an asshole to everyone else

born in America, moved to Australia at the age of 12

you are a faker fucker Mel

so stick your hate where the sun don’t shine

and stop shitting all over everyone else

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