Mass Shootings reach Critical Mass

The gunmen, wearing military-style clothing, entered the building and opened fire before fleeing in a black SUV.

America – a terrorist attack on a facility providing services to disabled people has raised the bar on offensive salt in the wounds.

Bad enough to target Women’s Health Care Facilities, but an apolitical target like disabled people and their health care providers.

Who is this new domestic terror group arisen from the ranks of warriors too righteous to cope that other kinds of people exist?


The Insurance Industry will be leading the defining of “terrorism” vs “hate crime” debate probably a lot more actively than they drew attention to that they were the leader industry to accept climate change and increase rates and eliminate coverage ahead of time.

we really need religion to be deemed a mental illness and treat it accordingly through public education: aimed that the alleged moral majority of moderates – who make it possible for extremists (aka true believers) to operate.

if you are only going to read one book, make it one of the versions of THIS ONE

Books are the one relationship that should never be monogamous, but if you do, make it a Shakespeare collection, it’s a better guide for life coping

Nina and Emergency by Neil Strauss

the idea of a lone gunman with an issue and alot of ammo shooting up the public square happened in Texas at a university from a water tower cooler and for a long time it was thought to be an American thing

disgruntled employees and fatal exit interviews, the first was at an Airplane Company, the next at a Post Office in Canada and “Going Postal” became a phrase.

Employees and even spouses of employees bring violence to the workplace, it wasn’t long before it was in the schoolyard.

Nina and The Devil

There was a tourist town shooting in New Zealand or Australia, I am not sure, the schoolchildren in Scotland – the Pedophile termining their victims, and creepy ineffectual male angry at women at Polytechnique University in Canada (december 4). From Universities to High Schools, to the worst – the assault on the elementary Amish School and back to Fort Hood and then Norway. The Vikings.

Nina Reads Trials of Lenny Bruce

Women missing from society, women missing from the ranks of the born.

groups and individuals use violence because and when their point is terror and fear, it’s not unique to Americans.

Media coverage is what is unique to American culture and the hero worship of the outlaw and gunslinger, gangsters to gangstas.

Media coverage that is followed by those who fear and those who seek to cause fear too, often it creates a competition or a pressure release valve if the impact is big enough – Paris’ 2 attacks this year.

Nina and Canadian War on Queers

Nina it's a disaster




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