the hour of tv that could save your life

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite medical shows.

It’s a great mix of character balanced against procedure with a realism level above comparible era shows.

The Santuary Episode, where a man enters the hospital seeking vengance for the loss of his wife is probably the one hour of television that anyone could watch that would save their life.

The intern who stands in front of the shooter and tells him her age, about her family, her dreams, her very life.

It broke his fantasy and made her human to him and triggered a human response. a strategy that the other people – who started off unsuspecting and then, hiding and helpless, some with enough presence of mind to bluff and talk their way out – after all – when a gun wielding person demands to know if you are a particular profession, there’s not really an onus or responsibility on you to be honest and get killed.

Live to breath another day – and we can do that, only when we see each other as fellow people.

Gray's Anatomy Sanctuary

note, humanizing yourself to a female serial killer does not work. Women are not motivated by fantasies like men are.

women who kill tend to be extremely well aware of who their victims are and they tend towards professions, like medicine, where they can act without detection for decades.

Female Serial Killers by Peter Vronsky

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6 Responses to the hour of tv that could save your life

  1. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on dyke writer and commented:

    I recently had an interaction on facebook that was very interesting.

    I had posted an anti-gun meme

    an American woman responded with – if you were being pinned down in the public square, you’d be happy that I have my gun.

    I responded:

    No. The last thing I want is an unlicensed, untrained and legally somewhat unaccountable person blundering in with another weapon.

    oddly, she did not respond, but continued to like the rest of the posts in the sequence of memes.


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