Preparing For Emergencies

Safety Vest Nina

So this is my rescue vests, it has pockets for first aid items.

Nina searcher emergency preparedness kit

Helmet with loaded backpack!

Coast Guard t shirt

Coast Guard T Shirt.


some items in the kit:

Quick Splint


This is a foam metal core splint that bends to take the shape needed and holds firm.

tirage tags


Triage tags that you pair with glowsticks of the same colour.

Glow Sticks

I don’t have any green ones. But colour relates to the triage tag.

The first rescuers go in to assess number and types of victims, removing greens (uninjured) and walking wounded out with them.

The second crew goes in and the glow sticks help the causalty with something to focus on, a reminder that helpers are near and it helps rescuers to locate the victims more quickly.

Depending on the nature of the disaster, the more injured are helped first, unless the disaster is regional and more sophisticted help will not come.


At that case, the reds are coded yellow to keep them calm and that’s all you can do. Make a person comfortable and calm.


It’s an uncomfortable moment in the training when you realize that you can’t save everyone and that you might not be in the saved column.



everything at the fingertip

whistle signals


Disaster Guides

Emergency Neil Strauss


ERT manual


and probably one of the handiest memory aid charts

Fire Categories

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