Media Workplace Shooting Broadcast over Social Media

Vester Lee Flanagan II is identified as the gunman in the shooting deaths of WDBJ7-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.

Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, a local official, at Smith Mountain Lake, Va., when all three of them were shot at 6:45 a.m. ET on live TV.

Parker and Ward died. Gardner had emergency surgery and was in stable condition Wednesday.

Another day, another public shoot out in America. Surely that must be more important than the social media allowing the murder to stream his crime online, with commentary, until he took his own life – and social media sites suspended his accounts.

The internet use to have content for people and now people are the content.

Meanwhile, in Kelowna Canada – two men robbed a store with a knife and were chased by bystanders and the valuables retrieved, while the robbers escaped.

I wonder, if Canadians had the mentality that guns were a solution to situations, how many good guys with guns would have taken out each other and maybe the robbers.

We have a lot of elements that could be any workplace – interpersonal conflict and workplace grudges – but with the addition from the manifesto – the references to the Columbine and Virgina tech shooters with the Charleston Church Stranger Mass Shooting….

This is certainly a more complex matter than a disaffected person asserting dominance, a disgruntled revenge seeker or a marginalized person redressing an overwhelming social wrong with a violent decision resolution process.

One event tend to inspire others to achieve greater infamy (if you can’t be famous, be infamous). shooter and suicide contagions work in similar ways….

People filming and uploading their crimes has mostly been jackass inspired stupidity, criminal harassment of the homeless (aka bum fights), and while many predators keep trophies of their serial rapes and murders – no one has filmed their crimes with professional film gear and essentially live streamed it before.

And given that in countries now and in the past, public executions have been public entertainment, I don’t think we get to claim civilized people don’t …..

we are in a 24/7 ravenous news cycle because of CNN going to the gulf war in the 1990s.

we can’t be surprised that a person skills in media used those skills, it doesn’t take a lot of planning to get a gun and walk up to people and open fire or strapping a bomb device and detonating.

He has certainly change the equation by framing the murders in an entirely dynamic context and influenced the conversation afterwards, something most do not get to do, once they are dead.

How is America ever going to defuse this powder keg wrapping in shrapnel and tied up with egomania ribbons?


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