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Dixie Chicks vs Taylor Swift

I stopped listening to country and western music after kd lang and the New Traditionalist wave of the 1990s. so when this happened: and male rock stars were allowed to say anything they wanted but women could not and women … Continue reading

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King and Queen Day

I have placed my order at an actual music store for the Sony A Boy From Tupelo release next month they didn’t have it in their system, so they wrote my name down on paper Oddly, I do not feel … Continue reading

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Celebrity Opinions: Then & Now

Elvis Presley was controversy in and of himself, and he was mass appeal. Marketed and Marketable to everyone. His choice was to be Just An Entertainer. All Round One to be sure. https://ntrygg.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/elvis-closest-call-to-a-political-statement/ Elvis’ closest call to a political statement … Continue reading

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Comic Book Heroes and Readers

the great comic book scare: comics are secretly SMDB, all id and super ego http://www.psu.edu/dept/inart10_110/inart10/cmbk4cca.html Seduction of the Innocent and the Attack on Comic Books psu.edu http://comicsalliance.com/history-fredric-wertham-seduction-of-the-innocent/ Comics Bogeyman: A Look Back At ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ bigger, stronger, faster … Continue reading

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Being Present

I used to spend events taking photographs, now I participate. giving feels good and getting is not shabby either For watching, the Back to the Future all three movies & cartoon series, fun. For laughs, the Extras complete series plus … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley and Jackie Wilson

Today in music history, December 4, 1956 Elvis Presley, now an RCA star, strolled into Sun Records displacing the Carl Perkins session and telling about seeing Billy Ward and his Dominos – featuring Jackie Wilson wishing he’d done Paralyzed the … Continue reading

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Forbes Famous Dead Earners

Every single year of the Dead Earner List, Elvis Presley is in the top 5. Elvis Presley held the top spot for most of the list, but the death of Michael Jackson and the Presley Paradigm of Death being a … Continue reading

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