VegasWorld: Elvis Presley

Elvis performs live in front of an audience he can be heard over

Grown Ups, who are beyond the teenage Car Romances

the generation why What Happened in Vegas, Stayed There…
usually never to be found again, out in the desert, right?

Col Parker enjoyed Gambling, but Vegas was

Adults who were not interested in Elvis.

His 2 week run was reduced to 1 week.

Vegas was not yet ready for Elvis.


Boy singer poses on the diving board


then, hangs out poolside with the boys in the band


DJ Fontana, Drums, Scooty Moore, Guitar, Bill Black, Bass

Teen Idol Atomic Powered Singer

Elvis Presley, poolside



the Vegas of the 50s is best seen in the early 1960’s Elvis movie


Viva Las Vegas


all those buildings were torn down for bigger conventions spaces, beyond gambling

Elvis Presley was the act to secure the financing and Old Vegas was Replaced.

Elvis Presley did not tour the world, the World came to Vegas to See Elvis.


He was the first act who emptied the casinos and filled the big room.


Today, there is a street being named for him, and Impersonaters are passe beyond cliche and the ELvis exhibit failed to meet it’s budget and is now in a legal battle instead of Elvis Presley relics on display












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