Forbes Famous Dead Earners

Every single year of the Dead Earner List, Elvis Presley is in the top 5.

Elvis Presley held the top spot for most of the list, but the death of Michael Jackson and the Presley Paradigm of Death being a Back Catalog Mover and Box Set Releases.

Elvis Presley remains the bar.

The Calculation of Elvis Income is what the EPE estate collects from tourism and licensing. Nothing of Elvis’ recordings prior to 1973 go to the estate, Elvis sold those to RCA to settle his divorce and Sony now owns what RCA did.

Micheal Jackson’s earnings are largely from his investments into other artists – The Beatles in particular, which is also now owned by Sony.

So year of death triggering catalog sales, puts David Bowie and Prince on the list – will they have staying power?

Jackson did not get the #1 spot the year of his death, his was beaten by estate sales of a fashion designer who owned a lot of art and Rogers and Hammerstein’s catalog sale.

Jackson makes the new list, owing to sales of his investments. His property did not become a tourist attraction – while Prince’s home is being temporarily managed as one by EPE.

Elvis is cheated by billboard by that they have shifted the counting from 1958 to the current year – cutting off Elvis Presley’s greatest 2 years 1956 and 1957. when only Elvis could bump Elvis out of the #1 spot.

Elvis is cheated by this Forbes PR stunt, because it doesn’t really count the money in actual or meaningful terms and suggests a level of popularily rather than, merely the business of business.

Elvis Presley, alive or dead, is the stratospheric star that all others pale against.

It’s time people don’t have to hide their inner Elvis or be ashamed to listen to him sing.


Highest Earning Dead Celebrities – Infoplease › World › World Statistics › Health and Social Statistics

The following table lists the richest dead celebrities, according to Forbes. From pop icon Michael Jackson to famed inventor Albert Einstein, the money continues …

The Challenges of Being an Elvis Fan

I think the problem is that the discrimination that Elvis himself faced – being poor, southern and getting famous outside of the approved paths – and a lot of that discrimination is heaped on his fans – how dare we like someone like that.

Elvis is perceived as being vulgar, uneducated, lacking in taste – so fans are deemed to be the same for responding to what many think Elvis was about.

Mostly it’s because they don’t have a living memory or understanding of what the 50’s were like, how Elvis changed things, and how what they think about Elvis isn’t true.

The public image of Elvis is tainted by the faked his death undying hoax, the various love children, and what really doesn’t help are all the scandal tell all books that tell you little.

But I think a lot of it is anger based – people are mad that he came from poor rural roots to be so successful (that none of his so called social betters have ever topped him) and then Elvis pissed it away.

The whole dying in the bathroom joke is stupid, since most people who die at home, actually die in the bathroom – a combo of heart attacks (often on the toilet, and usually because they tend to happen first thing when the body is stressing up for the day) and shower/tub slip n falls.

So, they can’t give Elvis his due.

But mostly there’s so many stupid myths – the worst being that Elvis stole from black musicians (he didn’t) – that artists like Eminem promote (now, you want to talk about a musical thief…)

It’s easier to believe the lazy lies than realize that his Sun Recordings were an R&B song done in a Country Style and a Country song done in an R&B style – both delivered with a Southern Gospel fervor.
The country roots of rock n roll are ignored or neglected, either as some collective guilt thing or perhaps a slight revulsion to public sexuality, a need to remain prim and proper.

The other thing is the fringe areas always get the attention.

So the media focusing on the fringier Elvis Tribute Artists (or ETAs formerly known as impersonators)  – especially the ones who are bad, are 300+ pounds, are kids, are women, are not white –  give Elvis the carnival atmosphere

It’s sort of like how news media focus on the drag queens and little else about Gay Pride Parades

Elvis’ cultural impact was actually so huge that it’s almost background.

And the general public doesn’t know any better than to make fun of what they really don’t understand

It’s also funny how people will say, why like a guy who’s been dead thirty plus years.
But consider that film buffs aren’t teased or deemed tasteless  for liking early films or actors

Half the time, people are in awe because they aren’t at all familiar with movies from the 40s or earlier.

Elvis and the infamous College Park concert

An Elvis Theory

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation

The Red West and Elvis Presley conversation actually makes a lot of sense, when you understand what was really being communicated but not said.

Elvis Presley was in a freefall panic and he was asking his high school pal to not become one of the guys who beat on him and tried to cut his hair in high school.

Red West was in a freefall panic from impeding poverty.

almost brothers, Red’s Father and Elvis’ Mother dying the same day in Memphis

That divide between friendship and employment

who was throwing who to the wolves

firing Red and Sony West who protected Elvis, and retaining Joe Esposito who got Elvis into that Presley Courts lawsuit

who would land on their feet and who would fall

Elvis Presley died in 1977, music and movie star and tv in between, the highest earning celebrity and highest paying taxpayer, lacking credibility and respect, never white enough, got famous the wrong way: on nerve and talent, outside of the establishment north.


Elvis and Red West

Elvis and Sony West

ElvisWorld: The Memphis Mafia origins

Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

Surreal Memories: Elvis’ Memphis Mafia


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