ElvisWorld: Memphis Police

What if Elvis Presley had been a police officer instead of a singer?


Elvis was in the ROTC (junior military club) in high school, and there were many aspects of the military service that he benefited from; although, throwing himself into artistic productive work might have been better than 2 years of 9to5 and off base living.

Elvis Presley was not a rebel, he was an outsider who turned establishment.


Elvis was from Mississippi rural poor and he moved to the Big City of Memphis.

his family in tupelo lived in the last white house then the street homes, the same exact structures, were populated with black families. and as a boy, Elvis could run out his front door and play with kids in either direction.

playing together is how we become people to each other, breaking of bread and sharing foods. working together is the social fabric, how strong the weave.. the tapestry

It was in Memphis that the streets and neighborhoods were segregated and regulated.

Elvis Presley was the outsider to Memphis and he went everywhere, because he was invisible. He stood out to be sure, and was picked on.


When the crowds came for Elvis he had his band mates and then his buddies..


Then, there was police, off duty for extra pay security.



Elvis Presley, if he had joined the police instead of going into Sun Records, could and would have altered that separation by crossing that artificial social divide.

He wouldn’t have been famous, but he would have altered the world in a way that he would have gone home to his home, and family and be proud of the day’s accomplishments.

in Memphis, that impact might have been bigger, what if, in the Memphis where Elvis was a cop, Rev Martin Luther King Jr might have had a crowd of mixed followers at the hotel, a shield of safety, but also, a shield of blue uniforms, white and black in the 1960s..


if Elvis Presley had been a member of the Police in Memphis

it would have changed the city completely

and perhaps, maybe, Martin Luther King Jr would not have been killed.

for one, because whatever rank Officer Presley and risen to

he would have changed the police inside as much as the community outside

and there would have been a fan mob around Rev King Jr



Elvis Presley became a singer, an actor in movies unto his own Genre: The Presley Picture, the concert documentaries and the very idea of a media star, because he was one on ever media during his short life. The American Dream lived real, from famine to feast, the cycle of generational spins.

By the 1970s, Black Men and White Women became police officers.



Elvis Presley 1935 – 1977


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