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Graphically Charting Data: The Sitcom Formulation

Representational data, producing productivity Tactical Strategums and Strategic Tactics, Information Management for Managing information word processings, databases in relationships, spread across the sheets innuendos of euphemisms, from laughing at to laughing with the world of the work life balance of … Continue reading

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Out of Africa: The Gods Must Be Crazy

“Are the Voices in my head bothering you?” The Gods Must be Crazy It was 1980 and we were moving from New Westminster to Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada where there was only 1 movie theatre. So all those movie tickets … Continue reading

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The Flying Spaghetti Monster is real!

Boson Higgs is His Noodleyness in His Uncooked State RAmen

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Miss Universe 2015: Canada eh!

A 25-year-old from Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation has become the first First Nations woman and the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe pageant. Ashley Callingbull, whose married name is Burnham, was crowned the winner in Belarus Saturday night. “I’m really overwhelmed right … Continue reading

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RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget

From the North American genocidal occupation of the Americas from North to South – pole to pole aka the western hemisphere     we need to do better Canada, for everyone, eh?     Source: RCMP database … Continue reading

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Re-Imaging Presley Pictures: From Camp to Creepy

I came across a post that posited Elvis as a symbol of social sexism – The Beatles were named too – but it was the “in every Elvis movie” that tripped my pedantic statistical tendencies. which I re-blogged reading

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Mad Scientists: “Save the Worlders” to SuperVillians

Most scientists are about the theory, not so much the practical applications; hypothetically speaking of course — as I am not a scientist. Only an amateur hobbyist with some university and continuously self directed adult education. The Mad Scientists: ranging … Continue reading

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