Out of Africa: The Gods Must Be Crazy

“Are the Voices in my head bothering you?”

The Gods Must be Crazy


It was 1980 and we were moving from New Westminster to Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada where there was only 1 movie theatre. So all those movie tickets that I earned doing school safety patrol got put to good use seeing all the movies I could before we moved from an urban area to a rural one, from one end of the Fraser Valley to another really; in terms of if we’d had to walk and carry or drag or wagon our stuff – as it was, moving van and fleet of family members lugging and chugging.

My Mom took me and my sister to see The Gods Must be Crazy.


It is a laconically paced and interlaced story about the impact of littering.

Where Old World meets this crazy concrete condensed world, well, from areas of stable government to more dynamic situations of power fluidity; where the rules change depending on the people around you and their ways; thus and so our Hero hightails it back to the bush, where things make sense.

With good cause.

district_9_minimalist_poster_by_shrimpy99-d7bogha.png tumblr_kyf7ayegqO1qzp4rxo1_500

More recently, the scifi take on mass refugees containment and concentration and contagion fears – gave a unique twist with incompetent aliens apparently dumped on our doorstep, instead of overwhelming invaders or We come in peace shoot to kill types.

Just once some hippie aliens who know how to save us from ourselves would be nice, but hey, someone has to avoid cargo cult syndrome.

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