Lezflirt 501

Lezflirt 501: Suddenly Single in mid-life – a Perspective

Lezflirt: Pansexuality

queer memes

Racey Romance: Inter-Species

LezFlirt: Enough with the Subtext People

Hetero Vaginas Monolog, Lesbian Vaginas Dialog

Lezflirt: Lesbian Conversion 101

Lezflirt: The Basics and Advanced Essentials

Lezflirt: Marriage and whom it impacts

Literary Literalism: Romanticism Decoded

LezFlirt: Terrorists, Rapists and Asylum Seekers Oh My!

The Movie Meta Date Post About Dating Movies: Pacific Cinematheque

Unsung Queer Heros: Agnes Moorhead

DykeFlicks: D.E.B.S

Cult Movies: Somewhere In Time

LezFlirt: Blowing the Meet Cute

Why are there still heterosexual women?

Lezflirt King Romances: Elvis and June 1956

LezFlirt: Dating or Just Diddling – are robots the ultimate safe sex?

Dear Christians: We are Not Into You. Calm Down – Luv The Queers

LezFlirt: In praise of Older Women

Legalizing Loving: Love overcomes Ethnicity

Lezflirt: Priming the Pump with Florals

WatercoolerChat: How to be clever at Girl Culture

LezFlirt: Movie Date Confessions

Puritanism: The terror that someone else is having fun

Thinking about Standards

Lezflirt Heartthrobs: Julie Goldman

Sexuality in Society – Sex and self esteem

Lezflirt 501: Leagues of the Dating World

Suddenly Single in an upgraded world

Lezflirt 501: Relationship Red Flags

Lezflirt: Cheating or Open Relationships

Lezflirt International – A facebook flirting workshop

One Story in three Contexts

Women tend toward flexuality

Lezflirt: The Lessons of Elvis

Lezflirt: The Etiquette of Poly Meetings?

A Wish for Wings That Work

Dear Lezflirt

Preview: Win A Fantasy Date with Nina

Musical Emoting: Getting In Touch with your inner slut

Attraction and Repulsion: Social Laws – Advice for Heterosexual Men

All I hear is Paul Lynde – On Spanking

Dyke Pal for the Straight Gal…and those not narrow, eh?

Suddenly Single: Does Footloose mean Fancy Free?

On-line Meet Ups – Safety First


Lezflirting the Quest of Tears: 7 of 9 Seeking Janeway

LezFlirt Taxonomy: The Repressed Librarian

I am the lesbian Ted Mosby

Not.Just.Saying, eh?  The Catastrophe Theory of Flirting

The repressed undone

Lezflirt: Celebrity Cougars

The Heart Beats: Lust, Love, Loss

Presley Pictures: Co-Starring Cougars

LezFlirt: Prince Not So Charming

LezFlirt: The Stone Age of Sex Toys

ElvisWorld: Girlfriends – Joyce Bova marries younger man

Lezflirt: Advice to Young Gay Men

Sexual Education for Grown Ups

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