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History Channel’s Lost Worlds

We need shows that claim to be about history to actually be historic and academic and stop pandering to the masses allegedly supposed to be educating.   The Lost World’s series is an interesting range of ancient to modern locations … Continue reading

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Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
“Our government recognizes that we need to treat job-related mental stress the same way we treat physical illness and injuries. We know mental stress has a significant impact on workers, their families and their…

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break it down

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That was a big thing in the 70s getting to go out for Chinese food. The going out was a treat in my growing up years. As an adult, living in the same region, …

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Language rights notwithstanding

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
Montreal-area school board considers making French mandatory in its schoolyards I read these headlines, and am so glad that Quebec forever tainted the notwithstanding clause by using it to suppress the rights of English…

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Secular World Realization

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
American Christians share their society with mostly other American Christians. This has lead to the incestuous thinking that belief is only a matter of getting the proper explanation, the correct version of Christian thinking.…

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Who is the best Elvis Impersonator?

  Elvis reinventing himself I think.   But Elvis fans like to debate this and usually offer whatever current impersonator they have seen.   Seriously, there’s been too many open copy cats to count, never mind rank them.   So, … Continue reading

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I did a scary thing today

I joined the Klien Lyons class action suit against the RCMP.     I worked for 7 departments in 13 years and have been on disability for the last 2.   I am permanently disabled and having to endure more … Continue reading

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Writers Coinage – Bi-WORD-ual

Instead of saying an either or, I like to take the root concept and turn it into a concept phrase.   example   do you drink coffee, tea or both? I am bidrinkual.     cats or dogs?   bipetual … Continue reading

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Dear Agoraphobic Diary — July 29, 2014

  I took my Mom with me on a carefully planned itinerary to Vancouver.   We started with a personal fave place – the Nespresso Boutique at the Bay downtown Vancouver, Pacific Center Mall – with a slight twist.   … Continue reading

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Elvis Fandom Funnies

  When Elvis was making movies, his fans were around his age range. So gals would flock to the movies and be jealous of the girls he kissed.   I am 2 weeks older than Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie.   … Continue reading

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