ElvisWorld: Anita Wood


Anita Wood …. the last serious Gladys Approved Girlfriend……


Everyone knows about Priscilla, Elvis Presley’s first wife, but the name of Elvis’ girlfriend before Priscilla, Anita Wood, is not as well known.

she was the first live-in girlfriend and she shared Gladys’ only Christmas as Graceland.

   Family Scene With Anita
Elvis Love Letters Anita Wood Sold Elvis Love Letters

Anita Wood….the one who could make a decision…..



Publisched by Santo Records 1964. Anita was a girlfriend of Elvis Presley for many years in his early days.


Sun 1961 Some historians claim that Anita’s record was a thinly disguised message to her ex-boyfriend Elvis Presley.
In all honesty, why didn’t you two get married?
Elvis told me that Colonel Tom Parker had said no because if he got married or engaged or anything, with that kind of career, he didn’t need that kind of publicity.
How did you finally find out about Priscilla?
I was with Elvis when he was shooting movie in 1962 and one time when he went to the studio I stayed at home. I was up in Elvis’ room looking through some books in the library and inside one was a letter. I opened the letter and it was from Priscilla. Let me tell you, I was mad because he had not mentioned any other women. When I asked him about it he got upset and told me that it was just a love letter from some fan. We had a big fight and Elvis grabbed me and threw me up against the closet.
Thing’s obviously became difficult from then on. How did it finally end?
One afternoon Elvis was sitting in the kitchen, I think he was with Alan Fortas, and I was on my way down the backstairs.
All of a sudden I heard Elvis say, “I’m having a hard time making up my mind between them.”
I was hurt and I walked in and simply said, “well, I’m going to make your mind up for you” and I left.
I wasn’t going to remain there in that situation.
Elvis came after me and said, “I prey to God you’re doing the right thing” and I told him that it didn’t matter and it didn’t make any difference.
Elvis became upset and Mr. Presley began to cry too.
Elvis was trying to put money in my purse and I just didn’t know what was going on. It was very hard but I never went back.
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