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Reader Chat –
As I did not profession in fiction writing, in the public sense of it, anyway; eh. This is the first post about lit/erature from the reader perspective.

Reader Chat 001

Writer Chat – conversations between writers and between this writer and performers. These chats span all my blogs, so offsite links are noted

Writer Chat: Alica Dean on Elvis
Writer Chat Profile: RLB Hartman

Writer Chat 158: Spoof, Parody and Satire

Writer Chat 157: The Hierarchy of Writers

Writer Chat 156: Why take that photo?

Writer Chat 155: Novel Writing vs Screenwriting

Writer Chat 154: N00B 101 – contests, fellowships and pitchevents

Writer Chat 153: The North America Civil War: 1812

Writer Chat 152: Rights and Reproduction Rights – Yours, Mine and Ours

Writer Chat 151: Wizard Weddings with Donna Barr

Writer Chat 150: Donna Barr and Freedom of Religion

Writer Chat 149: Kimberly V Steele

Clockwork Banana by Kevin Karstens

Writer Chat: Diary of Script Readings

Writer Chat 146: Copyright Law

Writer Chat 145: Is UK humor different than the U.S.?

Writer Chat: Body Image and Management – Vicki Wager!

Writer Chat: the Value of Art and the Value of Artists

Writer Chat: Memes with Kevin Karstens

Writer Chat: Evolution

Writer Chat: God

Writer Chat: No Nukes with Donna Barr

Writer Chat: Trackerware

Tagging PJ McIlvaine about wiki script leaks

Writer Chat 136: Writers on the appearance of Life

Writer Chat: Vikings on Vikings

Writer Chat 134: the Secret of Humour

Context is King

Writer Chat 132 with Meghan Ciana Diodge on internet marketing

Writer Chat: A rose by any other name

Writer Chat 130 – Horror and Horror Movies

Writer Chat: Writing Comedies …To the Ridiculous.

Writer Chat: Words and slippery meanings

Writer Chat with Dianne Cameron – dealing with despair

Writer Chat 126: Creating User Friendly Multi-Gender Space

Writer Chat 125: Crafting Criticism

Writer Chat 124: Referencing vs Explaining

Writer Chat 123: Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

Writer Chat 122 teasing Robert Peate about Ayn Rand

Writer Chat 121 with Donna Barr – changing the climate

Writer Chat 120 – Source Ethics or Social Impact Considerations

Writer Chat 119 – Words, Poetry, Experience and Meaning Sorry Virgina…. even with a room of my own…

Writer Chat: Poetry Pairings

Writer Chat 117  – Jamming in a Jam

Writer Chat 116 – Rejection Strategies

Writer Chat 115: with Robert Peate on social equality

Writer Chat 114 – Subtext and sub cultured layered audiences

At The Movies with Writer Chat: Chocolat

Writer Chat 113 – Unique Arena with Universal Appeal

Writer Chat 112 – With Robert Peate on Ayn Rand – Seeing Brightly: Greed is Not Good

Writer Chat 111 – North By NorthWest

Writer Chat 110 – Artistic Integrity

Writer Chat 109: The Big Picture vs Drilled Down Details – Robert Peate

Writer Chat 108 – Pets and Kids

Writer Chat 107: I Am Legend

Writer Chat 106 – Audience Says

Writer Chat 105 – Ideas

Writer Chat 104: PTSD, Trauma and Suicide

Writer Chat 103 – Cross Culture Villains

Writer Chat 102 The Art Therapy of Raw Recovery

Writer Chat 101 – Comedy – subjective or pop culture awareness

Writer Chat 100 – Cross Cultural Humour

Writer Chat 99: Lesbian worship

Writer Chat 98 : Television Memories

Writer Chat with Robert Peale RE: Ayn Rand

Writer Chat with Gordon Meyer Re: Equality

Writer Chat 95: Can’t tell if my life is an MOW, a miniseries or a feature…

Writer Chat 94 – childhood memories of books

Writer Chat 93 – Blogger Community

Writer Chat 92 – Profile: Dianne Cameron

Writer Chat 91 – Profile: Amy Hearn – wellness

Writer Chat 90 – Overused Dialog

Writer Chat 89 – Taste in Movies

Writer Chat 88 – Depression and then Depression

Writer Chat 87 – Gay for Pay

Writer Chat 86 – Vicki Wagner – Subjectively Conditional

Writer Chat 85 – Esteemed Attitudes

Writer Chat 84 – Research (Canada Edition)

Writer Chat 83 – On being a writer

Writer Chat 82 – Context and Subtext – Metaverse to Motifs

bonus: Writer Chat 81 – the Black List –   Create a Verse

Writer Chat 80 – Comedy gags and Character Perspective

Writer Chat 79 – Loglines, Pitching, Story Development to Selling

Writer Chat 78 – remakes

Writer Chat 77 chatting about chatting with writers (big name ones too!)

Writer Chat 76 “lesbian” porn – Shut In Stand Up

Writer Chat 75 Television’s Influence

Writer Chat 74 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – the Digital Divide (Shut In Stand Up)

Writer Chat 73 – Writing What you Know (Lezflirt – Poly, D/L or just a cheater)

Writer Chat 72 – Zoetrope Review Contest

Writer Chat 71 – Zoetrope Office – Emergency Preparedness (Stand In Shut Up)

Writer Chat 70 – Promotion – self and cross supported  (Screenplay Theatre, Ken Mora)

Writer Chat 69 – Geekdom (star wars, DVD special editions, fanedits, childhood science fiction)

Writer Chat 68 – PJ McIlvaine – Raping Republicans

Writer Chat 67 Equality and the Social Contract – Dianne Cameron, Stuart Creque

Writer Chat 66 – Silver Screen – with Gordon Meyer, PJ McIlvaine, Melody Simmons

Writer Chat 65 Profile – Bhaga d’Auroville (Lab of Evolution) – Gratitude

Writer Chat 64 – Vicki Wagner – Bible as Literature – Supernatural Fantasy, not even historical fiction. …not.just.saying

Writer Chat 64 Profile – Siolo Thompson – graphic media artist – paintings, drawings

Writer Chat 63 – Vicki Wager – Lesbian Pulp Novels – culture and subtext for subcultures (Lezflirt Blog)

Writer Chat 62 – Fandom and Critique of popular culture

Writer Chat 61 – Gordon Meyer – volunterism

Writer Chat 60 Publicity – with Vicki Wagner (comedian, performer)

Writer Chat 59 PROFILE: Pj McIlvaine (screenwriter)

Writer Chat 58 – PROFILE: Melody Simmons  (novelist)  bonus writer tip!

Writer Chat 57 – Flirting dialog vs Friendly Banter – actor delivery makes all the difference (subtext)

Writer Chat 56 – building relationship networks

Writer Chat 55 – Publicity (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 54 Gratitude and Sunshine (Living Well)

Writer Chat 53 with Vicki Wagner re: Book recommendations for the entertainment industry inclined

Writer Chat 52 with  re: Trilogies and ratings

Writer Chat 51 with Pj McIlvaine  and regarding storytelling

Writer Chat 50 with K’Anne Meinel re: atheism

Writer Chat 49 with K’Anne Meinel   Shut in Stand Up   Lezflirt
Writer Chat 48 – writing porn and more (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 47 – Marriage and Equality

Writer Chat 46 – comedy to drama

Writer chat 45 – visualizations towards dating and mating (lezflirt)

Writer Chat 44 – superstition (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 43 – Strong Female Characters

Writer Chat 42 – Pain and pain management (living well)

Writer Chat 41 – Separation of Hollywood and Religion

Writer Chat 40 – True Love and Truest Love (Lezflirt)

Writer Chat 39 – community, networking leads to freindships

Writer Chat 38 – With Comedian VICKI WAGNER – writing what you know

Writer Chat 37 – goofing around  – but also an editing tip – don’t miss this one!

Writer Chat 33 – Heart Smart (Living Well)

Writer Chat 31 – Ratings and Reviews

Writer Chat 30 – Contests

Writer Chat 29 – Social Media (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 28 – Parenting (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 27 – Health and Wellbeing (Living Well)

Writer Chat 26 the secret to humour  (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 25 – Layperson Opinion vs Educated Opinion

Writer Chat 24 – why people shouldn’t piss off writers (Shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 23 – Politics and mental health

Writer Chat 22 – Humour and Catharsis (Living Well)

Writer Chat 20 – confidentially butch to butch and shoe porn (lezflirt)

Writer Chat 19 – battle of the genders

Writer Chat 17 – Legit Rape the mindfuck

Writer Chat 14 – American Education and Politics ….

The lost art of conversation

Writer chat about writers

Writer chat 9 Expanded post edition (Living Well)

Writer Chat – Gun control and the Canada/America Cultural divide

Writer Chat 9 – Sexuality (Lezflirt)

Writer Chat 8 – normality

Writer Chat 6 – Equality

Writer Chat 5 – Credible Hulk (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 4 – society-and-stereotypes

Writer Chat 3 – Black Cats (Shut in Stand Up)

Writers chat about the entertainment industry (shut in Stand Up)

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