Writer Chat: Memes with Kevin Karstens

Never go full republican

Never go full republican

R—- D—–   Clint Eastwood went full retar… I mean republican, and never came back…

    Nina Tryggvason brilliant!

   J— M— Paint Your Wagon is on the tv, I’m pretty sure we should have known he was crazy when he decided to sing in a movie.

Nina Tryggvason that is my Dad’s fave movie.
   J— M— John Wayne is my all time favorite “actor” but pretty sure he would hate my Liberal guts.

Nina Tryggvason apparently the woman lead was a spy and killed by her own government. france…..

   J— M—Really? Never heard that. Thanks.
11 minutes ago ·
Nina Tryggvason *closet case*… seriously.. his name was Marion…

   Nina Tryggvason I borrowed Paint your wagon and Dad told me all the gossip. LOL. again. not reading anyting into that

   J— M—  Seberg is also one of the best-known targets of the FBI COINTELPRO project. Her victimization was rendered as a well-documented retaliation for her support of civil rights and activist groups in the 1960s.

Jean Seberg died at the age of 40 of a barbiturate overdose in Paris. Her death was ruled a probable suicide.?

Maybe your dad bought into some of the FBI’s counter intelligence smearing? It’s the kind of thing my dad would latch onto and repeat about Jane Fonda whether it was true or not.

            Nina Tryggvason he thinks the french govt killed her
We were pro Jane Fonda

Nina Tryggvason this is my fave childhood movie

   J— M—  Commies, huh?

Nina Tryggvason Canadians. LOL close

   J— M—  I love Cat Ballou!
Jane Fonda is too gorgeous.

    Nina Tryggvason my recovery main theme song

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2 Responses to Writer Chat: Memes with Kevin Karstens

  1. Thanks for the nod, Nina…;)


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