Writer Chat 160: Alica Dean on Elvis

Alica Dean, novelist, is an Elvis Presley fan and I have gotten into an interesting discussion with her about what Elvis Presley might have done to reinvent himself in the 1980s if he had lived.

Ramblings of a Lifelong Elvis Fan – Part 69 – Elvis at 81?



I think Larry Geller has written the second most inner circle books.

I think that Elvis Presley would have gone more blues if he’d lived into the 1980s where the synthesizers dominated and electronic and the second british wave of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet U2 – australia Rick Springfield- wouldn’t have interested him, but at least artists were dressing again for the stage

the advent of AIDs would have had a big impact on Elvis on the road party life and he might have married again and taken the family role more seriously (not Ginger, there was already a replacement lined up by George Klien)

I doubt Elvis would have gone back to movies unless he was offered something far better, but given his unwillingness to change much about his appearance or accent, the potential roles were limited inside America



I could see him going blues into the 1980s, but later in years, I thought he might settle into ballads and gospel. I think he would have been perfectly willing to change his appearance and accent. He desperately wanted to take on serious acting roles, but the Colonel and the movie industry wanted him churning out films that were not much more than vehicles for his singing. Although, personally, I enjoyed them a great deal. Watching Elvis do anything is a pure delight. Yes, I could see him getting married again.



He didn’t wear eye contacts in Flaming Star and didn’t change his hair besides Change of Habit. Elvis would have been better off doing movies in Europe, where he could have been any American character, but in American movies was only going to be a southerner or military/cowboy characters. Did anyone take him playing a Chemist in Clambake seriously?

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