Elvis World: Desert Storm & The Priscilla Monolog

Give us this day September 2 Our Daily Elvis

1974, Elvis closed his tour. His new girlfriend Sheila Ryan in attendance – and Priscilla and Lisa Marie.

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Elvis Presley peaked with the Aloha show in 1973.

1974 His Gladiator Film project went sideways. He wasn’t going to be able to pull himself into shape for a European Tour and the novelty of that would have worn off quickly.

Elvis on stage, once he converted his stage fright into his stage persona, transforming that energy – that audience support and connection.

The concert taken as a whole is rather energetic, the few points where Elvis shows his fans the man who was the performer is astonishing, but they were blown of our proportion to the entire show.

I was surprised to find fan shot film of Charlie Hodge flirting with Elvis during “Are you Lonesome Tonight” and I wonder if any sound or audio exists of him reading from the John O’Grady book and the paternity suit.


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