The Alan Turing Law

That people were gay was deemed a crime and to be gay and working for the government, in relevant speak: doubleplusbad

You’re a security risk because blackmail therefore security risk.

Doesn’t seem to matter how good at ones’s job one is. Often, more competent, eh.

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‘Alan Turing law’: Thousands of gay men to be pardoned – BBC News

2 days ago – Gay and bisexual men convicted of now-abolished sexual offences in England and Wales are to receive posthumous pardons, the government …

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UK to pardon thousands of gay men convicted under defunct laws …

1 day ago – Britain is to pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted of crimes under sexual offense laws which have now been …

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The proposed Turing Law, named for the mathematician who was prosecuted in the 1950s, provides for posthumous pardons and allows men …

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UK Tory Justice Minister Sam Gyima


The so-called Turing Bill has been filibustered by a Conservative Minister … will only automaticallypardon dead people in England and Wales, …

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Gay men’s lives were ruined by the British state: a pardon is not enough › Opinion › LGBT rights

9 hours ago – For centuries it was government policy to hound LGBT people. This warrants an independent investigation and an apology.

Canadian War on Queers
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