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When the Right to Rights Is Wronged

religion invented polygamy and opposes equality for queers in couples, which does not change marriage, as it remains 2 people exclusive of others and does not alter inheritance, divorce or employment benefits or any contract law as polygamy would reading

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Government vs Football

Nina Tryggvason best meme on the topic 5h delroy washington+1 Well said. Some people simply don’t understand why these athletes are risking their reputations and running the risk of losing millions of dollars to raise awareness of the inequalities racism, … Continue reading

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Elevator 8: The Heart Story

Today on the elevator at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC I got on with 2 nurses, each to a corner. The next floor; 3 more women got on, and two of them had a cart with educational displays. One … Continue reading

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To Those Who are Entrusted to Know Better

September 24, 2015…A total of 769 people died and 934 others were injured as the result of a hajj stampede at the “stoning the devil” ritual near Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Roan the Zero Suit Fox Who were the people they … Continue reading

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TV commercial complaint

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications … – CRTC   Dear CRTC   I am writing to complain about a tv commerical currently airing on Global Television in British Columbia and likely across the country.   It’s the Viagra commercial where a … Continue reading

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A Very Canadian Outing

My Mom woke me up this morning, my Dad needed to be taken to the hospital – but there was time for coffee. Urgent but not Emergency. I dropped The Parents off at the Emergency and then went to the … Continue reading

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Personal Best Ever List of Internet Exchanges

David Fillingham One Million People who accept Evolution Sep 9, 2017 Question for the Group: Tight linkage between hosts and parasites Often parasites seem excessively and unnecessarily tied to a specific host species. For example, dog fleas can feed on … Continue reading

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