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Prime Ministers vs Emotion: #CryingIsManlyAF

Shoppers Drug Mart sucks

PM, President to Czar

Internet Typical Users vs Trolls

Movie Review: Jesus Camp

Vikings vs Nazis

Thinking of England on Brexit Day

Labour vs Technology

Hate and Person vs Social Crime

Power Rangers: Lesbian Controversy

Crash Day

All the V posts so far

Translink and The Last Straw

Trump vs Merkel: Free World Leader in Play

Vancouver Two 2017

Economic Benefits: Magic by Numbers

Gender Expression is a spectrum

An Almost Day Out

International Women’s Day Outing

Depression is as Depression Does

An Unfortunate Outing

CanCon: Provincial Politics

That Which Passes for Public Debate: fact free!

Policing Public Bathrooms

Beauty & The Beast: The Gay Controversy

Being White Enough, eh?

The Rules of the Internet vs Any Society

Canada and American Refugee

Hawaiian Pizza and Presidential Powers

Queer in the Mainstream of Media

News You Can Use In Your Community

Security Industry vs Paranoia

Governance of Public Data: Census Stats

Mono vs Multi-Cultural eh

When Gay was a White Person Thing

RIP Tories: Canada’s Alt-Right

Health Care that Heals and Helps

Expected Anticipations

Black Live Matter vs Pride vs Police: Vancouver Edition

2017: coulda shoulda woulda

Words as they describe Spectrum Zones

Legal Technicalities vs Social Realities

Godbots are not credible Adults

Parental DNA to Offspring: There’s a Fix App

In The Public Trust: Eyes of A Child

Talking About Science to Deniers?

Buffalo, Beefalo and Bison: herd migration

Learning History To Understand Current Events

L Ron Hubbard: Writer of Religion

Rape Culture 201

Tolerating Intolerance is Enabling

Facebook…Heavy Sigh

Terrorism Trump Didn’t Tweet

From Military to Quasi to Public Service

It’s Snowing Again

Demographic History Month

Convictions for Crime and evolving rights

Refugees: Demographics by the Numbers

Comic Book Heroes and Readers

News Aversion Therapy – 2017-01-31

January 31 2017 and nothing has changed

Enemies and Allies Oh My

“Just Following Orders” vs I Know Nothing

Sanctuary Nations: Cherry Picking Refugees

Multi-Cultural Clash The Pet Factor

That Akward When Godwin’s Law Does Not Apply

Science vs Public Science Literacy vs Scientificism

March Musters Marches

Men vs Women: How did the populace get this big?

Ikea Outing 2017

Trump has 2 years, not 4, really

Asserting Rights then puke in the corner

Bette vs Joan: The Battle of Baby Jane

Happy Penguin Day – All Penguins

Canada the Language Divide

Xi Trumps Putin

CEOs of Nations: Separation of Govt and Corporations

How does one pursue happiness without Health Care?

Male Feminist vs Lesbian: Burka Battle

A fine Line: Hate and Crime

CGI vs Carrie Fisher – Star Wars

Brains and Environmental Stimulation

Dear SE Hinton – you are not the victim

Presidential Pardons, eh?

Talking about Climate

Pyramids around the World

Conservatives and Kellie Leitch

On this day in 1974: Lucy Discovered

Epigenics and Socialized Trauma

Trump’s Political Poker Cards

RIP National Geographic

Law and Disorder Workplace Culture

Climate vs Weather

Whale Watch: RIP Oila the Beluga

Dear Log Cabin Republicans

Vikings vs Climate Change

CanCon: Leonard Cohen

Elvis Presley and Karate

November 11, 2016

CanCon: Russia vs Ukraine

Two Warrior Kings

History vs Herstory

Justin Trudeau – in American Eyes…(re-post)

Why Clinton was Failed

Once Right, Now Righteous

Meanwhile, in Canada eh…

Election Day USA

Dear USA: ballots not bullets

Queer in America, eh?

Election Count Down: USA

Public Square Policing vs Soap Box

Common Wealthing: Canucks vs Aussies

Common Wealthing: Canucks vs Yanks

The world shifts –

Is Canada the New UK of Europe? or the backdoor back, eh?

America’s Uncivil War

Election 2016: America counts down

Science of Transmutation

Uber and AirBnB: Grey Market

Radiation: In the Glowing

Earth Quakes Italy

ScienceWatch: AIDs update

Election 2016: Iceland

the unfreezing poles

Penguin Poop and the Guano Island Act

Trump vs Queers

Trump is Dangerous

Fireworks: Light & Sound

Memo to Gov’t re Drugs

From Hominids to Homos

420: Spiritual, Medical, recreational

Climate Change Maladaption

How Discrimination Works

When Faiths Merge

Government vs The People

Sweden’s Elvis: Little Gerhard

Right Left Across the Spectrum

ConWatch: Rona Ambrose

Professional Trolls vs Cyberbullies

Activists vs Professionals

Canada: Parliament Hill Shooting

Adulting: doing it wrong

Why is “politically correct” a dirty phrase?

The Alan Turing Law

Person vs Role vs Society

USA election: Russia

Don’t The Dead vote Republican?

I had a Pony.

WTF Google?

North Korea seeks relevance

Breaking Trump Memes


#%^$& Google

In A Word: Diversity

Atomic Energy vs Apathy

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Saville

GamerWorld to Science: Duh

The Travelling Salesman Algorithm

The Stage of Social Change

Pronounced “Buy Bull”

Women’s #1 issue: Safety

Elvis Presley vs Hollywood

DTWOF vs Hothead Paisan

Humanism 101

PFLAG Watch: Dolly Parton

Advise about Professional Writing

Pirate Cove: Elvis Bootleg LPs

2016, April 28 – 2016 – SryPlcMall

Medicine vs Alternatives to

Where has all the courtesy gone?

Agoraphobic Outing April 26, 2016

CultureWatch: Kelowna and The Ogo Pogo

Climate and Carbon

think of who’s children?

ClimateWatch: Birds and Bees

MythWatch: Loch Ness Monster

Dear Creationists: More Eye Evolution

420 in Vancouver BC Canada, eh

CourtWatch: Duffy vs Gomeshi

MusicWorld: Prince dead at 57

the cost of bigotry

Global Economics and Feeding People

Community: Resources & Crisis Centres

Memo to Pope: Refugees

EarthWatch: Big Quakes for 4/16/2016

Real Estate and Shadow Flipping

Earthquakes vs Concrete Construction

Random Movies and Best Quotes

How to make the world better: USA

Brain Fair 2016

Dear Translink re: The JWs

Agoraphobic Outing

New article claims that science is killing religion (off site: Why Evolution is True Blog)

Canada Politics: Tom McClair and Leaderless NDP

Cartoon Commentary Memes: Pop Up Referentials

Spaceworld: USSR’s Yuri Gagarin

RCMP: Memorials and Ribbons

O Canada – Wally Oppal

The Darker Humours: Gallows and Gall

Martin Luther vs Martin Luther King Jr

rape memes or “why dinner means sex”

the 1980s

Rock Star Elvis Sightings

Why Atheists Seem Rude

The 1970s: All sortsa images and memes

Raw Recovery live: Webtoons

USAWatch: Trump vs Clinton

Elvis Presley: his first to the first stage guitar

World of Elvis: TV Fantasy

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless

From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Cartoon Saturdays to Cartoon Networks

The Cartoon View Layer

Elvisworld: Album Stickers and Inserts

The evolution revolution

RIP Gary Shandling

Think of the Missing Children

Where is Health Care Universal?

Civilization Expansion: Colonize and Resource

The Republican First Lady: Gloves are Off, eh

Crusades 2.0 Arab Edition

Food Security, Housing and Civil Unrest…

Words, Pictures and Pictures of Words

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

The Issue of Acronyms: Wordage

USA, Cuba and Canada

Nixon vs Presley

Brains and how they are hacked

Earth and Junk

Vancouver’s Housing Crisis 2016

The Exposure/Experience Hurdle – things I learned in retail

Charity Burn-out Churning Pitches

Romney v Trump

Okay Google Chrome, time out: FireFox yer up

Adults and Grown Ups: Elections and Voters

Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower of Offence-Takers

USA South Context to True Blood

CGI TV is pretty close to Virtual Reality Video Games

The Elevator – Saga 6: Professionals on Scene

Why Wars were not fought

CGI TV: Spartacus – Spoilers eh

I forgot where I was going with this, but …

So the Civ, as the Citizens, when in et cetera etc …

Why do the Men get an Accent: Dykes Don’t

Elevator Story 4: The Maintenance Man

How’s the World Treating You?

Images: The Silent and Black&White Era

Lifespan: It’s in the Teeth

Party Politics: From Nomination to Nod

International Women’s Day 2016

Creationists: the Eyes Have it

Media Ga-Ga: Content vs Format is Medium

The Antiquarian Twist: Eugenics & Euthanasia

Why are there monkeys?

Bio-Pic: Charley Pride

The lost communication arts: conversations

Queer Community Lessons for Atheists

Marijuana and Margarittaville

Technology and Ethics

The GOP’s Trump Problem

Stop the Job Losses: Boycott Self Serve

Demographic Women of Sexuality


Canada: To Have and To Have Not

Super Tuesday Specials!

Wild Wild West was Steampunk

Trump: Person or Corporation

BioPic: Tammy & George

Are the small hands orange?

OscarsSoWhite 2016

Inclusion should never be political

Women and Elections

Miniseries: 10th Kingdom

USA South Carolina 2.0: Democrats

Beatle Beats: Yoko Ono Hospitalized

Republicans from Word Salad to Fruit Salad

White and Black: A spectrum of politics

USA: Living La Vida Levis

“Can someone attack me?”

Brain Injured or Hoaxing?

Repubs vs Dems

M*A*S*H’s Klinger: GI in a dress

Military Homecoming Iconic Kisses

Canada: Bullying towards Violence

Vancouver: Bikes and Dispensaries

Shoes: a perspective

A War on Women is on society

Genital Mutilation Minimalism is not okay

Cultural Buildings and Codes

Geometric Math is Navigation, Stats are Sociology

Animal Abuse includes Trophy Hunting

Kasich’s Kitchen Campaign

Rock n Roll = Sex

Positive Politics? Only in Canada eh?

The Supremes Court Costumes

Will Canada replace the RCMP?

Nevada and North Carolina Primal

Understanding Political Theatre

If we ever needed Aquaman…

Refreshing Resolution: Cognition Clarity

Trump vs Pope: Fallout

Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

Frontier: Cowboys vs Indigenous

Earth’s first Space Citizen to protect earth heritage

From Pan to Mono to nonTheism

Why Clinton Must Be President

#Violence @Work or @School

Canada/BC: Financial Shoes

Conservatives vs Liberals

past and future culture clash

The Catholic Church Undone

The Republican Blues

Technology images and homages

CBC’s Sex Trial

ElvisWorld: Genealogy and Gypies

World Left Right Centre Spins

Do Americans even like each other?

Law: letter, spirit and intent

EvilWatch: Justice Scalia Dies

What Queers are really tired of hearing

How Canadians See Themselves

Canada vs America: Culture

No Acts of God in the East: Responsibility

Wild West Stand Off Stands Down

People: are evil or do evil?

King Arthur: Anglophilia

wominews waves n wakes

Vancouver and Housing

America New Hampshire Primaries

CowGals Scouts n Shooters

Outlaws vs Gunslingers: American Edition

the world is a scary place

The Donald uses the P-Word

Religion by any name is terrorism

When a Girl Buys TechnoGadgets

Republicans to Rethuglicans

Rocket Rattling replaces Sabres

Why Elvis Presley Died

We, The People, eh?

The Theatre’s front of house

Tunguska Event and Aftermath

What’s New in the Civil Service?

Iowa Fracas

BR: Invisible History of Human Race

The Kit Kat Caper

As Particle to Wave, so Person to Society

Iowa 2016

The Migration Mambo

Advocating Rape is a hate crime

Of States that Matter, there are 3

Feb 1, 2016 – News Anxiety Therapy

Sorry Firefox, Chrome it is

Computer is glitching

this is nina

Hollywood and (insert)isms

Iowa Votes in Republican Primary

The Grail Code of Da Vinci

Rights vs Rites: Life and Death rituals

Liberty and Freedom: Viva la Peasants: BBC Muskateers!

Star Gazing Technology

Talking to God

Gen X hero: Mathias Rust

O Canada: The “eh” ending

Atheism News: Rubio v Rights

Bundy Bungles and Gets Busted

Unfriendly Skies: the Air India Crash

Happy 90th Birthday TV


Missing Women

Canada’s Economy

How Do You Use News?

Religion’s Problem of Proof

Book Review: Monsters

Reservations about Internment Camps

RNA, DNA and then mDNA


Heroines: Madaline Murray O’Hair

What goes into 13 twice?

Canada Rebooted, eh

Science Disiplines Inter-inform

Exploring AI: Simming Life

Breadth and Depth  

Planet X or Planet 9

Why I don’t anthropomorphize homo sapiens

Swearing a Truth Oath

Minstrals: sing it like it is

Work, Clothing and Customs

Freedom of speech includes offensive speech

Country Covers & Blue Beats

Forces and Density: Applying Science

Feynman’s Rainbow Review

Musical Feats: Chart Deaths

Person Seeks Personal Ads

Saying Sorry doesn’t excuse anything

MultiGeneration Workplaces

How Workplaces Become Toxic

Celine Dion’s Manager/Husband dies

Lotta Lotteries

Public Education British Columbia

Peaceful Religion spawns suicide bombers

Religion’s Poetry: Pseudo-Profundities

Vikings vs Visigoths

When Europe was Islamized

War on Women: Battleground Cologne

Canada’s Saudi Arms Deal

Scribes: The Origins of Bureaucracy

Pyramids: Ritual Life, Death Rife

Memo: Silencing White Men

Kings to Prime Ministers to Presidents

Canada: Syrian Refugee Hate Crime

High Cost of Alternative

Elvis Presley @ 81

Families in TV Commercials

Policy Think Tanks: No Thanks

It’s all fun until someone Hitlers

Mexico: Drugs and Ruins

Affluenza or Psychopathy?

Herstory: Boudica

Mt.Vesuvius vs Rome

Understanding Blasphemy 101

North Korea: Da Bomb

ScienceWorld: Gus Casely-Hayford

Blogosphere: Counter Creationist

What to do about Terrorism?

Ages of civ vs civs

Earth: Civilization Maps – Cartography

TerrorWatch: Oregon USA

It’s Elementary: Everything is Chemicals

Guns, Guns, Guns, eh?

ScienceWorld: Bettany Hughes

Games and Gamer Memes

War’s Operational Theatres

The Political Memes 2013-15

Mexico Mayor Murdered

Whale Song: A 52 Hertz Soloist?

Science: The Earth Disciplines

The World of Religion

Afterlife: Don’t send people

Musicworld RIP: Nathalie Cole

Homo naledi: a new relative to say goodbye to

RIP Dal Richards – an era ends

Population shifts to Atheist

Dubai fire and fireworks

Energy Security: Horse n Water

Star Wars, Nazis and Disney

King Arthur of Scotland?

Lesbian Assumptions Busted

Organic Vitality Naturalism

Calendars: marking time


Send out the Clones

Religion as Parasitic Meme

How religions start: Mormon

News Anxiety: BBC vs Sex Work

Custom Tech Service: Call Centerese

Debate versus The Law

Heterosexual Panic

Heterosexism and Homophobia

With Drones, Anyone can Soldier

Discouraging Terrorism

Woo-Round Up 2015

A Kathy Griffin New Year

 Memo to Pope: Apologize

Remembering Dian Fossey

The John Templeton Foundation

Canadians and Niceness

Happy Sir Issac Newton Birthday

Butterflies drink Turtle Tears

No more Whales in captivity

The Teacher and Student Divide

The Long Arm of Law: Copyright

State vs Church: Sanctuary

BC Highways: Variable Speed

Music is not a physical product

Greece takes an Equality Step

The Falcon Landed: Space X

We have to stop dropping bombs

The Zombie Apocalypse

Stoner Sloth updates Reefer Madness

Red, Light and Blue: water n rock

Presley – Nixon Summit 45th AnniversaryHarvard Proves Religious Right

The Universe: Parsley Sage Rosemary and

Holy Hills and Evil Empires

Fossil Hunter: Mary Anning

Career Ambition Unlocked: Media

Say what no one else is thinking

Crime vs Hate Crime: Mac’s

Canada: Romans came not conquered

CanCon: Ellen Page

Dear Men – Hard truth #2

 Queen and Boxed Sets

Martin Shkreli: Arrested

Employees vs Volunteers

Dear Taylor Swift No words for you

Star Wars Memories

Quebec: Language vs Terrorism

Women of Science Posts

How to Change Society: the Mead Method

The Salvation Army: Do not Contribute to Haters

Religion: Ponzi and Cargo Cults

Carbon: Personal Emissions

Dabblers & Doers: CivScience

Canada – BC: Quantum Computing from Burnaby

Reconciliation requires Truth

Civilization 1.0: Ice Aged

Thank You Star Wars Fans

Start with 1 person who tells 1 more and so

From Primate to Corporate Culture

Consumer Christmas Consumption

Russia and/or Ukraine

Making a Difference: Public Service

The Sun Empire’s Eclipse

National Empires vs SuperPowers: Africa Edition

UofT: Mass Shoot Circle Jerk

Pizza Shaming and Shunning

Changing the Climate Change Climate

Megaliths to Monuments

Agriculture means Farming

Party Girls: Pandora to Jones

The Global Prisoner Population

20 to Lifers: Prisoners


When the Private Goes Public

Hey Kids! Comic Book Ads

Spaceballs predicted: Canned Air

Private To Union To Public: Who’s served

Canada: Wheat and Maple Syrup

Stopping Traffic: Da Bomb

Just Saying What Everyone’s Thinking

Public Service vs Public Support

Climate News: NWT Lake Commits Suicide

The Format Wars: Audio and Video

Human Rights: When do we want them?

Syrian Refuge in Canada

The Impaler vs Blood Countess

Italian Gardeners: Lucrezia Borgia

Voynich Manuscript

Free Speech: The Trump Edition

Scandiwhovians: Norway Leaderboards

Men: alpha, beta, charlie

Extreme as Opposed to?

If it’s buildable, it’s downloadable Guns no longer controlable, as if they ever were, eh?

Vikings vs Volcano: 1973

Happy Whatever Holiday

Analog Broadcast vs Digital Telecom

Control The Vagina not the Gun?

The CEO as Emperor-King Demythed

War on Christmas Count Down

The Halifax Friendly Explosion

The Ancient Civs of South America

O Canada: Alberta

Crime and It’s Modifiers

Unnatural Selection: Designer Babies

 Who benefits from abortion clinics?

Ending Discriminationism

Cryogenics: Flash Frozen

The Pagan Viking Era

Dispensaries vs Liquor Stores

CanCon/BC: MiniWAC dies

Not all Handicaps are visible

Snap Lake & Mt Polley Mines

Born Again Atheists

The Myth of Rights

Only Decade Kids will get it

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

The Dreaded Office Party

When Work and Terror Overlap

How Hate Crimes become terrorism

Queers for the Win

TerrorWatch: California, USA

 Mass Shootings reach Critical Mass

Big Chain vs Little Chain

Dec 2 – Agoraphobic Outing

To Bomb or Not To Bomb

The New Colonial: Consumers

Dear G20 @ Paris Climate

Writing vs Generating A Report

Art is Over

Art: Artifact, Reproduction and Rights

Canada to annex America?

The Meteorology Climate

Heritage vs Lives

MusicWorld: Balladivas

Holocaust is Genocide is a Rose

King and Queen of Rock Action Figs

Canada: world stage manager

Malala versus Ayaan Hirsi Ali: why is one beloved and the other reviled?

America: another day another gunman

Sapphic Celluloid: Dyke Flicks

Dear Healthy People: STFU

Hard Truth for Heterosexual Men: Crime and Terror

Job Interviewing: Volunteering

Turning Job Tasks into Interview Skills

National Security in a Digital World

The Religion Edition (Optional Add-on)

Queen meets Trudeau 2.0

Dogs vs Cats

Out of Africa: Risen in Turkey

Rights: Demographic and Social Role Specific

War: Shell Shocked to PSTD

Dear Birthers: ‘splain Cruz

MovieWorld: The Period Piece

Camelot: Only in Canada, eh?

JFK: Nix and Zapruder Camera Views

Lucy hits 42

Philosophy: Psychology & Psychiatry

Genetics & Evolution: The Leap


2 travels that leaped bounds: Darwin and Wallace

People: Productivity or Products: Explorers and Colonization

Cameras are the new Mirrors

Once there were Rhinos

Ivory Towers @ University Tarnish

MusicWorld: Sam Phillips

Geoff Barton – Audiopile

The Class War: Culture vs Gym Yoga is as Yoga Does

Advertising to hostile audiences: Xtians vs Jedi

CanCon: Leslie Nielsen

Racey Romance: Inter-Species

Who’s so Vain? The Vatican

Rythmatiquing: Read’n’Riten

Anonymous: When Civilians go to War

CanCon: Conservative Watch: Dianne Watts…..Shadow Cabinet

Mali Mass Shootings: Media Method

Racism vs Sexism: @ Tiffany’s

Canada and Cannabis

Queer Eye for the Naturalist Guy

Degrees of Unchurch, Anti-Theist to Atheist

Community Notes: Queer to Humanists

About the Person or their Group

AA, EE and other Social Corrections

Religionists vs Atheists

Canada: Tobacco vs Weed

Conservative Tongue Slips

University Thoughts

Clusive: In and Ex

Can we science now?: Sexist racism, Hoax Planets, Micro Jellyfish Parasites and Blind Salamanders

Lavender Licks: Lesbian Chic

The Gender Divide Rolls

When Opera Rocked

Dear Students Questioning Atheists

Questions for Atheist from a High School Student

Barbie: For Girls and Boys

Questions For Atheists From A College Student

AncestorWatch: Denisovans

Shifting World Views

Well, the Power is Back On

November Storm Winds, Canada, eh

Covergirl and Star Wars: Licensing too far?

Business and Advertising: Movietorial

Social Media: Getting it both ways

Religions: All for One, One for All

Monkey See Monkey Do

Terrorism or War Crimes

Fallout 4 Pwns Pornhub

Nuclear Nations vs Space Nations

Time for Religions to be Mythology

Media and Fear Mongering

From Pi in QM to Mountains Microplated

In The Paris Wake: Canada bomb or not to bomb?

Humans vs Religion

Pondering The Paris Impact on World Events

The Olympics: A Failure of Ideals

ReligionWatch: Utah Edition

Religious Harm: The Paris Edition

Religious Harm: the Modern Era

Why the “10 Commandments” are Not Secular Law

Collective Consciousness: Status Report

ReligionWatch: Mormon Church and Exit Process

Book Review: Paul Bernardo

Proceeds of Crime: Book and Movie Rights

Beliefs: right to and expressing them

Three Jesuses Walk into a Mental Hospital

Supporting the Queer and Female Troops

Productivity is a rather Subjective Concept

Surprise Betamax outlasted VHS

Societies to Civs and Back Again

The Atlantis Myth: The Power of Words

O Canada: Vancouver and the Housing Crunch-Crisis-ortunity?

Vancouver City Sandbagging Seawall

The Great Pyramid: Temperature Scans 2015

Wedding Photography

Scare Quotes: The Teenagers

The War on Christmas: Game On

Watching Religions Rise and Evolve

When Children Became a Market Demographic

Canada – Post Dark Decade realizations

Human Adaptivity is network Scaleable

The Apologetics need to Apologize

USAWatch: Ben Carson and his unconfirmed memoir

Science Fiction Fandom Constructs of Concepts

The Limits of Gnostic Knowing Revealed

If “atheism” is a religion; then

The Unintelligent Crafting of Creationism Science

True Beleivers: Fanatics vs Fan Followers

The Religious Righteous are Insecure and Insincere

If it’s your 1st day on the net: The Three Internet Laws and rule 34

CanComedy: Conservatives choose Rona Ambrose

Da One Wid Da Millyuns Of Dollerydoos

Does Farting Change the Climate?

Government: Census and Censorship

Science: Multi-Disiplanetary Big Light Show Bang Theory

CanCon: Canada

O Canada – community policing to policing communities

Clarity: when that Forest vs Tree Line resolves – Government Data, Conspiracy and Census

Of Myths and Legends

A Question for Christians…

USA Watch: Time for a Religious Test for Office

Women’s Words, Words about Women; Word

Suffering: From Option to Imposition (see religion)

Atheists are the New Gays

Slurring Words and Slandering Peoples

Homo Sapiens: Risen Apes, not Magic Dirt

From A Theism to Atheism to Humanity: A moment, eh?

Brains: Use Them Or Loose Them

MusicWorld: Duran Duran

Cougar Killed in New Westminster Halloween Night

Computers and Work Environments

From Term Papers to Briefing Notes: Reporting

ReligionWatch: Torrenting – Pirates Ahoy

Canada Watch: 24 Sussex – Cats, Bats and White Elephants

Fricken Fracking Freaking Fireworks

Seasonal Fireworks – Fun and Games Until…

Inflamatory News – October 31, 2015

The Homoerotic Undertone of Heterosexuality

Halloween Candy – There is an Inappropriate App for that

There Be Lesbians

The Court of Public Opinion: Salem Edition

The Comic Side of Life: not for funphobics

The Dark side of Barbie

Atheism is not Faith Based

Humans: Computational Variable Operators

Informing the Information Management Age: Archivability

The Gradient of Opacity – Clarifying Dim Factors

Thoughts on Random Play

Shaggy Dogs and Cat Tails

Vancouver’s 2 fave Pots: Coffee and Weed

Lesbians: Are we more interesting?

Canada Politics: Conservatives to Appoint Temp Leader

Queering the Mainstream

Here a Quake there a Shake

Why is that News? – The Digital Activist Whine

Big Pharma vs Patient Care

Star Wars Fans and Discrimination

When Speech is Free, Blasphemy is Duty

The Survivor Stories: NDEs, Aliens and Satan Oh My!

Treatments: Patient vs Their Family

Copyright and Trademark are Meaningless Words

Humans: A value Spectrum

Climate Changed: Hurricane Patricia

One Million Moms Against The Muppets

Pan and Mono Theism: A spectrum Disorder

2015: The Year Sex Came to Canada Politics

Social Media is Software – People are Hard

Moral Ethics or Ethical Morals

How is the greater good served by sacrificing individuals?

Earth Religions vs Aliens

MusicWorld: Three Dog Night singer dies @ 74

Canada Charter: Right to a Religion does not include advertising it

Good Morning Canada eh!

Dear Bullies: Harm Levels are not in your discretion

Folkie Fairy Tales: Stories for the Masses

Cult Classics: RHPS vs Phantom of the Paradise

Of All the Studies of All of the World

Canada pulls centre while the world spins

Canada Election: The Cons Served

Election in Canada: How Ballots are Calculated

From Object Lessons to Best Practises: Impersonation has limits

When Worlds Collide: Cultural Dissonance

School Ins and Outs

A Raw Recovery Morning – Getting Routined

Participation Rights: Voting or Ballot Casting

Twas the Eve of the Election in Canada, eh

Hear a Court, Their a Court: Everyone’s a Court in Session

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

Canada News Anxiety Aversion Therapy: Election Day run up

Global Tourism vs Bronze Era Godbots

Deconverting Christians 201

An individual or a GroupThinkBot: free will requires free thought

CanCon: Elvira Kurt

CanCon: Jim Carrey

Archetypes: The WereWolf

CanCon: Michael J Fox

CanCon: Lorne Greene

The Political Spectrum Slide: Tripping Tango

Outlaw Heros: Robin Hood vs Zorro

How to Deconvert Christians 101

Canada and public violence

Neanderthal genes are everywhere

The Gap between Vehicle and Pedestrian

Understanding Government Data: ‘Sensitive’ vs. ‘classified’

An Industry vs a business: From Taxis to Uber

Canada: Gibson BC – Home of The Beachcomber

Growing Up Canadian: Britcoms, Americoms and CanCon

Holidays: Does anyone really like them?

Canada’s Reality Check: Election 2015

Humans vs Religion

Religion: Meets the Diagnostic Delusion

Rights are for the Right Sorts of Humans

Times Change all the Time: Change is the only inevitable

Towards a Sustainable Planet

There is no polite way to let a person be aware you think they are stupid

The search for an “intelligent and articulate Christian”

For the Bullies: GOPs and Mean Girls

The Nobel Prize has been off message for a while

Lesbian TV: Lucy Lawless is not a lesbian

Canada…We have an Inverse Inferiority Complex. eh.

Adventures in Jay-Double-Ewes

Conversations Respect and Politeness

Talking bout Religion and Eggs

Game Theory: The Marginalized Version

Conservative Candidates and Climate Change

Glasses: Extending the Senses

Canada is the Only Nation Safe to Laugh At

Blonde: A WorldView   &  Elvis Presley was a blonde

Publicity: The End of Celebrity Exceptionalism

News One Can Use: A Literacy Guide to Contextualization

News: What Is It Good For?

Holidays: From Events to Commercialization

Super Natural BC is about the Wilderness Pristinity

Teacher Appreciation Day 2015: BC eh!dition

CanCon: The Only Guy Tougher than the Terminator

TTP: The Pacific Rim’s Gateway: Lotusland

Jennifer Aniston is Farrah 2.0

Cat Query

Science is a Method, Religion is Backassward

The Humans: Came Saw Conquered

Dear Canada re: TPP – Leave It

Public Education Canada: British Columbia Edition

How Newspapers Lost to the Internet

Writing is for the ear to be seen by the eye

Novelty Neurosis: Turgid Terminology

Why Nonbelievers and believers can’t talk to each other

The Unchurched are not Atheists

Understanding Conservative Speak

Conservative Conservations

The Mormon Raputure Round Up Post

ATIP: Access To Information and Access to Privacy

Nina’s Vancouver (BC) Views, Canada eh!

Peak Vancouver: The Art Gallery

America’s God Problem

Dear Canada Election 2015 Trending

Mars has Water!

The Pope Worded – Will Actions Follow?

Canada – Peace Officers Memorial Day

Television: Plato’s Cave 2.0 Technoage Edition

League of Nations to United Nations: Earth 4 worlds

The Lost Art of Oration in a Media Savvy Age

The Battle of the Burbs: BC’s BSitudes

 Before Elvis Presley, no one had heard of being a rock star

Olivia Newton-John’s 67th B-Day

Pope-A-Palooza USA: Republicans Implode

The Elvis Presley Fandom Explained

From Computers to Compassion: No Bulls Harmed

Understanding Statistics: Gaining Understanding

Gaming: from Hand/Eye to the Whole Body Experience

Computating Computers: Play and Work

RPM: The Chipmunks Revolutions

Canada’s Mosaic vs America’s Melting Pot

Cultural Linguists: Language vs Jargon

Religious v Spiritual: Redux Reduction

The Thing about Authority

Tsar vs Putin Mania


Movie Theatres have always been about the Candy

Produced by Elvis Presley: The Lesser Known Side of Elvis

Pope vs Obama

BC Wolves get Celebrity Advocates

WorldMusic: When Hemispheres Harmonize

How Many More Mass Deaths Before we admit: Religion is evil?

Humans vs Canada

Dear Vatican: About Those Sex Crimes, eh!

Canada vs USA: Are we really different?

The world we pretend

If Pictures = 1000 Words – what is a picture of words?

Why is there a Toll on the TransCanada Hwy in British Columbia?

Movies and the Masses: Refractive Mediums

From the Greek Heros to LOTR: New Zealand

Donations: Sports Guy vs Plumber Guy

80’s Opening Riffs – Authority Song vs Footloose

Lucy Lawless vs Bats and Locusts

Universal Standards of Proportion and Approximations

Canada: RoC vs Quebec

CanCon: Maple Syrup to Medical Isotopes

Star Trekking Across the Universe

Deny Delay and Discuss: Disasters and Catastrophic Evolution

National Preparedness Month

The Worst Argument Against Atheism?

Religion Rant Riff

Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?

Juxtaposting Freedom in Canada, eh

1990s SciFi: Alien Nation

heros in heels: Faye Grant

Wooo Hoax Fraud

Photograph 51: Nicole Kidman on London Stage

ISO: Real Fantasies vs Realized Fantasies – Discussion

Corporate Happyism and the Productivity Fetish

Drummer Roger Taylor! …Queen or Duran Duran?

MusicMashups: Parent and Adult Child Singers

Under the Law is One Thing – Out In Society is Another

From Crooners to Rockers: Women Who Swoon

If “we” are to survive…who best represents?

The One About the Space Science Posts

The Failed Viral House Stunt 2.0

1 Cup 1 Conservative

Boom Mic lowers it on Conservative Minister

Snivel.Civil.Uncivil Servant Service: O Canada

Words and Soundalike Words, geesh

Addiction Safeword is Consequences

Why Righteous is not Right – as in correct, eh?

People are not “illegal” (image free presentation)

Pop-Flicks: Family and Holiday Horrorfest

Please Help My Dream Come True, eh?

Pop-Flicks: Xenophobic Others and Mutants!

Pop-Flicks: Techno-Anxiety Movies

The Donald Promises “No Canada Wall”

O Canada eh? Can we say we’re scared

Suffering Suckitude: Kim Davis Solidifies Martyr Credentials

 Attention White People In America (USA)

Stonehenge just got a lot bigger

Are there secular community leaders?

Compassionate Cognitive Comprehension

LezFlirt: Terrorists, Rapists and Asylum Seekers Oh My!


Queer on Screen

That Higher Call to God’s Law

Dear Kim Davis, et al

Work Specializations Are Not Actually Demographic Dependant

There Can Be Only One Hero in a ShowWorld

The Study vs The Studied: Understanding Social Hierarchy

SciFi: The World of Tek War

Double Entendres: Get Thee to a Nunnery

Pope offers forgivess to contrite abortionatrixes

PolySciWatch: The Political Attack Ad

Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

The Movie Meta Date Post About Dating Movies: Pacific Cinematheque

Graphically Charting Data: The Sitcom Formulation

Out of Africa: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Miss Universe 2015: Canada eh!

Mad Scientists: “Save the Worlders” to SuperVillians

Super Folklore: The World of Weres

Undead Ranks: Zombies

WooWatch: Wayne Dwyer has Died

A Word about Words

Unsung Queer Heros: Agnes Moorhead

Darth Vader Lives!

From “Harperman” SongMan to Suspended Scientist

80s Punkploitation Flicks: RepoMan

What Does “Privacy” Mean Anymore Anyways?

Media Workplace Shooting Broadcast over Social Media

Jenner: Costume, Caricature and Legit Commentary

Skeptic Test: The Religion of atheism

It’s Getting to be “That Time” Again

Canada vs Christians

The Beatles vs Jesus and India

 Will Insects be the next big thing in food?

Vikings vs Christians


TV Review: Sliders

Finding Your Way in the Universe was one thing – welcome to the multiverse

 Nurturing Nature: Protecting what should be wild

TV Specials: Jack Frost

Stephen Harper vs (various) Community Values

When did Guns Become a Means of Expression?

About “new” atheism

Kevin Sorbo: From Greek God to Godbot

Pharmacies vs Dispensaries

MovieWorld: Ice Queens, romance and aging

The Global Threeway: Church V State V Corporation

Does “Fuck Harper” sign distract other drivers?

The King and Queen of TV Miniseries

MusicWorld: Jon Bon Jovi and the Stanley Parkoversy

Cult Movies: Somewhere In Time

Gamering: The Great Outdoors Indoors!

How Individuals bring social change

In The Kisser or Where the Sun Don’t Shine?

What the World Needs: A Deity Free Public Square

Understanding Humour: from sarcasm to scarcasm

On God and The Law

How Grief Gets Complicated

Mr Harper – I had a house

TV Genre: Media and Writers

TV Genre: In and Around The Law

TV Genre: The Medical Proceedureal

80s Movie Couples Slide Through Genres

Deep on the Internet: a Rhetorical Question is Posed

Celebwatch: Camryn Manheim

Film Geekery: Mighty Movies

ElvisWorld: Then The Fat Man Sang

The Rock Star Game or Gaming with Rock Stars?

The Band Brand Marketing

Movie Standards and Authenticity: Equality is not Served by Nudity

TV Show Review: Bones

Agoraphobics on the Screen

Doc vs Film: Grey Gardens vs Grey Gardens

Book Review: Ken Wantabe and Solving Problems

Modern Englishes: Greeks are triggery and grammar is racist

MovieWorld: Beetlejuice 2

Crafty Arts: Making Books from Scraps

The Ancients: Navigation

From Photography to Imaging: Check n Chuck

Political Optics Watch: Stephen Harper’s Hair

The North America Civil War: 1812

Sound Science and noise pollution

MovieWorld: Ricki and The Flash

Nuking Nations and Nuclear Energy

Comic Books: Elvis Presley

MovieWorld: The Unlikeable Protagonist: Citizen Kane

MovieWorld: Will Smith

The Bullies cry “Political Correctness”

The Canada Debate

The Good, The Bad and The Statistical Dead

Harper’s Child Benefits the Polygamists

Studying Populations

Studying Men: Kennwick Man vs Otzi

Sketch Comedy Shows

Humans and the variations thereof we anxiety over

TV Review: Yes, Minister & Yes, Prime Minister

TV Concept: In What Reality is that Customer Service?

HomenGardenTV: RIP Chris Hyndman

The Things Ordinary People Do

Movie Memories: Tim Curry vs The Three Muskateers

Obscenity vs Blasphemy: Elvis v Lenny Bruce

Presley Pictures: The Anti-Establishment and Gubbermint Movies

MovieWorld: SMBD on the Silver Screen

Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary!

ScienceWorld: Rosalind Franklin

ScienceWorld: Marie Currie

ReligionWatch: Pantheons vs Mantheons

Coffee Revolutionaries: From Pamphleteers to Bloggers

Advanced Internet: Troll Baiting

The Communication Arts: Hieroglyphs to Heraldry

Photos: From Graphing to Shopping

The Pageantry of Paganism

Global Issues: Immigration vs Refugees

Planet of the Apes: The Franchise

Primate World: Chimps and Bonobos

How to Play “More Victim than Thou”

CountryMusic: RIP Lynn Anderson

Why are there still heterosexual women?

Nina’s Conservative Semi-Secret

RIP: Rowdy Roddy Piper

WorldWatch: Obama in Kenya: Homophobes Kept Clothes on!

SuperIdEgoMan vs DreamMaster: Psyche 101

Googleing Answers (men and feminism)

The Easiest Way to Understand Reality is The Insurance Industry

Feminism The Millennial Edition: Boobquake to Topless

Dear Ms Beals and Where the Sun Shines and Does Not

Gamering: Family Bored Games to Gamer Games

Science Fiction 101: Curiosity trumps Wisdom

MusicWorld: Queen Latifah is The Lesbian Elvis

God Search and a Poem

Have we reached Peak Ammosexuality Yet?

Observing Television Commericials

The Jenner Transition: From Butch to Cait

LavenderLicks: Melissa Etheridge vs kd lang

When 70s Girls Sang the 50s Boy Songs

Surf’s Up: Beach Boys vs Jan and Dean

Give Us This Day – July 26 – Our Daily Elvis

Skeptic Conference August 2011 – Coffee Quips

the Evening News – Was it Ever News

Give Us this day July 25 – our Daily Elvis

Applying Statistics to Community Activism: The Importance of Counting

Will Cigarette Smokers or Drivers be the last group ok to bash?

Guest Blog: with Dykewriter Commentary: Is Australia becoming a police state?

Why Caste Societies are not Compatible with Corporate Nations

Elvis vs Motley Crue: Girls Girls Girls

News Aversion Therapy 2015-07-24

From Our Solar System to Another?

Earth From 1969 to 2015: From Space to the Information Age

TV Review: In Plain Sight

TV Review: The Closer or The Closet?

From Southern Vampire to True Blood

MusicWorld: Female Vocal

Knowledge: It’s Confirmable, not Revealed

Presley’s Puppet Trilogy

MusicWorld: Motley Metal and Understanding your Crew

The Second British Wave: Electro New Romantic Wavers

Was Elvis Presley REALLY A Black Belt?

Elvis Presley: The Final RCA Releases

Elvis Presley: The Camden/Pickwick Collection

Elvis Presley: Spoken Word Recordings

Elvis Presley: Cheapie Compilations and The For Children LP

Elvis Presley: Sizzling Seventies

Madison Square Garden Concerts: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley: The Concert Years

Sun Records – Hail to the King

The Beatles:…

Elvis Presley: the 68 Comeback – the Album that wasn’t supposed to be

Elvis Presley: The Sixties Crooner

Elvis Presley: The Soundtrack Sixties

Elvis Presley: Christian and Christmas Music

Elvis Presley: From 45 to 33.3 RPM

Presley Pictures: Under the Big Top

Face it – Facebook was never social

 Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Show Review Round Up

Two Tales of Empathy

Toys: The Child and Adult Divide

ElvisWorld: Inflation and Legacy

Dear Whoopi : Celebrity makes men worse, not better eh?

Memes: Nailing It Awkwardly Rings True

MusicWorld – Remember when The Rolling Stone was about Music?

Matching Solutions to Problems: Getting Shit Done 101

ElvisWorld: Elvis is actually going to Appear Dead on Stage

O is for Obama – Statesman on the Staged World

Religions are like Movies; Sequels Suck

ReligionWatch: Canada Not Allowing Modesty at Citizenship Ceremony

Planned Parenthood and Organ/Tissue Harvesting

Raw Recovery Specialists: Decoding Facial Expressions

Reality: the Religious Person’s Nightmare

Dear World: We Must Not Cater to Delusional Fantasies

Dear World: Rambos are the Problem, not the Solution

The Penultimate Gamer Post: Grrl Gamers

Misperceptions: To Kill A Mockingbird

Regulated vs Deregulated Business Sectors

The Fire Hatrick: Going So Beyond Will

Guest Blogger: Ettore Chiacchio: “Take off that dick from the wall!”

PrimateWatch: 90th Anniversary of The Monkey Trial 1.0

The Pope Post Roll-Up

Dear Pope: Don’t Stop Apologizing and Don’t Stop There, eh?

Hetero-Homo Relationships

Dinosaurs were time limited, plastic not so much, eh?

Naval Gazing: the Ultimate Self Absorption

Responsibility: The Government’s, The Company’s Or The Consumer’s?

The Levels of Court: Legal vs Public Opinion

Equality Watch: ‘Stralia Down Under eh?

How Civilizations Rise and Fall: On their Paperwork

Meanwhile in Canada 2015 CE…News Round Up!

Belief, Believer and Economic Realities

Bees Withhold Buzz for a Moment – RIP Burt Shavitz

The Landed Gentry: Memo to the Would Be Manor Born

A Crisis or Opportunity: In the Beholder’s Eye, eh?

Calgary Stampede: Ironically Iconic

Did I talk Libby Davies Out of The Closet?

Talking with Heterosexuals about The Closet


Agoraphobic Ponderables: Schooling Schools

CanCon: Maple Syrup to Medical Isotopes

Memo to Bobby Jindal, The Katrina Governor

BusinessWatch: Catholic Church Incorporated

Dear Christians: We are Not Into You. Calm Down – Luv The Queers

Agoraphobic Ponderables: Earth Lubricated Friction?

Memo to Individuals who Service the Public

Observing Nature: The story of life, eh?

Movies: From Horror to Horrid

Rock n Roll Movies: Olivia Newton-John

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

Health Care: Caring About the Public’s Health

Free Speech is Not Consequence Free Nor Limited to First

Rats reveal more about life than Google AI, eh?

Cultural Relativity

Dear Bigots: Tolerance does not include surrendering our dignity to you

Agoraphobic Philosopher Ponderable: Canada’s Decade of Marriage Equality Law

Pig See, Monkey Do?

Human Rights Watch: USA USA USA

ElvisWorld: Vernon Elvis Presley

Why do people think christians are nice people?

So it’s Same Old at the “New NDP”

Planetary Mnemonics: The Pluto Postulation

The War of 1812 (UK v USA) Canada Edition

Humans: Technology without Responsibility

Talking About How to Do Communication

Entertainment: The Educational and Social Value

Public Nudity: Topless Equality in Canada

Job Interviewing: Framing and Contextualizing Information

Earth: It’s Bipolar and OverDue

Social Evolution: Leave it Random or Self/Society Directed?

Writer Chat 152: Rights and Reproduction Rights – Yours, Mine and Ours

Multi-Culturalism: Tourists vs Locals

Understanding the Human Centric Universe

What Happens on VaCay sometimes means Jail

Dear Canada: Grow Up

Community Standards are set by communities (Public Opinion 101)

Courage of Convictions is a chilling concept

Memo to All Ethnic Purists of all demographics RE: Optics

From weather disaster to climate changes: the new space race

Will American Refugees Apply For Canadian Humanitarian Aid?

Why are People Oblivious to the Obvious?

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

Religion: The Non/Fiction Quandry

Foodies and Cruelty/Exploitation: Why Rights for all Matter

Laundering Culture – the Art of the Co-opt

Reality: a matter of position and perspective, eh?

Can someone clarify the human rights committee?

The evolution of the science revolution: Alchemy to chemistry to fusion

We really need to think about the children, eh?

Unsung Queer Heros: Paul Lynde

Life Lesson Movies: 9 to 5

Vancouver Views: Jane Fonda dares VPD to arrest her

Regulating Industries: When Doctors Quack

Language Concepts: Thinking Critically vs Critical Thinking

“Travel is not a Right” …but it is reality

Hallmark Holidays: Father’s Day

Dear Christy Clark: Peak Vancouver

RIP the Hollywood Monster Machine Icon: Christopher Lee

Putting “the joke” INTO historical professional context

Writering Coinage: “The Tryggvason Collary” to “Poe’s Law”

Methinks People Project Too Much…then Doest Protest too Much, eh?

Dear Science Man: regarding women in the lab

Dear Pope; Ceo Christianity Incorporate; Current designation Catholic Church

Musicworld: Southern Gals with RockiTude

Remember when she refused to license book merchandise?

Understanding Media 101: Omni Directionality

From Rocksploitations to Rock Opera: The Movie Soundtrack

Probability: Creating Nuance from Possibility

Sexy/Scary Science Alert: RoboCyborgians

The Science of Building to Code: Pyramids

Digital Merged all the Media Stars

Canada: From Colony to Grown Up Nation

Awkward World Stage Moments, eh?

Dear Canada: We need Infrastructure not Monuments, eh?

Meanwhile in Canada: The Coffee Revolution

MusicWorld: Disco: the Danceabilly Pop Rock to the bass

Retail Trench Tales: Giving the Customer More than they want

How “they” get away with it: Believe what you Perceive

Understanding Corporate Culture: Public vs Private

Hey Hey We’re the Boy Bands

Why Religion is only Belief while Ignorance of the Law is No Defense

Foodstuffs: Where the Cultural Exchange Occurs

Garages: Where Tinkerers and Bands Start

Presley Pictures: What if he’d been in The Rainmaker?

welcome to C-51 world – Nina K Tryggvason

Constructing Gender: Is it merely fashion or fashionable behavior?

Religion is why we can’t have nice things, like Equality, eh?

Christians: The Real Satan Problem

Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex

The Rock of Ages: Most of the world is stuck in the Industrial Age

The Power of Secretary aka Administrative Assistance

When Global Bi-Polarity Reverses; Rainbows replace Shadows

Our Daily Elvis: from bullied weirdo to King

The Bloom is off the Rose: Broken Blossoms

Welcome to the Real Internet: Fandom vs Fandom

Rights for Humans Watch: The Saudi Blogger Flogged for Blog

Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

The Business of Show: Managers vs The Celebrities they manage

CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape Fantasy

Finding the Funny

CensorshipWatch: The Black Pussy Venue Boycott – Canada, eh?

Greek 101: The Coffee Table Edition

ReligionWatch: Time to Cancel Pat Robertson

Expert Humour: Sarcasm and Irony 201

Why Role Models Matter: Sally Ride

MusicWorld: Bubble Gum Teen Idols

Political and Media Sciences: The Demographic Squared Dance

Popular Romance: Predators and Incest

ATTN: Obama vs Adama

FoodieWatch: The Business Baron Business

Religion Harm Watch: Public Stupidity

FoodieWatch: Southern Szechuan

The Limitations of Swear Words

ElvisWorld: Aloha Marty Pasetta

Raw Recovery Specialist: News Aversion Therapy

RainbowWatch: Ireland proves Green is Gold

Dear Ellen Page: re: Brigette DePape

The Road to Rights: Modern Infrastrure Assimilation

The collective time travel fantasy: Killing Hitler

Moving Movies: Queen Latiafah Does Bessie

Well..Isn’t that Special: The God Cop out

Outta the Mouths of Babes, eh?

Are you sure you are in the right room?

LezFlirt Movie Romance Dating Tips with Whoopie Goldberg

Presley Pictures: Star and then Starring Vehicles: Film to Flicks 101

Gay Haters are Self Loathers – We do not need any more “studies”

FacePalm British Columbia

Memo to Governments: You all need to Science.

Keep Your Money: The Elvis Edition

YAY me on the Leaderboard: Bin Laden Points

ElvisWorld: The Exploitation Never Ends

Memo to GOP: Rapists are Parents too

Presley Pictures: The Romance of Citizenship Seeking

Diva Down: The Marketing Gimmick and the Art of the Repackage

ElvisWorld: Elvis’ Performance Wear and Stuff back in Vegas Buildings

Who Wore it Leather? Elvis or Eddie Murphy

When did pedophilia stop being a cultural norm?

The Dark side of the Bodice Ripper: The Romance of Rape

Can I haz the Million Dollars now Please?

I Pwned Google

9 to 5: The Women’s WorkPlace Blues

Understanding Rape Culture 101

Religion Panics as it looses Western Control

Science Discovers Women are Not Just Making it Up!

The Message of Science Fiction: Technology without Management Wisdom

Freedom For/Of Religion; see also Options

The Death of Kings – Blue Souls

And in this corner: MAGIC UNDERWEAR Destiny Boy!

dear straight people

Dear World: Re Water

Puritanism: The terror that someone else is having fun

USA TV: Before the X-Files, the was Project UFO

Dear Conservative Ladies Against Women

Bacteria poop Pure Gold

Hangry About World Hunger:

The evolution of Games and Gamers

The Osmond Factor: Creepy Wholesome

I am white and I support food stamps more than war

Mother’s Day: Mom memories

Shedding Light on the Right

Words Absent of Meaning

Words: “Respect” vs “Reverance”

What is wrong with the modern world:

Someone Needs to Explain this Secret Police Canada thing

The Policital Shift towards Psychopathy

from physical evolution to social revolution

but…the bats

Breathing: The Yoga-Sex Connection

Knowledge: it’s a good thing

god is a registered republican?

Listening: The Gender Divide

The God of the Gaps Shrinks Again!

Xenophobic and Litigious is no way to go through life

Rebuilding Wonders

Sexual Education for Grown Ups

MultiCulturalism: Is It Time to stop pretending

Christian love not beleiveable and their marketing sucks

Damned Dams

When People ask “What’s the Harm of religion”


May the 4th be with you

The 1980s: Reagan Did It

Second Thoughts: A Pedophile Harm Reduction Program

MusicWorld: What is with these snidey Sinatras?

Religion is why we can’t have nice things

What is Art?

The Realities of the Real World, eh?

Lost and Found: The Ark of the Covenant

The Human Brain on Media

SpaceWatch: New Shepard – seriously?

The Fluidity of Religious Observance

When The Street is Your Home; You are houseless

Understanding the Union Label

The World of Women

Secular Law vs Religious “law”

Human Brains on Radiation

The Civilization Equalizer: Rubble

Life and Art: meta imitation

Life or a Reasonable Facsimile

Military/Police: Corporate Cultures

T-t-t-talking about c-com-comunitication

Hello? reality is calling – can anyone pick up?

SciTech: Bionics vs Cyborgs

America Watch: The Rightest of the Wannabe the Presidents

Digging It: Trowels Vs Texts

Pacific Northwest: Wolf Calls on out Community Radio

Music: Authentic vs Manufactured

Crime: Punishment vs Rehabilitation?

80s Movies: reinventing the Teen Date Horror Flick

80s Music: The Second British New Age Wave

80s Teensploitation: Totally Excellent Dude-Off

ReligionWatch: Catholic Incorporated

Godbot Watch: Kindly Update your “D&D” to “Harry Potter”

“oversensitive” is the new Bitch

An Open Letter to America

Does it take a PHD to understand PH?

Indigenous On Film: Represented

Naturalism: the Religious Method vs the Science Method

Did Ted Cruz, USA Prez-idate, Just volunteer to be Assassinated?

From Church to MegaChurch

Memo to White Guys:

Authority: The Ultimate Fallacy

An Atheist fondly remembers childhood church experiences

Dear Templeton Foundation – about your mission

Internet and Celebrity

Star Trek Verse: Alt.Life Rights

Citizen Kane Spoiler: Rosebud wasn’t the Sled

The State of Global Disaster Monitoring and Warnings is not yet Star Trek

ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

False Prophet Watch: Dr. Oz was never a medical doctor

BookWatch: Derivative Works The Bible and Mein Kampf

Educating Adults about Teen Sex Education Classes

BookWatch: the Gift of Fear

Let Conservatives Twist in the Wind – say Grumpy Old White Men

IconicWatch: RIP Rosie The Riveter

Gamering: The Tribe 8 RPG

ReligionWatch: Church of Bacon

QueerPridelets: Remembering Frank Freeman

QuackWatch: Regulations spell end for Homoepathy

The Holocaust That Dare Not Say It’s Name: The New World Edition

StarTrekVerse: The Ferengi Revolution

Lezflirt: Hot For Teachers

When Defence Claims Undermine Justice…

The Reality of The Ring

There is One Religion with a Grain of Evidence

The Scoundrel Defence Dismantled

Outsider Science: Biology; see also Evolution

Writer Coinage: Dudebag

Dear Fat White Guys Who All Look and Sound Alike:

PrimateWatch: The Age of the Chimp Dawns

ReligionWatch: Canada’s Municipalties reconsider Meeting Prayers

When Did Human Hunting Become an Actual Thing?

Providing Goods and/or Services to the Public

Public Service vs Public Servant

The Middle Age Crisis: Unleashing Your Inner Emo

Whittling about Whistleblowing

The Science of Fiction from HG To Orson

Expressing Disgust: Subjective or Objective

PhilosopherWatch: Elvis Presley

PhilosopherWatch: Ayn Rand

ReligionWatch: USA – Pat Robertson

Girls: The Garbage Gender?

Is it time to restrict Men from the Public Square?

Religion 101

Thinking About “The Children”

The Gap God: Authority vs Authoritative

Religion vs Women

ReligionWatch: FSM – USA President Obama is a Pirate

Understanding Ammosexuality: North American Edition

Peaceful Activism 101: Canadian Edition

EducationWatch: What Lessons Are we Really Teaching?

Control vs Influence: O Canada, eh?

GlobeWatch: Wot’s New Down Under – ‘Stralia?

ReligionWatch: Another Year a New Round of End of Worlders

MediaWatch: Call Of the Wolf

CanadaWatch: PMs vs Chiefs

RightsWatch: Nipples to the wind

FalloutWorld: War Costs are allocated

ElvisWorld: When the Act Falters

The Administration of Reality: Understanding Patents

CelebrityWorld: Que Sera Sera

ElvisWorld: Graceland Goes Blue for Autism

Cognitivising: Meaning arises from nuance

ElvisWorld: ETAs as TV Show Characters

ElvisWorld: Fit to Fat in American Fashion

WarOnWomen: France legislates the Model Industry

ElvisWorld: Girlfriends – Joyce Bova

Religionwatch: Pizza Bigots Pwn Other Bigots

ReligionWatch: Why We Need Separation of Church and State

PrimateWorld: Happy Birthday Jane Goodall

ElvisWorld: Cars Cars and then Cadillacs

ElvisWorld: Spring Renews and Reboots

Understanding Humour 101 – Words and their Concepts

Useable, Renewable and Sustainable: Energy

From the UN to the Earth Federation

Sexual Abuse: Plaintiffs vs Claimants

RIP: The Most Brilliant Marketing Mind Ever

Writering Coinage: Heterophobia

ElvisWorld: Rock ‘n’ Jazz Roots

ReligionWatch: Presleytarian Extremist Fringe

ReligionWatch: The Elvis Cult or Presleytarians

ReligionWatch: The Dali Lama Karma Ding Dong

Guns at the White House

Political Science: A British Columbia Primer on Sexual Regulations

RelgionWatch: USA – Indiana Edition

ReligionWatch: Will Scientology Get Clear Or Litigate?

EntertainmentWorld: Market Value and Value Market

Understanding Humanity The Gamer Way:

The Convenience of Stores…Tales About The Old Country

Wahmbulance Files: Conservative Uppances Who’ve Cum

Multiculturalism is undermined by Religion

CanadaWatch: PM Harper has delivered on making Canada Unrecognizable

ElvisWorld: BioPic 80s vs BioPic 2000s

ElvisWorld: Alternative Elvises

ElvisWorld: Elvis Alternatives?

WorkWorld: Worked to Death?

StarTrekVerse: Who is the Queerest Captain?

Our Daily Elvis – March 26

ElvisWorld: Where the King Once Slept…

ElvisWorld: Sex, Fantasies and Marriage

ElvisWorld: The Most Famous Haircut of the 20th century

Canada: CommonWealth to Nation to Incorpanation?

Why does inter-demographic conflict always lead to genocide?

The End of Privacy

MusicWorld: Rick Springfield

Stupid Pride: The Picking On Order

 ScienceWorld: Physics – Rainbow Gravity

HealthWatch: Celebrites and For Profit Medical Treatments

SexWorld: Elvis Presley

Global Security: Protecting Canadians?

Does Being Human include being humane?

Royalty: All Mortal Die, Inequality Continues

ElvisWorld: The Carny Con Col and his Snowman Club

Star Trek Verse: William Shatner!

HomoWorld: France’s Painted Caves

ElvisWorld: Religion

WordSmithing: The Art of the Insult

ElvisWorld: Karate and Eastern Mind/Body Mastery

Subjectivity: it’s a matter of opinion

The World of Computers

EarthWorld: Elvis and Aliens

Presley Pictures: Elvis between a Good and a Bad Girl Threeway

GenderWorld: Penis Anxiety

Reality Check: Computers

The Stupid Smart Types

Shut In Stand Up: the grocery store trip

God’s Glory Hole

The Humiliation of Victim to Super Victim

MusicWorld: Who Wore it Better?

The Common Wealth is the environment

80s Movies: Kevin Bacon

TerrorWatch: North American Conservatives

ElvisWorld: Anita Wood

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

Presley Pictures: Co-Starring Cougars

RAmen: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

What is Idolatry if not idleness?

ElvisWorld: Hound Dogs

O Canada, eh?

QueerWorld: Celebrity Tourists

ElvisWorld: Caught in a Trap

ElvisWorld: Superfan Gary Pepper’s Collection

ElvisWorld: Dean Martin

G.I.s Go Homeless

Jippi G.I. Ho Jihad: For Payday or For God?

Stargazing: Astronomy, Astrology and Elvis

ElvisWorld: James Dean

Int.Womens.Day: Marion Keisker

International Women’s Day History: Viking Edition

Drugs: religion vs rocknroll

This is why it takes a village to raise a child

The Law and Order Agenda

WorkForce: The Multiple Generational Workforce

Roman Circusi: The Modern Era

From Cult to Religion Case Study: From Many to One: Christendom

WorkWorld: Equal Pay for Equalish Work

ElvisWorld: Meta Impersonation

Presley Pictures: Dolores Hart vs Joan Blackman

Presley Pictures: Co-Starring Ursula Andrews

Presley Pictures: Co-starring Shelly Fabres

The Security Industry’s Nightmare: Hobbyists and Fame Seekers

SMDB 101: The Junior Edition

Culturalocide vs Genocide

The Business of Business

Presley Pictures: Easy Come Easy Go

We never learn… turn turn turn

Presley Pictures: Flaming Star vs Stay Away Joe

Separation of Church and State – Paid Holidays

ElvisWorlds – Soundtracks

Unvarnished Honesty or Tact?

ElvisWorld: Science Fiction

ElvisWorld: The Elvis-Battlestar Galactica Connection

TheocracyWatch: Canada, eh? Edition

ReligionWatch: India Edition

Science – Why Accounting for Bias is Critical

All Social Movements Owe Each Other

The Social Cost of Discrimination is Communities

Rats demand Black Plague Slur Compensation – plus end to Laboratories

TerrorismWatch: Canada’s Quebec Separatist Movement

Millennials Outnumber Boomers in Canada, eh?

The Conservative Science Hypocrisy

Conservatives: into Tradition but not so much people

ReligionWatch: Dressing for state occasions

RacismWorld: Elvis in Texas

Authority vs Authoritative

Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony

ElvisWorld: Elvis in the 80s

CanadaWatch: Security Bill C-51

Dear Nestle: you can’t have the water

ElvisWorld: Plush Toys are always needed

The Public – Health and Safety thereof

Marriage: The New Threeway

ElvisWorld: Pink Shirt Day

MusicWorld: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Elvis Actors: Kurt Russell vs Michael St Gerard

The Elvis Archetype

P4: People, Profits, Prophets and Potluck

The Fucked Files: Porch Faggots

Jesus Chat with Bill Flavell

Anti-Vaxxer Venom: the power of cognitive dissonance

I see Stupid People

Understanding Statistics: Averages vs Outlier Extremes

Tabloid World: Elvis on the cover increases sales 10%

Canada Declassified: Doomsday Cults

Weird Wide Web: ElvisWorld

Random Ntrygg Archives: Separation of State and Church/Corporations

50 Shades of the same old same old

Understanding Criminal Acts vs Terror Actions

Climate Changes: Averages vs Extremes

Elvis World – Depression is as Depression Does

Passionate Passions: Learn Self Control People

Offense Sensitivity

BabbleWatch: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

MusicWorld: RIP Lesley Gore

Which Media Matters?

Clarifying the Haze: terrorists vs criminals

The Heart Beats: Lust, Love, Loss

Understanding Porn 101

Reacting in Relationship

What is the Harm of Religion?

Dear Templeton Foundation re: merging religion and science

Words are rarely only the word

CultureWatch: North America/United States of America

The W3 Files: W-Wh-What?

The Means Files: Happy Darwin Day

The Y Files: Well…Because

Communities vs Individuals

MetaMedia: The Fuck You Anti-Vaxxers Baby

Statistics vs People

Who’s Who of Celebritydom: Fame is fleeting and Fortune is relative

Prisoner Rights n Romance: Charles Manson

EvolutionWatch: Amish and Autism

ReligionWatch: USA Edition

RelgionWatch: Abrahamic/Christian 2.0/Christian Scientist   Val Kilmer

ElvisWorld: RIP Lizabeth Scott

Sovereignty: The personal vs The Political

ReligionWatch: Buddhist Mummies

TerrorWatch: Canada Edition, eh?

Fey Fairies and Folk Tales: People Power

Poly-Social Issues: When reality strikes

PopPopPop Culture: Olivia Newton-John

ElvisWorld: Kathy Westmoreland

Religion + Retard = Religitarded

The Answer is Highways

Godbottery: Islam Edition

Religion and it’s Brutal Reality

Epic Failures: Multi-culturalism

White: see also; Rights; Entitlements — When White Makes Right

King Me

Science: see also: Actual Science; PsuedoScience; Religious Sciencese

PharmaWatch: Ativan

Gun Control vs Self Control

Honouring the Ancestors

Traumatizing Veterans

Understanding Micro Evolution in a Macro World

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

ElvisWorld: The Elvis Offspring

Elvis Presley’s Global Legacy

ReligionWatch: Elvis Presley

Lezflirt: Connecting to others via media: Elvis Edition

Abusive Workplace Cultures: The Human Cost

Capitalism vs Corporate Citizenship

The Human Core

Cold Cases: Lizzie Borden

Presley Pictures: A Political Reading

The Morning Comics

CanCon Op-Ed: Euthanasia aka Death With Dignity

Psyche 101: Understanding Oppression

ReligionWatch: Canada Charities vs Canada Revenue Agency

ElvisBooks: The Trash Trilogy

Rock n Roll; see also – sex

OfficeWorld: Understanding the Closet

Gawd Warriors

Hawaii: From a Queen to a King

Musicworld: The Elvis Presley defining song

Oh CanaDUH: Human Rights, eh?

Psst..Do You Wanna Know The Secret?

Musicworld: the Presley Family

Musicworld: The Williams Family

Popetarded: The Preacher or the Pulpit?

Canada Conservative Politics: The Campbell Brand

Genocide is as Genocide does

The Throne Awaits a King

Dear Bear Family Records: Sissyman Blues

Harassment – A Gender Guide

ElvisWorld: the Sacred Spaces; Hawaii

ReligionWatch: Let’s Talk About Reductability…

Alt.Medicine: Dried Poacher Testicles cures AIDs

Dalhousie Drops a bomb

RockStar 101: The Elvis Career Phases

The Purpose of Humour and Humor

Angles on Je Suis Charlie

Violence is as Violence Does

Elvis Fandemonium vs BeatleMania

Comfort Foods: Elvis Presley Banana Puddings

Je Suis Charlie

MusicWorld: Is this Kanye West’s Milli Vanille Moment?

Hey Hey Ho Ho – Bill Cosby has gotta Go

Elvis: Force and Impact Zones

Politics: A Life – Whatever Became of……

CanPolitics: From Veterans to Soldiers?

CivConcepts: Religion

Net Posting 101: How to Recognize a Poe

Slaves vs Free Men

Presley Pictures: Sitcom Queens

Dear Universe: introducing ElvisWorld!

StageWear: Elvis vs Liberace

Society: Class vs Classless

Method vs Mirth: Unintended Consequence

ScienceWorld: The Piltdown Hoaxer

One World Solutions

Fence Sitting: There and Back Again?

ReligionWatch: Canada’s Federal Department of Religious Freedom

Brains: using them or losing them

Elvisworld: Woulda Shoulda Coulda

History: How we know what we know

Song off – Hound Dog: Big Mama vs Elvis

ElvisWorld: The Lost Weekend with Tricky Dick

Canada: Aboriginal Inquiry or actual action?

CanCon Politics: Justin Trudeau – in American Eyes…

America: land of no more kings?

Elvisworld: Priscilla is his ex-wife – not his widow

Bridging the POV Gap: let’s talk about PRIVLEDGE

Legislative Frameworks: Booze, Guns and Weed

Why Greed is not good

Gay being rare is bull

The unreality of politics – the why of history

Why stunts are not science

Pirate Cove: Elvis’ Christian Recordings

December 10 – Happy Legal Fabrication Day

Statuary: By the Conqueror or by the Conquered?

Media Musings: Touching Princess Parasite

MusicWorld: Sinatra vs Lennon

The gender communication divide

The starkest black and white divide: STUPIDITY

MusicWorld: The Holy Grail of Rock n Roll

Understanding the Claim vs the Claimant


Speech: Freedom of; Expression; Right — see also: responsibility

The Wahm-bulance Files: James Watson

Mutatability the engine of evolution

RockWorld: Leningrad Cowboys

Police: Militarization and Legalizese

Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks

Elvis vs Tom Jones

Dear Big Pharma: about Accountability

Canada vs Russia

Freddie Mercury: 23 years ago…

Wild West Test: The Gender Divide

Religion and pedophilia: Correlation or Connection?

Veterans Affairs Canada: Surplus vs Pittance

The gender gap of clothes

Mz M: You Ain’t Divine

Troops vs Vetrans

GrlPwr: Brigette DePape

Something about stingers in tongues or tails…

When Steers are Queers: A tale of 2 bulls

Democracy: PM Stephen Harper’s sliding scale

Elvis Lives Again – he will technorise!

Freedom of Speech and/or Expression

Queerworld: Leslie Feinberg

Elvi$world: a Trilogy

ZPG: Population Matters Globally

Sex for pleasure rather than procreation? Wot a concept

Who’s Sorry Now? Sexism Abounds

GMOmes: Science Sounder than the Dollar Pinching Practises

Canada v China: Human Rights or Religion Rites?

The Harrassment Story: The villian, the victim, the hero bystander

Rockworld: Elvis’ Burning Love vs Chuck’s Ding-A-Ling

O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General

The Dark Side of Sex: Can You Understand “Consent”?

ReligionWatch: All or None

What is Said vs What is Understood

MusicWorld: Bear Family Records

The Politics of Press: Press v Politics

Western Civ: Depression is the New Normal

Faces more than eyes, mirror the person

Paranoid Ponderables: GMOs to Zombie-Os

ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

ElvisWorld: Elvis’ 1956 Iconic Shutterbug Clicks Out

FSM: Vancouver Pride Uncover Christian

VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

Social Contagions: Shooters vs Suicides

Calmmongering: Where do the majority of Pyschopaths Dwell?

Clues for the Clueless

Dear Gov Conspiracy Theorists: a Clue

Rock n Riot: Bill Halley rocking time

Oh Canada…lockdown

Elvis – Thats the Way It Is vs The Way it Was

Gamerworld: Sexism and other discrimination

ZAing The 80s

Teensploitation Reviews: River’s Edge

Sexism 101 – Gamer Gate

Presley Pictures: Hick Elvis and other stereotypes

Religionwatch: Falun Gong

The gender gap post

Real vs Digital Real

What’s with “Fun Phobics”?

Missing Women

Q Files: Gillian Anderson comes out as bisexual?

Above the horizon events

Western Worries: What turns a middle class kid to foriegn alligance

Elvis did it first: the best friend’s Girl

Elvis did it first: Relax

Earth: scope and scale

Because one life as a parasite isn’t enough?

Chaos Theory: Sea Monkey Power

StarTrekverse: Understanding White Male Priveledge

User Friendly: conceptualized

Conceptualizing: Emotional Intelligence

Modesty: Oppressed vs consentual discrimination

Where is Godzilla when we need him?

Conceptualizing: Employee vs Position

Space Race: India to Mars!

Celebrating Banned Book Week: Little Sister’s Art & Book Emporium tribute

Eco-Views: Pine Beetles deforesting British Columbia

Eco-Views: Fish Farming should be INLAND

Obama wrong about religion

Little Sister’s loses Jim Deva

Movies vs Mental Health

Brainworld: The Stigma of Mental Health Decline

Networld: Spammers

Musicworld: The evolution of Boy Bands

Dykeworld: Alison Bechdel wins MacArthur Foundation ‘genius’ grant

Athiestworld: Dear Dick Dawkins STFU

Book Review: Elvis & Ginger

The More You Know! Jesus Edition

Queen with a View

BibleWorld: The Earth View

With All Respect Due to Mark Twain

Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

Climate and Changes

Hail Satan

Presley Pictures: Costume and Period Pieces

Rockverse: The Teenaged Lovers

Speaking Truth to Power

Ripperology: Case Closed 125 later?

Depression: Personal Grooming and Care Taking

Musicverse: Nat King Cole

Calling all Johns

The Viking Elvis: Pim Maas

Civilization: a reboot and re-think

Just 2 people

Contemplating Joan Rivers

Vikings: Warriors and ShieldMaidens

Religionwatch: The motivational Industry

Mensche Fail: Wiesel the Weasel

Elvisworld: Was Elvis agoraphobic?

Emergencies: Building Evacuations

Xenafied: Understanding Subtext

Godworld: Jesus vs Elvis Presley

Oh Canaduh! Ukrainian Detainment

Earthview: The next wave in food

There are many kinds of prisons

Star Trekking Mental Health

Book Review: FSM Gospel

80s SciFi: V from miniseries to series and reboot

Elvis in TV Land

Music: from radio to live to digital

Dear Pope: Vatican Sex Crimes

Beatleverse: 50 years ago today – Empire Stadium Rocked

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Bigotry vs Prejudice

Elvis the metrosexual fashionista

Elvis on social wrongs and politics

Musicland: Elvis Presley vs Johnny Cash

RnR: Elvis vs Buddy Holly

RnR: Elvis vs Roy Orbison

Elvisverse: Elvis and Larry Geller

Book Review: Elvis, Hank and Me

Science is a process

The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

The Nature of Force

The cycle of the ages

RnR: Elvis and Little Richard

Elvis: The Final Curtain – The Raw Recovery Review

happy elvis death day


Vikings made it to Tennessee

RnR: Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley

Odes to Masturbation: Dirty Ditties

Elvisworld: Television Commericals

GrrlPwr: Annie Oakley

ZA Subjective Views: Is Israel Real?

CanCon: Bountiful BC – Charges 2.0

The Reality of Gamering

Na no na no – Robin Williams

Jokes: Why Humour is Subjective

A Chick named Nellie Bly

Comparative Victimhood

Elvisverse: Elvis and Lamar Fike

Elvisverse: Elvis and Charlie Hodge

Stephen Harper vs Women

Elvisworld: Elvis v Punk

Liberty and Guns

Media Analysis – Elvisfied!

Happy Pride Parade Vancouver

1969: Moon Landing, Woodstock and Elvis Live

History Channel’s Lost Worlds

Who is the best Elvis Impersonator?

Elvis Fandom Funnies

What a difference the decade makes, eh?

Talking to Godbots: The Horror

Pubic v Private: Scope of reputation

Demographic Ironies – China, Canada and Indigenous Peoples, eh?

Elvisworld: The essential 5 original releases

Thor, Disney and Drag

Queermunity Memories: When Celebs started coming out

kd lang-o-liciscious

Elvis and food

Disaster United

Presley Pictures: Lonesome Cowboy

Hot Docs: Elvis The Alpha/Omega Performer

Presley Picture: Performing Elvis

Presley Pictures: Speed Racer

Presley Pictures: The Military Movies

Presley Pictures: The 50s Four

Attack of the Killer Tomatos

Esso Assholes

Why Elvis is better than religion

The facebook experiement

Rudeness is a matter of perspective

The Canadian War on Queers

Canada Day 2014


Remember The Francis Street Incident: Vancouver 1991

Impersonators vs Tribute Artists  (Elvis)

Writing vs Writers

Reflections upon Reflections

A little less evil in the world today

Dallas and Knots Landing

Student DJs Daze: The Cowboy Junkies

Who is the Gay Elvis? Freddie vs Adam

King Covers: Elvis vs Ral Donner

Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

Not The Tories: They are C-CRAP

Women Divided

The drug problem

The Eternal Elvis Connection

True confessions of a Satanist?

The High School Jocks vs Punk Story

Why Indeed?

Symbols of Authority: Hobby or Fetish

RIP Shirley Temple Black

Elvisworld: Schmelvis

Gagging: The Canadian Hat Trick Joke Structure

Daily Elvis Tantalizers: Bossa Nova Baby

The UK-OFF: The Beatles Blowback 80s edition

Lessons to be Re-Learned from Heenan Blaikie

Raw Recovery Specialist: Retractions aka errors and omissions

Elvisworld: Feb 6

Viral Videos.. the impact of social media on the Criminal Justice system

Spot the Difference

The Day the Music Died

Elvis and Suicide/Murder

Henrietta Lacks aka HeLa Cells

Congrats to Vicki Wagner – Users Choice Award Winning Producer

The “I had a happy childhood” meme

Compassion or Collapse

Elvis and the Women of Blues

Airband started before the 1980s

Amazing Voices: Sam Cooke

Triggering Happy memories: Long Term Memory Storage recall/recollect

Memorable Concerts: The Two Nice Girls

Song Off: Newton v Newton-John

Rock Star: Concerts vs Event Concerts

The Penguin Party

80s Music Therapy: Frankie Says RELAX

Something to look forward to: Muppet Movie

Chilling in the Cali-Verse

Elvis: more Canadian than American, eh?


Mental Health, Humour and Religion

Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

Clockwork Banana by Kevin Karstens

Kirk “Cocoa Puffs” Cameron

Beatles BlowBack: Duran Duran v. INXS

Sports: the Double Smock View

IHOP’s new menu format

Superbugs: Gone or Going Uber?

Canada’s Olympic Sweetheart: Karen Magnussen vs Worker’s Compensation

Marlboro Man butts out

Artist Support Shared: Roy Zimmerman

National Handwriting Day

Teller Machines

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day

Live Time Internet Events

Why Companies May Not Cherry Pick the Public

“Cryability” the ability and the inspiration relation recognition

Alexandria 2.0: Canada’s Government Libraries

Raw Recovery Specialist: How to Diffuse PTSD triggers

Penalty Box for the Death Penalty

Easter Island cut off it’s own head

80s music: Therapy You can dance to

TV Made Me…

Pesticides are hormone disrupters. Guess What?

When meme collide

Volunteering for Community groups – Master Class

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

A Peer Amid

The Elv-erse: Elvis vs Pat Boone

Raw Recovery Specialist: Inner and Outer Voices

Congratulations India for eradicating polio

Volcanoes a personal interest story

Lezzie Bruce on the NSA

Will Canada’s Immigration and Refugee be processing Americans soon?

Religion: drinking or sipping the koolaid?

Elvisverse: Aloha World

New to the Blogroll: The Great Anti-Vaxxer Debunk

GamerGoodness: Lords of the Realm

Suspect Mail and Packages Indentifiers

Changing Genres

Vibrations good and bad

Preventing Violence with your life

Awarding Gender

Canada’s Elvis

Want to improve health? wash your hands

Culture Shock – an ONJ album track

Printable Houses

Collector Tales: The Electric Company

Aliens and The Drake Equation

Walking in Memphis: Cher as Elvis!

The Beatles Blow Back: Bee Gees

Xena fandom

The Last Temptation of Elvis

The French Elvis: Johnny Hallyday

South America’s Elvis: Enrique Guzman

‘Splain to the 1950s

If we all turned purple, we could end homophobia

Grand Ole Opry Saga: Hank Snow

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Lily Tomlin marries Jane Wagner

Elvis and drugs

From Nina’s Nonsense to Heathers

Who’s Your Meme Daddy?

So… dragons, eh?

Food vs FoodProducts

Elvisverse: new 50s concert footage

Raw Recovery Specialist: Self Recognition

The Double Double Standard

Gamers: Nuclear Winter

Raw Recovery ShowVerse: Xena The Warrior Princess

Movie Review: History of the World, Part 1

RocknVerse: RIP Phil Everly

GeekyGoodness: D&D and DS9!

No fun in fundamentalism

Feminism: Because we are not there yet, baby.

The Battlestar Galactica a shot for a shot drinking game

Elvis and Red West

SciFiVerse: 1970s Battlestar Galactica

Geeky Goodness Blogroll: Despair Inc

Blogging the dirt

Being Born a Woman

Elvis vs Olivia Newton John

Raw Recovery Books: A Romanov Fantasy

Elvising in the New Year

What is Royal Really?

Obscurity is cultural relativity

Life Lessons from a Movie About Life

Of Emps and Pyres

Sacred Geometry is about symmetry

A tale of two henges

Elvis Fandom: A trilogy

ScienceWorld: Neanderthals gave us Diabetes type 2?

SciFiVerse: happy birthday to Nichelle Nichols

Elvis and Sonny West

Freeing Speech

the hour of tv that could save your life

Elvis World: Rare Photo

Mad about Marga!

Shredding the Shroud

Beowulf: represent

Because Nina is the Barmaid

Advertising vs Lobbying: is there a meaningful difference?

The Canadian War on Queers

Feirce Fey Folk

Water water everywhere all too fracked to drink

AnthroWorld Shocker: Dian Fossey a Martyr

Servants to the Cause

Equality is Rated E for Everyone

A-Ha: ABBA 2.0

Pretty Paper: the Xmas Protest Song

Canada legalizes selling sex

Elvis’ Impersonal Life

Frogs, bears and bees! Oh My

Wading in on Megyn Kelly

The Lessons of Russian Foxes

Judy Blooms Readers

A week of RIPS

The Iceman Cometh… or did he?

The only song Elvis had banned from Canada radio


Unlocking the Great Pyramid

ABBA vs Elvis

CanCon Pridelets: The Lesbian Avengers, Vancouver BC Chapter

My year in review, according to Facebook

Myths and Legends

Remembering Aimee and Jaguar

Snow in Cairo

ElvisWorld: Books to look out for

Word of the Day: Affluenza

Immortalized in Stone

Battered Women entitled to murder?

CanCon Pridelets: The December 9 Coalition

Intelligence and Honesty

Human Rights, wot a concept

Media Madness: Pope Time

Stacking Up Leaders

Justice Robes vs Hoodie

Rock & Tony vs Elvis & Bill

Meet 3 of the great apes


From ancients to civs to global infrastructure

Lamenting Lamarck

Elvis was the Hillbilly Cat, But Freddie had cats

Eyjafjallajökull might have bought us some cooling time

Goodbye Springman’s Hello Langley Fiat!

Elvis is Everywhere

Remembering the Slain, not the murderer

Mr Universe: Today’s Relatable Character

One of these days – right to the moon!

Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World

ElvisWorld: The Million Dollar Quartet

Recovery Movies: The PhantomTollboth

British Culture

ElvisWorld! Singer Present Elvis aka The Comeback Special

Word of the day: Misanthrope

I must not…fear

Gamer Goodness: The Fallout Franchise

Realizing The Reality

Elvisworld: Green Green Grass of Home

Hypocrisy: see Pope

Recognizing Quackery

T-Rex controversies: soft tissue and the big one…..

Home Preparedness: Portable Power

Science Fiction and other truths

Freddie Mercury

Cali calls out the bullies

Of Myths and Legends

Save the Red Robinson Theatre

Elvis World: The Killer

Can you say “Cargo Cult”?

ElvisWorld: The Hawaii Press Conference

We lose to the bugs

Writer Chat: Memes with Kevin Karstens

Who is King DJ?

Communicating with Communication

Brains: Plug n Play

Sally let it Ride

The Government and The Tryggvasons

Viral Stunt Attempts

..it wasn’t kool aid… it was grape drink….

Stephen Harper is not a Star Trek Fan

Making A Difference

Writer Chat: Evolution

Godchecker returns to the Blogroll


Pip Pip Pip for Pitman!

Ragna Rock it!

A nod to the father of blogging: Samuel Pepys

Tesla: How a meme is created

Hearing and Listening: the Difference

Making Garbage

Shower Savings

Give Us This Day – November 15 – Our Daily Elvis

Facebook is making me paranoid

The reality of real

Andy Kaufman: if anyone would have….

Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock

Featured Artist: Vicki Wagner

Emergency House Kits: Wind Up Radio

Wildlife needs the wild

My fave Patsy Cline Song

Elvis World From SUN to RCA

CanCon: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Practised Detachment

ElvisWorld: Wild In the Country The first cougar movie?

Vicki Wagner is number ONE of 100!

The Mormon underside of Battlestar Galactica

Tech Away the Housing Crisis

Star Trek: The Future Is Inclusive

Star Trek is Upon Us

Dear Rob Ford

The banana joke

The Zeitgeist Movements

Drac Actors

Marcia Wallace memories

Mental Health Trending

Putting Fears into Perspective

Folk Tales are about folks.

Reuse, Recyle and Repurpose

Cow farts and Global Warming

The 80s as to the 50s

Our Daily Elvis: Glasses

The third dimension

Lessons from Mars

If I could coffee with anyone: Albert Brooks


Nina’s No Good Fucked Up – Make it a teaching day posts:

Our Daily Elvis: Tech Gadget History

Money for nothing

Phobias can be room specific

Nina Reads! Boomer Railroad Memories

The 9 to 5 Blues

Nina Reads! The Trials of Lenny Bruce

The Problem of False Positives when Pattern Seeking

Proof of Canadian Status

Allow me to explain something about Iceland:

Lego at the Mall

three of 13 things that do not make sense

Sadly, no longer only in America

Shower thoughts

Evergreen, eh?

Touched by Love

Food and Comfort

For the Non/Conspirationally Inclined, both at the same time?

Does these mean catalog burnings?

Techversations: Conceptive Generalizing

Columbus can Suck It

Rockabilly through Punk to Rap

From Commercial to sitcom: Cavemen

The K-Tel Record that Rhino Needs to Do: The Teenage Maudlin Laments

Remember when stars were stars?

King Contender Featurettes! Eddie Cochran

Hello & Goodbye to the Big Bopper

Religion is a Pyramid Scheme

Ritchie Valens and rocking it folk style

Letters from a Skeptic, revisited

Come out Come out whereever you are

X-Men: From Magneto to Storm

Sexing Up Diabeties Awareness with Mary Tyler Moore

From Ms to Miss

Domestic Divaspirations: Peg Bracken

Musicial enjoyment

Elvis and Peter Parker – Love Child?

Particular Particles: The Metaness of Comparative Comedy

Looking to the stars

Showgirls…..hey… it was only $5

Hello World, my name is Nina

Users and Accessibility

Shattering Utopia and other myths

Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

The original Girlfriends breast cancer spread

Disease and Identity

The Boy Who Dared to Rock

B Sides

Nina’s Nonsense – the High School Article

I was raised a reader

Pastafarians for Equality!

Oh Canada: The Op/Ed Manifesto

The art of the sale

Personal Anxieties become Social Anxieties

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance

Banned Books Week

Nina’s Comics

The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley

The Worlds Problems in Micro: The Mall

The Elvis Ripple

Craving a Game: The Outing!

Blog to Live, Live to Blog

Traffic Safety Day with Elvis

Fusion Foods – taste and textures

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

understanding reality through gaming

Cartoon Review: Cathy

Happy Pirate Day 2013

Why Conservatives are the status quo to overcome

From a family of blockade runners

Agoraphobic Ponderable Lie-In

A Gamer Recovery

Lister’s Cold

Preparing For Emergencies

Shaggy Dog Tails

The Reality Meme

Memeable Me

Transylvanian Traditions: The Bakery Edition

The Language of Lobbyists

Used to…when used to be do not count anymore

The Song that made Elvis the longest hit maker span

Pink Power

The Ohhhhh Canada Segment.

Betty Crocker: Everywoman

Buddy Raves On

Community Garden in the Davie Gay Village

Future Forecasting

Dick Dawkins

The Kathy Griffin Post – 1.0

Making Global Mudpies

Happiest Nations

Elvis On Childhood Dreams

Viking Games

Nina Reads! At Home On The Stroll

Rainbow World: Leonard on Time

Elvisworld: @ Ceasar’s with Tom Jones

Geeking It

Facepalm Quebec

One Ape To mimick them all

Yesterday’s Stormy Weather


The Electric Slide that can save your life

Not.Just.Saying, eh?

The stories we tell ourselves

Doc Pitch: SNIP

we really could feed the world

Playing with speeds

Looney for Lucy

Understanding the World

Coming Posts!

Getting the Monkey off your Back

Life is about the watering hole

Labour Day is Accomplishment Day

Our Daily Elvis – It’s Midnight the Listen Cilla Version

Marriage and Equality

Elvis at Empire Stadium – Our Daily Elvis

Career History: Door to Door Sales

The Muse of Inspiration

Fave Business feature: Honeybee Centre

Don’t Shine on Me

Good Grief

If I can Dream

TV Review: Dark Ages



Substantiating the Transitive

The plain truth and nothing but

Give Us Today The Laughing Version

About the birds and Cats

The Truth About Elvis

Suffering Suffragettes, eh?

Sad day for music: Linda Ronstadt has lost her voice

Raw Recovery: No Nutrition Panel Needed

Book Review: A Romanov Fantasy

Calling for adult legislation – Legalize Weed

Horror: Simplified

Rah Rah Rasputin….

TV Role Models: Dick Solomon – 3rd Rock from the Sun

Be Sensible, British Columbia and show Canada

For the hatrick: SCORE ME:

Elvis and Bob Dylan

Happy Birthday Patrick Swayze, with Love from Julie Newmar

Facebook Timeline connects dots

The Honest Con Artist

Context is King

Creature Feature: Homo Sapiens

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2

Happy Elvis Death Day – Jailhouse Rock

The Elvis Cover Up – 20/20 and hindsight

August 15, 1977 The Last Elvis photo

Honestly: Why are there still straight people?

Elvis World: Remembering Gladys Love Presley

Sunshine: The Best Santizer

Elvisworld: One of the Short Haired Bullies

Happy Elvis Death Day – The Holiday Explained

Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2 – Are You Lonesome Tonight

Canada and Equality

Elvis Complete Masters

Being Close to your Heros

Why we can’t work and play well together

Happy Elvis Death Day Contest Winner #1 Jailhouse Rock

A facebook Timeline Slice

The Olympics are a failure across the board

When Promises are just words

History is hoaxes or propaganda?

Clue Meter Reading Zero


Vancouver fave Places: Science World

Happy Elvis Death Day Contest

Lessons from the Space Program

To Russia, with Love

Blues Women of the Apocalypse

Flashbacks  – 1970s

A Geeky Example

March of the Thinking Caps

The Daily Elvis Review

Book Review: Elvis Presley Boulevard

Mother Nature

How does Elvis at Stax, Stack Up?

Facebook Featured: Help Stop Abuse on Women

Heart to Heart

Too Young to Go (Jon-Erik Hexum)

Gold that stays?      Where Indeed?

ElvisWorld – Bodyguard Book Day

An Agent of Change

Music Review: Abba The Complete Studio Recordings

From Vampires to Vamps to Vapid

The Family Tree has many branches

Note to Self/Re: visibility

King Me – Happy Elvis Death Day Song Contest

Whole in 1: The Social Cycle Generational overturn

RHPS – The Floor Show

Stats Can still can’t count?

The Consensus Project: Newest Blogroll Link

Today in Elvis World: Tupelo’s Own!

Canada’s Suzie Orman: Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Smart Contest

The Holidays of the Elvis Calender

Vancouver’s Gay Village just got gayer!

Poe’s Law vs Confirmation Bias

Online Godbot Bullies

…To the Ridiculous.

From the Sublime…

Deconstructing Decomposition

Not much news is good news

Social Sexuality

Executive Summary

Lizzie Borden

Pattern Recognition vs Random Chance

How Elvis ruined society

There is less than 1% genetic diversity in homo sapiens. Viva La Difference

The Game of Life

The View of Vancouver From Surrey…

Sun Records and Elvis

All I hear is Paul Lynde – On Spanking

Greening the City Scape

Pondering Life…

In a manner of speaking


Thinking of the Children

Insights about Insite – The personal cost of drug abuse and stigma – celebs who’s deaths make a difference

Medical Systems: A Canada – US Comparison


Women tend toward flexuality

Nina’s Collary to Poe’s Law

Today’s Word: -Ebos; variations: Pla- and No-

I’d like to Coach the World to work and play well together

Meanwhile …. In Iceland

Writer Chat 121 with Donna Barr – changing the climate

Dear George Lucas  with luv

A land without a King

Change Yourself, Change the World

Little Sister’s Vs Big Brother

The Law is for protection of what people?

Canada Census and Queers

People who need People

Can’t think in this heat

Nature and Nurture: herd heredity and family genetics

Something About Cake and eating it too

Kissing Diseases

Give us this day June 26 our daily Elvis

Does today feel like Footloose to anyone else?

When the political becomes personal

How does one avoid paranoia?

Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

The Gospel of Rock n Roll

The Legal System is a social fiction in and of itself

RE:thinking Canada

What is in everyone’s interests

Climate runs hot and cold

Seeing Brightly from the dark

Social Sexuality: A Gender Primer

Speed way to silliness

Seeing Brightly: Greed is Not Good

Grrrl Geeks

America’s favorite on Sun

For Better or For Worse

Olympics: When the Jock/Smock Line Blurs

It gets better is not just a project. It’s a promise

People come in all shapes and sizes

Sexuality in Society – Sex and self esteem

The human cost of bad governance

The “no True Scotsman” rides again

Friends to Chosen Family to Family

Equality is Recognition of Commonalities

News should generate discussion with impact


Girls Girls Girls


Elvis World.. books and Biopics

What’s on my mind facebook?

Corporate and Political Behaviors have consequences

Douglas Adams and Towel Day

Coke Comes Clean

Elvis and Priscilla

Love Finds It’s Own Level…Like Water

Druidry in the Hood

Elvis in the Movies

Harvey Milk Day

Preparedness: Epi2Pan-Demics is not academics anymore

Ghetto to Ghetto

Repairing the social fabric

Managing with Monkeys – Elvis and Lamar Fike

Changing Climate Impacts

Zero Sum Conversations are so repetitive…

Elvis on BluRay: Love Me Tender

How Writing (and reliving memories) affects the brain

Nurturing Nature

Aloha Elvis…. Aloha

Memes of Me

What a Day Might Bring

The Changing Climate

Elvis @ Stax

The political becomes personal

Perception shapes reality – Freddie Mercury – Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

The power of multiculturalism

Love Child – The Presley Paternity Case


When Elvis came to town…

Art by numbers

Student Tips on Notetaking

Uneasy lays the head that wears a crown

Countering The Dark Side of ForceMay 4th Be With You

martyr messages

Once more with feelings

Never felt more like singing the blues

Being Elvis …

Canadian Comedies

ElvisWorld: Bill Black


Rock n Royality

Job Interviews: the Task Priority Question

P3: Politics, Poetry and Philosophy

ElvisVerse: TV Guest Star

Noises by Nina – Elvis on Tour

Beach Movies and Driftwood

Overcoming Inertia? Encouragement Sparks It

Humans are a rainbow tribe

Viva Las Vegas

Buying Elvis Books: An Ethical and Credibility Guide

Elvis Showmances

Lucy Lawless: Fan Tribulations

Ti Kwan Leap

Thinkin’ ’bout Elvis

Fame and Fortune

RIP: Rita MacNeil

Humour – it lifts and separates

Life: any way you slice it, there’s something funny

If I were King…

1 Person Can Make A Difference

A New Deal Social Contract is needed Canada

Social Media as a broadcast medium

What’s the Harm?

Ninabot: sometimes it’s about going through the motions

Elvis In Books

From Bigotry to Discrimination

We are in this world together

Elvis:  Is that all there is?

Gaia: Understanding Planet Management

Space Cowboys

A physical media history of audio recordings   Noises by Nina! featurette

Life in the universe

Dreams – MLK – April 4th

Conservatives are the status quo to overcome

Congratulations to Uruguay – equality for everyone

Lez Geek

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless and to all warrior women

Shredding the Shroud: Authenticity

The Righteous: no heart, no brain, no courage

Heart Failure

Elvis: A Unisex Role Model

Purity: is anything else as corruptable?

Dicing for Deeds

BuzzWords that matter: Sustainability

O No Canada, eh?


Speaking Truth to Power 101

Expanding boundaries and discovering limitations

The Comeback King

Women in Media Space

The Hayride and Elvis & June

Shopping for a world view in the marketplace of ideas

Great White Sharks: From Reel to Real… Ocean Conservation needs to be a reality

Happy Pi Day

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Rights

From Vampyre to Vampire to Vamps

ElvisWorld Spotlight: Eddie Fadal – the Texas DJ

“controversy” is not righteous indignation

The Human Side – Elvis and charity – role modelling

What the heck is “CanCon” anyway?

Pirate Corner: Elvis’ Greatest Shit! ~ featurette: The Beach Movies

Obscenity vs Blasphemy

All the world’s a stage – for 15 minutes

RIP Stomping Tom Conners

Thank you Gaia

International Women’s Day 2013


before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star (80s : 50s)

The Elvis Formula Travelog

Movie Review: Love Me Tender

The Elvis Picture – sub category – social injustice

Hope Struggle and Change

Women: A Herstory

Who should the king have married?

Movie Review: Change of Habit

Canada’s Elvis – kd lang

Nothing Thrives in Captivity

The Karate King

One Day at a Time – RIP Bonnie Franklin

Imagine Peace – All Over the World

Getting the story right

I forgot to work in an Elvis reference

Profound Experiences

Random Connections

Equality is a global quest – for everyone –

Debunking: A Brief History

Grease is the Word

Rock n Roll is here to stay

Myths and Busting Them

stories we tell ourselves

Middle class problems

Digitalhood Peeps

Depression – symptoms and side effects – The King is Dead, Long Live the King

CanCon! Canadian Films and Industry

Witches got dunked, Believers Debunked

WTF is facebook doing now?

Elvis in Hollywood

1 asteroid + 2 meteors = Zombie Apocalypse

Theories are explanations, not guesses or opinions

Hope struggle and change

Valentines Theme Song

Does It pay to Advertise in the Big Picture?

The Environment is our Habitat

If the Good is great

Individuals for the Greater Good

Peter Principle: You will be promoted to your hightest level of incompetance

Modern Inquisitions

Rating Codes

if Context is King, what pomp is circumspect?

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

Elvis World Spotlight: Terri Garr

Ordinary Heroes of the Middle Class

The Day the Music Died

Needless repetition

Greensleeves – seriously won’t listen to that the same way again

Sex: the source of our power and insecurities

I understand why parents worry about having queer offspring

Claims and Observations

Happy 45th Birthday, Lisa Marie Presley

Inquisitive Minds vs Inquisition Minds

Follow that Dream – FTD Collector Label Releases

we are all one

between how it should be and how it is cognitive dissonance

Ode to Gaia

Role Modelling

How William Shatner Changed the World

reality is not subjective

evolution to revolution

Elvis and Lisa Marie

Urban Mythbusting: Work – Life Balance

Stranger Danger

Worrying your pretty little head

A Warmer Sun

This is Elvis

Alternative Versions

A Sides and B Sides

Impersonation: the sincerest form of flattery

World Realities: new vs old

Elvis’ Banana Pudding

Beauty and Humour stem from pain

Marion Zimmer Bradley – why not to meet your heros

Something in the way

Aloha Elvis

“We the people” are peasants

Silence is neither sweet nor golden


In and out – society shakes us all about

Unsocial media

Transformation Chrysalist

Change (warning 9/11 sensitivities will be offended)

This is why the personal is political

Seriously – Jodi Foster out of the closet again

The Solution Paladin is in

To Thine Own Self … Be

individual vs society

The Status is not quo

Romancing the Universe

Riding Rainbows

In the marketplace of Ideas

RIP – Jeanne Manford (PLFLAG co-founder)

Stars and then Stars

Please let my dream come true

For the Elvis Alivers…

Burning Beds

PM Harper is not a Trekkie or Trekker

Why Not Put a Real Spaceman in the PM’s chair?

Lesbian Avengers call to action handbook

Celebrity Feuds are not what they used to be

religion vs culture

Vikings are restless

Book Review: The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!

Anti-Bully Campaign Videos

Stephen Harper Hates Me – Idle No More

Elvis: Still too racey for prime time

How Abrahamic Religions poisons everything

Sock Monkey The Image on the path to banned

if K-tel records came out with one last disc

2012 recapped

Calling Elvis

Across the Universe

O NO Canada

Hope Struggle then Change

Because Tomorrow is another Day

Happy Newtonmas

When your teen decade becomes Golden Oldies

From Mass to Class

Blue Christmas

Silence is Staying Sweet

Elvis: from Verse to Worse

Seems Legit or Epic Fail

Open Source Code

Warrior Women

Three Way Geek

Outside Observers

Tears and Words, without action, mean nothing

Socialized Violence

Destiny to Manifest

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Rock n Royalty

Agoraphobic Philosopher – 2b or Not 2b – in the big blue room

Musical Gates (Graceland)

Essential Truth

Literacy is a measure of comprehension

Geek Culture – Scifi/Fantasy Fandom – mash ups, crossovers, slash

RIP – John Lennon it was 32 years ago today

The Golden Boy

From Random Ntrygg/Nina’s Garden – the Elvis article archive

Archive Blogdex for Elvis Presley – with articles and reviews on separate lists. Sometimes there’s blogs that will mention Elvis but will use the Elvis Presley category – these will only be for blogs where Elvis is the main theme. I find that he often works as a metaphor in other contexts, but that wouldn’t really be an Elvis blog exactly.


An Elvis Fan among Fans

Elvis is Everywhere

SAVED by the King (living well)

The King is Dead, Long Love The King (Living Well)

Best Elvis BioPic: Elvis Meets Nixon

Elvis Presley to Elvis Presley Enterprises

Elvis the First Metrosexual

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation

Is it good to be the king? (Living Well)

Elvis was the First Metrosexual

Duets with Elvis

The Return of the King

Elvis was a Revolution in Sexuality across the Spectrum

RIP Sheila Ryan

Elvis, Equality and Equalization

Elvis the first and last entertainer the whole world agreed on

Blue Moon – August 31

Post Elvis Week 2012 – Thoughts and Reflections (Graceland 1987 vacation by DealDropDown” href=”http://ntrygg.wordpress.com/elvis-index/#” data-mce-href=”http://ntrygg.wordpress.com/elvis-index/#”>photos)

With Broken Hearts, Walk a Mile in my Shoes

The Image is One Thing, The Human Being Another

Elvis and multiculturalism

Billboard Screws with Elvis

Why Elvis is still not given credit as an artist

Elvis Billboard Petition

ETAs vs Impersonator’s

Dr. Murray Guilty

Cooking with Elvis

Elvis’ Little Sister Dies -RIP Patti Parry

Elvis: The Middle Class Rebel

I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

US Politics: Bachmann a POE?

Elvis and Lenny Bruce

Elvis’ closest call to a political statement

Happy Elvis Death Day

Dead Celebrities

Elvis Conspiracies

Why Nonbelievers and believers can’t talk to each other

Elvis and One Hit Wonders

Measuring Up to Elvis

Elvis: Too Cool to be middle Class

Game Changers

Coming Out Atheist

Elvis vs Artists, Studios and his management

Alpha, Elvis, Omega

Who’s The King

A New LOW in Elvis World

Elvis Fan v Nostalgia Buff

Today vs Yesterday

Elvis – Alone in Despair

In the Good Ol Days

Elvis’ Cultural Impact

Elvis in the US Army

Idle Idols

Why Elvis remains the bar

Challenges of being an Elvis fan

Elvis the new religion

Box Set: Young Man with a Big Beat

Box Set: Elvis 77: Final Curtain

Single: Suspicious Minds

Books: Death of Elvis

Books: Best and Worst

Books: Elvis My Best Man by George Klein and Genuine Elvis by Ronnie McDowel

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash

Random Ntrygg – archive of culture essays and political commentary


Blogdex for posts that are more ranging in topics, politics, morals, sex, social improvements, not entirely naturalism related, but often linked

The Door Policy (parenting and predators)

Ohhhhhh Canaduh

equal equality equivalency (e3/time)

Painful Essence Reduction

The personal is political (Living Well)

Workplace Violence

Wasn’t Digital Supposed to Stop this kind of thing?

Born What Way?

Purpose in life

Thinking in Relationships

Ideal Hearts

We could end bigotry and oppression overnight

It Would be Funny (Swiftian)

Bountiful is Canada’s Emerging Jonestown

Being Curious Compassion

Human Rights Arrested

Senior Asks to Die with Dignity

Existential Universe 2

Polyamory vs Polygamy

Victims feel shame, Abusers don’t

Curious Compassion

Secular World Realization

Language Rights Notwithstanding


Building a better Diabetic aka Health Device

Trauma Revelation

Better Diabetes management devices

Getting Over It

Collective Psychological Wellness

Break it Down – Canada should welcome Gay Immigrants

Spirit Level: Equality is Better

I love you Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg

Why Canada Rules

Why Not Fix It Now

Moral Morality

The Shut-In Stand Up Blog

What does it mean to grow up?

Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

A&W Grandma Burger

Will Jeremy Take out Rick Perry?

Gallery – Misc images

The Eternal Question


Warren Buffet for President of USA

David Milgaard charged with spousal assault

National Geographic – My Gallery

Bigotry and Bullying

Circle of Life Doesn’t Have to be Abusive

Civilization: Rise and Fall

Conservatives and Criminals

Discriminating Business

Things to Never Talk About

Dear George Lucas

Insight to remain open

From Owning to Accessing

Living on a Human Scale – Star Trek Style

Han Shot First

There be Monsters, but who makes them

Good Riddance to Clifford Olson, child killer

US Politics: Bachman a POE?

Learning from the Movies

Sexual Censorship

Existential Angst and Non-Self


Stop Coddling the Rich

Critical Compassion

Republican to Rethuglican

Mirror Mirror

Language Expresses Culture

Yes, it’s creepy

When racism isn’t racist

Forbidden Words

Being Fat

Chance Encounters

No More…

Toplessness in Canada

Sexual Censorship

Forgiveness II




Globally Competitive

Asshole Pride

Imposing Your Will Upon Others


Irony Meters


Winning and Losing


Jocks vs Smocks

Help to oppose infant male circumcision

Much Ado about the Obvious

What meaning has meaning?

Existentially Yours

Optimist/Pessimist vs Positive/Negative

Rape Insurance

Victim vs Victimizer


Self worth

Common Good vs Greater Good

Path of Least Resistance

Addiction and personal responsibility

Civil War 2.0

Advancement of Rights

Unstoppable and Unmoveable

With All Due Respect

Canada Election 2011

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

US Civil War rages on

An Existential Universe

Patriotism – Canada vs USA

Leaders and Dictators

Melting Pots and Mosaics

Game Changers

Why Good People do Evil

Who Really Benefits from Abortion Clinics?

Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters

How Individuals Bring Social Change

The Problem with Common Sense

Counting Who Votes

Perception of Openmindedness

Canada in a UK/US Sandwich

Liberating Libya

Cost of Ignorance

It’s not easy being green


Placebo Reality

Humour Poll

Freedom of Expression

Dead Celebrities

Grand Unification Theory of Everything

What I Learned from Playing Video Games

Homeopathy is Homeobunk



Legal Prostitution is Coming to Canada

Supporting Your Support

Canada’s Prince of Pot

Survival Instinct Has Died

How is this Justice?

Cyclists Need to Pick

The War Dead

Our Brain Reward System

NDEs, Aliens and Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Good Ol’Days

Understanding Each Other

Schoolyard Code

Children die while the G8 fiddles

Rethinking Capitalism

Arts vs Crafts

Because We Can’t Always Chose…Not..To Kill..Today

Assimilation, Identity and Tolerance

Brains, Sense of Self, Coma Patients

The Right and Left are closer than you think

Disasters, Politics and Religion

Unequal Footing

When Did Drivers Become the New Smokers?

Public Service and Taxpayers

Going for the Dream Movies

What’s A Pension Worth?

Why Does It Matter How Other People Have It?

Security VS The Appearance of

Longest Running TV Shows

Panhandlers are ruining Social Interactions

Open or Closed?

Does Discrimination Lead to Terrorism?

Engineering – Ancient vs Modern

Medic Alert Tattoos

Open Minded

Worker Entitlements and Management Treatment

Celebrities and Sex Crimes

Death Panels


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