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Religions: All for One, One for All

ReligionWatch: Torrenting – Pirates Ahoy

Juxtaposting Freedom in Canada, eh

There is One Religion with a Grain of Evidence

ReligionWatch: All or None

Book Review: FSM Gospel

Enjoy and RAmen

Breaking the Godbot Script

FSM: The Driver License Update

FSM Sighting – British Columbia Coast August 2011

RAmen: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Why Men need to Shut The Fuck Up and Listen

PrimateWatch: 90th Anniversary of The Monkey Trial 1.0

Writer Chat 150: Donna Barr and Freedom of Religion

ReligionWatch: Elvis Presley

ReligionWatch: All or None

ReligionWatch: Church of Bacon – Updated – Vegan Option!

Godworld: Jesus vs Elvis Presley

ReligionWatch: FSM – USA President Obama is a Pirate

FSM: Vancouver Pride Uncover Christian

Book Review: FSM Gospel

Guest Blogger: Ettore Chiacchio: “Take off that dick from the wall!”   “take the dick off the wall” is tighter, lol “get that dick off the wall!”

Observing the Quantum Moment, eh?

Putting “the joke” INTO historical professional context

Rights for Humans Watch: The Saudi Blogger Flogged for Blog

Quakery Watch: Personality Types Replaces Zodiac Horoscopes

Lunchroom Tales! Bacon The Great Divider

Happy Pirate Day 2013

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