Religions: All for One, One for All

Dear Templeton Foundation, Can I haz the million dollars?


religion meets science in the art of psychiatry – yous is delusional. You probably won’t pay to learn that.

but given the Paris attacks, first on the media and then on civilization

we don’t have time to coddle religion’s feelings anymore.

the Abrahamic Trilogy is a poorly applied mashup of the Pagan Maid, Mother and Crone.

it does interestingly, allow the Hindus to say the holy ghost is the aspect of Krishna the overgod, and so all gods are one and the faces are many.

abrahamic-pedophile-manuals d4cf0ebb090cdcd8472afb3e0263fde7cd84e537158f7c7c1fe74491da118190


ReligionWatch: Pantheons vs Mantheons

Monotheism vs Pantheism The attitudes and beliefs of a given population are expressed culturally through how people actually live and how they seek to live – as idealized in the artistic representations and through the religion of the era. My … Continue reading


250px-Malleus zoraszombie1-e1291840408273-155x300


Religion vs Women

9 Women with Perfect Responses for Why They Don’t Need Religion Let’s give godlessness a makeover.|By Mic   You need yo believe in something. It took me ten years of reading yo become a Buddhist. It Will take too … Continue reading


threads-1984-movie-poster defcon-4-poster-1984220px-Manufacturing_Consent_movie_poster


The Law vs Religion (Canada Edition) B.C. lawyers vote against accrediting Trinity Western law school The Law Society of British Columbia has voted against accrediting a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.|By Justin McElroy Nina Tryggvason religion is incompatible with equality. I applaud … Continue reading



Pan and Mono Theism: A spectrum Disorder

Three I have an idea that I am having difficulty fleshing out but something keeps telling me that the difference between a monotheism and pantheism is that under a monotheism, that it’s just men who create the god and the … Continue reading

200_34 south-park-super-best-friends-depiction-of-muhammad


Talking to Godbots: The Horror

Background – Madalyn Murray O’Hair’Hair     Somewhere on the Topix Atheist subform…   I was interacting with a godbot on a forum and he asserted that he was a good moral person because of being Christian. … Continue reading





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