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My Mom just called. They are coming over and bringing me   Taylor Swift’s leftovers from her Vancouver concert last night…     my sister works for the catering company….. Advertisements

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Nature and Nurture: herd heredity and family genetics

  I was astonished 3 years ago in a workshop when the faciliator talked about this. I blurted out – “So Lamarck wasn’t that far off base, he just didn’t have the right measurables.”   The 20 + people in … Continue reading

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3 Day Novel: Post Reply

This was my most experimental novel for the Three Day Novel contest. I had talked the year before with one of the publishers about novels vs screenwriting and we got into a conversation about how an all dialog novel might … Continue reading

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Living Well Featurette: We all scream for ice cream

The other day I lost a facebook friend when he compared bigotry to ice cream preferences. Like with books, there is no reason to be monogamous to a flavour of ice cream. I recently had the raspberry frozen lemonaid at … Continue reading

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Remaining People in a Crisis

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
Over on Sifting Reality, John Barron raises an interesting topic – the role of business in society and the role of that business in emergency situations. John’s premise is that business that sell products…

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Recovery Reviews

    The body is the wisdom tree, the mind like a bright mirror stand Always strive to wipe it clean making sure that no dust lands – Shenxiu Wisdom has never been a tree, And the bright mirror has … Continue reading

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Writer Chat: Poetry Pairings

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