Professional Presley

Elvis Presley – Music, Movies and Books

An Elvis Revue of Reviews

Elvis Presley’s Global Legacy

Elvisworld: The Repackage Model

Collecting Elvis Collector Sets


Elvis the Singer

Elvisworld: After Death Duets

Timex Sinatra: A Very Elvis Episode

ElvisWorld: Gatorade

Pirate Cove: Elvis Bootleg LPs

Elvisworld: Red Robinson

Pirate Cove: Astrodome Elvis

SongOff: Hard Headed Woman

Elvis never wrote no songs

America’s son on SUN: Elvisworld

Heartbreak Hotel at 60

Covering Elvis Presley

Aloha Elvis in Hawaii 1973

Elvis: Complete Masters v Album Collection

Concerts: Bra Toss is Tradition

Elvis Presley invented Christian Rock

Elvis: Greatest Global Gold

Elvis: the 50s Rocker LPs

ElvisWorld: New Year 1976

Elvis Presley Duets …

ElvisWorld: Joan Deary

Elvis: The Concert Albums

ElvisWorld: Welcome to the Jungle Room Sessions

The Final Sun Sessions Set: Left right and real gone

ElvisWorld: Blue Moon and Unshiny Sun

When Elvis Presley dug deep

Elvis Trax: The Spoken Verse

Harbour Lights: The Anthem side of Elvis

Elvis World: The 1954 Private Demos

Produced by Elvis Presley: The Lesser Known Side of Elvis

Buble and Presley: Fever Fizzles

Elvis: Edge of Reality

Elvis World: Are You Lonesome Tonight

The Elvis Presley LP Releases

ElvisWorld: Canada Fever

MusicWorld: Elvis the Haunted

Elvis Presley: The Musician

ElvisWorld: Elvis is actually going to Appear Dead on Stage

Keep Your Money: The Elvis Edition

Elvis Presley: The Final RCA Releases

Elvis Presley: The Camden/Pickwick Collection

Elvis Presley: Spoken Word Recordings

Elvis Presley: Cheapie Compilations and The For Children LP

Elvis Presley: Sizzling Seventies (the final studio/mixed albums)

Madison Square Garden Concerts: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley: The Concert Years

The Beatles:…

Elvis Presley: the 68 Comeback – the Album that wasn’t supposed to be

Elvis Presley: The Sixties Crooner

Elvis Presley: The Soundtrack Sixties

Elvis Presley: Christian and Christmas Music

Elvis Presley: From 45 to 33.3 RPM

Sun Records – Hail to the King

Elvis vs Motley Crue: Girls Girls Girls

Presley’s Puppet Trilogy

ElvisWorld: Rock ‘n’ Jazz Roots

ElvisWorld: Hound Dogs

ElvisWorlds – Soundtracks

Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony

ElvisWorld: Elvis in the 80s

Musicworld: The Elvis Presley defining song

Song off – Hound Dog: Big Mama vs Elvis

Pirate Cove: Elvis’ Christian Recordings

1969: Moon Landing, Woodstock and Elvis Live

MusicWorld: The Holy Grail of Rock n Roll

Elvis did it first: the best friend’s Girl

Elvis did it first: Relax

Music: from radio to live to digital

Elvis: The Final Curtain – The Raw Recovery Review

RnR: Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley

Elvisworld: The essential 5 original releases

Daily Elvis Tantalizers: Bossa Nova Baby

Elvisverse: new 50s concert footage

The only song Elvis had banned from Canada radio

ElvisWorld: The Million Dollar Quartet

Elvisworld: Green Green Grass of Home

Elvis World From SUN to RCA

Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley

The Song that made Elvis the longest hit maker span

The Truth About Elvis

Elvising in the New Year

Elvis Complete Masters

Book Review: Elvis Presley Boulevard

How does Elvis at Stax, Stack Up?

King Me – Happy Elvis Death Day Song Contest

Today in Elvis World: Tupelo’s Own!

Sun Records and Elvis

The Gospel of Rock n Roll

America’s favorite on Sun

Aloha Elvis…. Aloha

Elvis @ Stax

Pirate Corner: Elvis’ Greatest Shit! ~ featurette: The Beach Movies

before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star (80s : 50s)

Grease is the Word

Billboard Screws with Elvis

Rock n Roll is here to stay

Follow that Dream – FTD Collector Label Releases

Blue Christmas

Elvis: from Verse to Worse

Box Set: Young Man with a Big Beat

Box Set: Elvis 77: Final Curtain

Single: Suspicious Minds

Duets with Elvis


Elvis Presley movie posters #1

Elvis in the Movies/TV

Elvisworld: Nathalie Wood

Presley Pictures: Now and Then There’s a Starlette (Such as I)

ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland

ElvisWorld: The Steve Allen Show

Presley Pictures: The Anti-Establishment and Gubbermint Movies

Presley Pictures: The Matrimony Plotlines

LezFlirt Romances: Elvis and The Beauty Queen!

Earth From 1969 to 2015: From Space to the Information Age
Presley Pictures: Under the Big Top

From Rocksploitations to Rock Opera: The Movie Soundtrack

Presley Pictures: What if he’d been in The Rainmaker?

Presley Pictures: Star and then Starring Vehicles: Film to Flicks 101

Presley Pictures: The Romance of Citizenship Seeking

ElvisWorld: ETAs as TV Show Characters

ElvisWorld: BioPic 80s vs BioPic 2000s

Presley Pictures: Elvis between a Good and a Bad Girl Threeway

Presley Pictures: Co-Starring Cougars

ElvisWorld: Caught in a Trap (true story movie about an Elvis Fan who embezzled)

Presley Pictures: Dolores Hart vs Joan Blackman

Presley Pictures: Co-Starring Ursula Andrews

Presley Pictures: Co-starring Shelly Fabres

Presley Pictures: Easy Come Easy Go

Presley Pictures: Flaming Star vs Stay Away Joe

ElvisWorld: Science Fiction

ElvisWorld: The Elvis-Battlestar Galactica Connection

Elvis Actors: Kurt Russell vs Michael St Gerard

The Elvis Archetype

Presley Pictures: A Political Reading

Presley Pictures: Sitcom Queens

Elvis Lives Again – he will technorise!

Elvis – Thats the Way It Is vs The Way it Was

Presley Pictures: Hick Elvis and other stereotypes

Presley Pictures: Costume and Period Pieces

Elvis in TV Land

Elvisworld: Television Commericals

A Chick named Nellie Bly

Presley Pictures: Lonesome Cowboy

Hot Docs: Elvis The Alpha/Omega Performer

Presley Picture: Performing Elvis

Presley Pictures: Speed Racer

Presley Pictures: The Military Movies

Presley Pictures: The 50s Four

Elvisverse: Aloha World

ElvisWorld! Singer Present Elvis aka The Comeback Special

ElvisWorld: The Hawaii Press Conference

ElvisWorld: Wild In the Country The first cougar movie?

Touched by Love (Diane Lane plays dying Elvis fan, true story)

Speed way to silliness

Elvis in the Movies

Elvis on BluRay: Love Me Tender

Rock n Royality

ElvisVerse: TV Guest Star

Noises by Nina – Elvis on Tour

Beach Movies and Driftwood

The Elvis Formula Travelog

Movie Review: Love Me Tender

The Elvis Picture – sub category – social injustice

Movie Review: Change of Habit

Elvis in Hollywood

This is Elvis

Aloha Elvis

Best Elvis BioPic: Elvis Meets Nixon


Elvis Presley in Print

Book Review: Elvis has left the building

Elvisbooks: I Don’t Wanna Be Tied

ElvisBooks: Graceland Gatekeepers

The Format Wars: Audio and Video

ElvisBooks: Susan Doll

Elvis Books: The Staff books

Elvisbooks: Alanna Nash

ElvisBooks: The Three Jerrys

ElvisBooks: The Trash Trilogy

Book Review: Elvis, Hank and Me

ElvisWorld: Books to look out for

The Boy Who Dared to Rock

ElvisWorld – Bodyguard Book Day

Elvis World.. books and Biopics

Buying Elvis Books: An Ethical and Credibility Guide

Elvis In Books

Book Review: The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!

Books: Death of Elvis

Books: Best and Worst

Books: Elvis My Best Man by George Klein and Genuine Elvis by Ronnie McDowel

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash

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