Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley

This set of 8 LPs came out in 1980. I had spent the summer babysitting and had earned just enough to buy it – $60.

checking the Inflation calc: What cost $60 in 1980 would cost $164.59 in 2012.

I went to Sam The Record Man – a now defunct Canada chain at Surrey Place, now Central City Mall.

Sam the Record man

Where the teenaged clerk was rude to me, but I was in too much of a shopping fervor to pay much attention. Besides, it was par for the course to be treated as a lesser customer because of age. Who knew to assert themselves as a kid against the system?

“limited to only 100,000” ever copies, eventually this set was released on CD as a box set.

Anyway, the LP covers!


EAP LP 1 description

with interestingly an almost 20 minute Elvis monolog from 1962 recorded on a movie set.

The second album has the 1961 USS Arizona Benefit concert


movie tracks on album three


You know it’s really something else to be staring at a life size image of Elvis.

I image a lot of fans spent time kissing the records and making beleive.


This album is tracks from the 68 and 73 tv specials


Vegas tracks


b sides of singles


This one starts with a side of songs with Elvis at Piano and side 2 is the concert years.


which conclude on this album

bonus book!

Book bonus

Book bonus page

Book bonus page 2

It’s funny how for a few items, the purchase experience is such a part of the collecting memory.

collectors: the modern hunter/gatherers?

I remember shocking an Elvis forum when I asked when are you done collecting?

when they keep finding new things, it’s hard to stop. Storage space is a factor.

this just showed up this year!

I think I did pick this same set up when it was released on cd… I am actually unsure.

Anyway, while it’s an interesting career highlights package, it’s for noderate to hardcore Elvis fans and not more general music.

It collects enough rare events to make it worthwhile for the non-completist fans

and it shows a nice progression of how this material was handled

a nice reminder that sometime RCA did right by the fans and by Elvis

instead of all the hits/christmas compliations

seriously, he only had barely 2 albums of christmas songs and there’s been over 40 official releases.

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