ElvisWorld – Bodyguard Book Day

Elvis what happened the bodyguard book


Elvis What Happened? Was published.


Elvis we love you tender Stanley Family


Elvis albert goldman


This trio of books changed the public perception of Elvis.


The bodyguard book was written by an Australian tabloid writer who worked for Rupert Murdoch. Rupert is also responsible for:

Elvis Coffin Inquirier Cover


What happened to Elvis?

he was bullied and betrayed and lost everyone he loved and his reason for living


and he has himself to blame.


he didn’t have to be so loyal to Parker. he was Elvis. any professional manager could have managed his career better than a con artist who probably made up the carnival stories.

We know Parker was a dog catcher in Florida and started the pet cemetery industry as a means to supplement his income. He did manage Eddie Arnold before Elvis.


Elvis chose to not be in charge of the business side of his entertainment career.

He chose poor advisers across the board partly because of most professionals were from the North and the US north-south divide is a bigger gap than ever before.

Vernon Presley was a poor money manager and Elvis was a binge spender.



it’s too bad Elvis was into Boot to the Head show-karate instead of the more spiritual and meaningful part of it.

it inspired the last project Elvis got excited about – a gladiator movie of sorts…

but more the social stigma of being southern. Elvis was not understood as an artist, other than his money potential. The artistry was secondary to the workhorse he was turned into.

Perhaps if he had taken the time to write songs, he might have fought harder to be an artist.


the last conversation with Red West, Elvis talked a lot about the financial deals he had blow up that he paid for and his pals walked away from. Joe Esposito, who I think is the Memphis Mafia guy with the most books and lecture tours …..


Elvis had a preview copy. This book came out on the 4th and Elvis had to face an audience on the 17th.


Sort of funny in a way.


June 26 was Elvis’ last concert in 1977. In 1979, Vernon Presely died on June 26.


2011 – Farah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson died on June 26.


in any event….. these three books are the trinity that trashed Elvis.


The bodyguard book was the first to state the obvious drug use and reference the obvious sexcapades of a rock star life.


Dee Stanley, Vernon’s second wife, promised her book would make the Bodyguard book look like a kindergarden reader. But the credibility of an obvious golddigger and the three sons – one of whom failed in his daily duties on August 16, 1977 and those are the kinds of things that give rise to the conspiracy people. Those who told tales to cover up or minimize their own participation in what they condemned. and failing to acknowledge their own contributions.


The Albert Goldman book, I had not planned to read, but my Grandma found one at a garage sale and didn’t know about the book. Only that it was Elvis and a quarter used for a paperback.

I did read it, but I tore the pages out and tossed them as I read. I only kept the photo pages.


I didn’t understand why anyone would spend years researching someone they hated just to make money.

Then some years later and a book by Albert Hand of the Elvisly Yours Club in the UK revealed something interesting.

In 1969 – a review of Elvis’ return to stage:


“Not since Marlene Dietrich has a pair of legs so excited an audience. ”

Albert Goldman was a gay man that Elvis had no time for.


The only thing that compares to a woman scorned is a pissed off troll queen.



What happened to Elvis?


People. greedy selfish or self righteous people happened to Elvis.


Depression and Boredom kill.





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