ElvisWorld: Caught in a Trap

I think it was 2007 when I first read about  former North Kesteven District Council employee Julie Wall.

She was a city worker by day and lonely at night. So she embezzled cash and bought an amazing Elvis collection, including owned/worn items.

She was of course caught and her collection was deemed to be sold as a single lot, since the story of the collection added value to the items.


There was a tv movie – which is the usual reward for being infamous instead of famous.


It is a very compelling story actually about a Daughter and her Father.  (not Elvis)


Directed by Michael Samuels. With Lauren Brooks, Jim Carter, Connie Fisher, Geraldine James. Gemma collects money out of parking meters. But really she’s obsessed with Elvis.
The real-life story of a Lincolnshire Elvis fanatic who stole to fund her memorabilia collection will be televised on Boxing Day. ITV1’s new drama Caught in a Trap tells the story of a council…
It has been a good long while, that is to say most likely forever, since the Uruguay pressing of Elvis Presley’s “Loco por las Muchachas” went on sale in the British Midlands. Not to mention the…
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