Pirate Cove: Astrodome Elvis

Elvis Presley played The Houston Astrodome – and while the sound might be iffy, it is an important set of concerts.

Elvis barnstormed and whistlestop toured in Texas a lot in the 1950s,  and when he was booked to perform in this huge venue – there was a problem with The Sweet Inspirations.

Myrna_Smith_elvis5xElvis and Cissy Houston

The owner didn’t want black women on stage with white performers, so Elvis offered to cancel the shows and on opening night, when Elvis and his group entered in Jeeps to be driven in and around so the crowd could get a good look, that owners daughter was driving the Sweets.

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The Elvis Presley show went on as Elvis liked it, surrounded by his back up groups to create a wall of sound around him.

Elvis and The Sweetss70022701

There is even a fan club, based in Brazil that focusses entirely on these 6 concerts, so putting a box set of what was recorded and filmed, including the press conference would be a really cool set.

I think the Houston Press Conference is difficult to watch, given Elvis is drooling stoned. Although he is far more spaced out in the Aloha press conference.


Elvis became aware from the first moments of rehearsal in Houston, that the sound system was hopeless and the band would not be able to hear itself. “Don’t fight it”, he said to Glen D. Hardin. “Just go ahead and play.”

Elvis held a noon press conference at the Astroworld Hotel and talked about his musical roots, the current music scene and how his Sun records sounded “funny” to him now.
Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston, Astrodome, Houston, Texas, at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m.
Elvis made a dramatic entrance in an open jeep, but he was discouraged both during and after the first show because of the poor acoustics and what he judged to be an indifferent response from a less than capacity crowd. ” I guess I just can’t bring it in like I used to”, he said between shows.
But then his spirits were lifted at the evening show by the great response from a crowd of 36,299 and according to the Los Angeles Times his performance was “masterful”.

Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston, Astrodome, at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m. The evening crowd of 43,614 was a record for indoor rodeo performances in any area. Priscilla flew in to attend the nest day’s show as rumors appeared in the Houston papers about a possible breakup of her marriage.
Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston Astrodome at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m.]
After the final show there was a press conference at which Elvis was presented with gold records for 5 of his 1969 releases.
Prisicilla did divorce Elvis and he went onto his Aloha concert, then returned to constant touring, exhaustion and depression, he just wanted to sing, make people happy and money, then later he wanted to have had meaning – and even He didn’t understand what he had done to the world by breaking barriers and opening up the audiences.
billy_ward_elvis_presleyAli and Elvisbrook_benton_elvis_presley_408
Elvis performed at the Astrodome, Houston, Texas at 2.00 and 7.00 p.m. Towards the end of Elvis’ performance of “Fever”, the Colonel appeared on stage, riding a small donkey led by Vernon Presley. As Elvis went into “Let Me Be There”, Vernon mounted the donkey and the Colonel slapped it and led it off stage.
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