Elvis Presley: Cheapie Compilations and The For Children LP

Elvis The Children Album Lisa-is-born-Newspaper-elvis-aaron-presley-and-lisa-marie-presley-34370862-499-667

RCA was flooded with requests for an Elvis Presley sings lullabies in 1968.

It’s interesting that recordings of Elvis singing with Anita Wood and Linda Thompson have surfaced – but none with Priscilla and there certain are home recordings that have yet to be released as these photos show – Elvis and Lisa Marie together on tape.

Depending on your viewpoint, there turned out to be enough child and childish songs from the movies to actually put together The King for Children disc.

I do have this album. I have all the 68 albums released during his lifetime. My copy of it is still in the original shrinkwrap and it has the bonus postcard of Elvis intact.

Elvis is the only artist where the stickers that were on the shrinkwrap have collector value or add value to the particular item.

So, RCA never stopped pumping out product like there was no future for sales and alongside concert, single collections, soundtracks and studio albums – they put out an assortment of compilations of material.

The surprise sales of the Elvis Sun Sessions in the 1970s spawned a search through the catalog for unused movie tracks, studio scraps and recordings of any significant performances and Elvis interviews.

RCA did a “Legendary Performer” series for all their big name artists. RCA did 4 volumes and an enterprising bootleg company has it up to volume 30.

The Golden/Greatest Hits collections are the more quality compilation titles.

elvis-presley-elvis-golden-records-rb-16069-gatefold-sleeve-rca-victor-red-seal-45502-p Elvis-Presley-Golden-Records-Vo-470348

R-2360062-1279444690.jpeg Elvis’_Gold_Records_Vol_4

released Posthumously and the last in this Gold Records Series – RCA and Sony have created other hits packages out of these.


RCA even did repackages and extended it to international hits.


Elvis Worldwide Gold 2 volumes of 4 LPs each.

For the second one, Elvis cleaned out his closet of movie costumes and his 68 special wardrobe and his personal clothes.


Welcome to my World was thought to be the last ever Elvis album, but he’s had more titles posthumously than during his “active career”. Guitarman was an attempt to market Elvis to the 1980s country radio stations.

EA_184_CMYK_lg presley_elvis_guitarman-800x800

I think I will do the budget/record club Camden/Pickwick offerings separately and finish with The Legendary Performer series.

Now, RCA gave all their big names a “Legendary Performer” record and it tended to be key performances of hits or rarities.

Elvis’ were movie unused songs, alternative takes of familiar songs, concert versions, tv performances, and interview clips.

Elvis_A_Legendary_Performer_Vol_1Sierra Exif JPEG

The final one in the series, vol 3, released after Elvis died, was also a picture disc.


The bootleggers continued the album design and contents:

there is also a DVD series of the astonishing arrary of newsreel and fan shot footage of Elvis just being Elvis.

A legendary performer 11 a_legendary_performer_8_front A_Legendary_Performer_Vol__5_-DVD a_legendary_performer_vol_3_dvd.jpg.opt666x445o0,0s666x445 a-legendary-performer-elvis-volume-1-elvis-presley-mono-japan-w-obi-inserts-ex_2629948 box_legendary_performance_2013_09_30 cd_legendary5_cover  legendary 15-2

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