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Now, as you see from the top images, Elvis wore a tux to the opry; apparently it was red, and famously lost in a gas station bathroom on the way home.

The Grand Ole Opry was a stage for Country stars and not so much the stage that made the stars – that was the Louisiana Hayride.

Elvis appeared once on the Opry and his reception was lukewarm, he was not asked back. No known audio exists sadly.

Luckily almost every Hayride show – except the TV pilot which might be colour – has shown up over many bootlegs and collector releases.


Elvis Presley failed his audition for the Arthur Godfrey talent show – he showed up an in unprofessional manner. This was a big part of how Col Parker got Elvis into the bigtime because Parker stepped in and got Elvis onto RCA off the Hayride radio and onto television.

1956_march_17_2 DorseyBrotherselvistv1956frontjd8

6 shows on The Dorsey Brother’s Stage show – the summer fill in spot for The Honeymooners – and Produced by Jackie Gleason.

From those 6 shows and significant live shows – Elvis got onto the Milton Berle show twice – once in a colour broadcast from the Navy ship (only the b&w kinescope survived to bootlegs and the internet!) and the in studio show with the infamous burlesque Hound Dog.

Ed Sullivan swore to never have the vulgar hick on his show, so Steve Allen, smelling ratings, booked Elvis for his first “comeback”.

AWHudson8 elvis_other_stuff.htm_txt_elvis and steve allen

1772944_Elvis--2 EP and basse1274

Elvis_SteveAllenShow_1July56 steveallen

Steve Allen always asserted Elvis was in on the joke. There he is in rehearsals. He did it, as he was told. He wasn’t okay in on making fun of himself, in fact, it was one of the first things he blurted out on stage in 1969.

Blue Suede Shoes to still not be Tux Good Enough, not moving and being even sexier and even singing to the dog. Elvis’ version of the song doesn’t make sense, he shoulda snuck in an Old Shep verse and made people cry.

no, what made the Allen show particularly horrifying – was The Western Skit.

THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW -- Aired July 1, 1956 -- Episode 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Griffith, Imogene Coca, and Elvis Presley perform a parody of Country & Western television shows  (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW — Aired July 1, 1956 — Episode 2 — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Griffith, Imogene Coca, and Elvis Presley perform a parody of Country & Western television shows (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


Ah well. Elvis made like $100,000 for the episode, Allen crushed Sullivan in the rating and Elvis went on to appear three times on the Sullivan show.

And people only ever remember the one time, the last show, where they did the waist up and made it even sexier.

00eda99c105827b175f4b772e6547e52 1956_july_1_steve_allen_show_rehearsal 447179b24cacc055d3ad22af7be037d4

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