From Rocksploitations to Rock Opera: The Movie Soundtrack

Mick-Jagger-Ned-Kelly---Film-64394 Performance_poster TommyMoviePoster_HA

dirtydancing la-bamba-french-movie-poster-1987 MPW-11366hard-to-hold-movie-poster-1984-1020246535

In the 1960s, the rock n roll exploitation popcorn flick gave way to beach blanket bingo first base movies and Tommy made rock autistically operatic.

Collapsing into self parody Spinal Tap

a rock sound track or a story of a rock star

musicals and rock musicals

51GQvCIYJPL._SY445_ 51PAOu9hMCL._SY445_ 7414fe9f9fbcaa20ba1612ae6c4a0cf9 For-Your-Consideration mU5FY63wARQUcapxJ_QyM7Q -Return-of-Spinal-Tap

bio pics of big name stars in the theatre.. while Elvis gets tv miniseries or tv movies

ray-movie-poster-2004-1020253834 walk_hard_the_dewey_cox_story_dvd_2-disc_unrated Walk-the-Line

musical theatre – the spectacle of spectakular –

1-moulin-rouge-poster 2002-chicago-1 mamma_mia_ver9

heavy sigh


theatre tv film

original cast recording

original movie cast recording

stories with songs, songs with stories

The Presley Picture: Extended Music Videos



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