ElvisWorld: The Elvis-Battlestar Galactica Connection

 The Elvis and Star Trek connections are well established in fandom – but the 70’s scifi series Battlestar Galactica also had several.

30thinsert2 200px-Bootes index LanceLeGault-1

Elvis and Battlestar Galactica: Lance DeGault

This is the GALACTICA.TV interview with Lance LeGault, better known for his role of Bootes (“The Lost Warrior”) and Maga (“The Man with Nine Lives”) on the Battelstar Galactica 1978 series.
Red West saved Elvis from high school bullies who would have cut Elvis’ hair. Red became Elvis’ first roadie basically and was the closest to an actual brother that Elvis had I think. Red di…

Elvis and Battlestar Galactica: Ina Balin – she played a Counsil Member

The actors that connect Elvis movies and Star Trek.Laurel Goodwin,Gary Lockwood,Marianna Hill,James Gregory,Julie Parish,Emily Banks,William Campbell,Celeste…
This part 2 includes another 8 actors/actresses that were in an Elvis movie and in Star Trek.They include Shari Nims,Theodore Marcuse,Tanya Lemani,Angelique …
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