A Chick named Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly

“Nellie Bly” was born at the moment in 1885 when a slender, 18-year-old Elizabeth Cochrane walked into the city room of the Pittsburgh Dispatch and announced that she was the “battle-ax” who had written the anonymous piece, “Girls and Their Sphere in Life.”
Before she was 22, she made journalistic history, not only as a pioneer woman reporter, but also as a great crusader.
In 1889, she set off on a trip around the world to beat Jules Verne’s 80 days, and she did it in 72.
Her cabled articles stirred the public’s imagination from New York to San Francisco.– Courtesy New-York Historical Society/New York Public Library –

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so.. not really anything much to do with the song her name appears in, eh?
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