The Song that made Elvis the longest hit maker span


Live a Little Love A Little

The only movie that unmarried Elvis gets laid in. Swinging 60s


Live a little Love a Little

Flirtalicious Movies

Elvis is a photographer at a stodgy and a swinger magazine at the same time

Fun shots of him changing clothes in the stairwell


Elvis Showers with Girl

As much as we see Elvis romancing women in various movies, they were G rated kisses

Elvis’ final movies were probably some of his most under appreciated work, because they were not Presley Pictures in the scenery, fight and sings to the girl flicks

Live a Little Love a Little really looked at sexual exploitation and social attitudes.

Change of Habit looked at crime, autism, racism and poverty – social injustice which included a catholic church commentary

Even Charro can be read as a poverty cautionary tale of social discrimintion creating economic participation disincentives


Elvis Gi Blues Shower

GI Blues in 1960 gave us a more Elvis oriented shower scene
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    I am still writing memos and briefing notes


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