Collecting Elvis Collector Sets

Elvis Presley was a singles artist – one song – let the label decide how to release it.

Elvis Presley 45 rmps, 33.3 LPs and 10 inches of 78.

Official Release, Fan Club Release, Record Clubs and Sublicensed and then the Private Sector Collector market.


the 1990s, when BMG took over RCA was when Elvis Presley was packaged as an Artist of Consequence.


CDs and DVDs replaced LPs and VHS/Beta.


I collected everything Elvis from the late 1970s to the middle 1990s and then I became selective – and collecting became merely shopping online.

Elvis World From SUN to RCA

Elvis Collectibles: Elvis Aaron Presley

Elvis Presley: Sizzling Seventies (the final studio/mixed albums)

Elvis: The Concert Albums

Elvis: Greatest Global Gold

Elvis Presley: From 45 to 33.3 RPM

Elvis: the 50s Rocker LPs

The Elvis Presley LP Releases

Elvis Presley: Cheapie Compilations and The For Children LP

Elvis Presley: The Final RCA Releases

Elvis Presley: The Camden/Pickwick Collection

Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony

EAP sticker

Elvis: Complete Masters v Album Collection

Elvisworld: Album Stickers and Inserts

Elvisworld: The Repackage Model

ElvisWorld: Joan Deary


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